🔴 STAR WARS 8 Trailer + Behind The Scenes (2017) THE LAST JEDI

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STAR WARS 8 Trailer
Cast : Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill
Release Date : December 15, 2017
Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy

STAR WARS 8 Trailer
© 2017 – Disney

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  1. Favian Miramontes Villalpando

    yo I’m first

  2. Favian Miramontes Villalpando

    give me shout out for being first

  3. Favian Miramontes Villalpando

    first comment

  4. By Extrimemanⓡ

    Damn everytime I see Carrie Fisher the feels hit hard.

  5. Adrian Villanueva

    no one cares if y’all are first we just here to see trailer

  6. I’m second no one called it

  7. “It’s a Wrap” I died

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