13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Official Red Band Trailer #2 (2016) – Michael Bay Movie HD

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An American Ambassador is killed during an attack at a U.S. compound in Libya as a security team struggles to make sense out of the chaos.


  1. So whats this movie about

  2. war time conundrums

  3. Spoiler Alert! Nobody was rescued IRL, this is just another propaganda
    piece to tell another story that isnt the truth.

  4. My, what an aptly timed piece of propagandist filmmaking. If you ever need
    to know Michael Bay’s political leanings, just look for the elephant and
    the swastika.

  5. man michael bay broke his own record, that’s a lot of explosions

  6. How long until Hillary blames Benghazi on THIS YouTube video?

  7. What exactly made this Red Band?

    I wanted to see tits.

  8. 18 Explosions in the one trailer world record Michael Bay this is how you
    know this movie is going to suck and it’s not based on a true story Yeah
    right Michael Bay

  9. Michael Bay is only good for action,only for that

  10. A Transformers Movie without Transformers actually… Well done Michael
    Bay, well done.

  11. Hilary needs to wipe Michael Bay off the face of the earth… with like a
    cloth or something

  12. 01:10 Bouncing RPG round? Realistic I say.

  13. Am really sorry to say this … but am tired of all these fake movies
    filled with lies and taking advantage of tragedies to make money like this
    movie and the american sniper … if you think about the US didn’t need to
    be there in the 1st place. The congress couldn’t get Hilary Clinton to spit
    out the truth under oath you think Michael Bay can do better.

  14. Serguei Tcherkassov

    America, America, what a country is America!

  15. Another cliche good job America

  16. Another glorified military film. Nice.

  17. Beards: The Motion Picture

  18. Just another bullshit HOAX like Pat Tilman and Lone Survivor

  19. First thought-Too many explosions… Then saw directed by Michael Bay…
    makes sense?

  20. What about the 13 movies of the 13 embassies that were attacked during
    Bush’s term?

  21. Oh man I can feel the triggered hillary supporters lol I love it

  22. is that jaime from GOT 2:17 ?

  23. I believe this because only Americans have that find of courage to go into
    an impossible situation and win.
    we did lose four brave Americans,
    but most where do saved, they got no metals but the American people will be
    eternally grateful for their sacrifices.
    god Bless America and God bless all her People.

  24. CapitalFProductions

    Long as there’s no ill-fitting homophobia and Transformers, I’m there

  25. I wonder how many of you disliked this trailer ony because it’s a Michael
    Bay movie.

  26. Ishmeet Singh Bindra

    1:43 explains all explosions

  27. Lol, so many explosions looks like it’s directed by Micheal Ba- oh…

  28. Why is this a Redland trailer

  29. Complete lies

  30. im so tired of the dumb action and overall colorscheme and lens flares he
    over uses in all his movie.
    micheal bay is truly making dumb entertainment for the ignorant masses

  31. Wow Jim turned into a bad ass. life at the office wasn’t good enough for
    you buddy?

  32. This actually looks really good. From what I’ve seen so far: Well done,
    Michael Bay

  33. So it’s like a commercial for America?

  34. Butthurt shillarybots disliking

  35. boom

  36. ‘from director Michael Bay’, and the following clip is an explosion lol

  37. remember the last historically accurate war film Michael bay did ?… that
    was so accurate.

  38. I love how dumb people are that they think think Michael Bay only directed
    transformers and nothing else. wow.
    Well besides that, I think this movie looks great. Bay has such an amazing
    eye for the look of his films and the way they are shot. Beautiful, can’t

  39. I didn’t see Hillary Clintons guilty face in this shit movie to get
    democrats votes.

  40. fake, too little explosions.

  41. Yes, the perfect topic the man who gave Transformers testicles should take

  42. Griffin Rogers (griffrog568)


  43. Hillary Clinton should drug by the hair and forced to watch this film.

    Hillary For Prison 2016

  44. you can tell its michael bay f

  45. No boobs, no murica flags, no robots, no hot cars. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT

  46. Another “Based on a true story” movie from Michael Bay? Haha!

  47. I have been told by numerous sources in SOCEUR and AFRICOM that several
    units who had the ability to respond to this event were ordered to stand

  48. America!!!

  49. This looked good until the words ” directed by Michael Bay” popped up.

  50. Here comes air support Michael Scott to the rescue.

  51. “The key to action movies is explosions” -Michael Bay

  52. OMG – A Michael Bay movie with Guns, Explosions, Big speeches and American
    flags, I’ve never seen that before

    – *SIGH*

  53. With cameo from Agent Michael Skarn. Directed by Michael Scott. A Great
    Scott Production.

  54. little known fact: you weren’t allowed to be an american in Benghazi
    without a beard

  55. Starring: American flags, American flags, and… American flags.

  56. Propaganda…

  57. Cheshire The Dyspraxic gamer

    the dude knows explosions and i love explosions

  58. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were autobots.

  59. Counter Strike the movie

  60. I think we saw every explosion this movie had to offer..but sadly I know
    that’s not true. God damn it Michael Bay..

  61. Going to assume bay directed this because nobody else wanted to. Either
    way, il go in with an open mind.

  62. Good bye ? sicario

  63. American Sniper wannabe. I’ll pass

  64. Anyone know the song starting at 1:43? I feel like it might be part of
    Jablonsky’s score for the movie but it could also be from elsewhere.

  65. “What difference does it make?”

  66. Only a dozen explosions? Can’t be Michael Bay. 37 is a minimum.

  67. first these Americans attack their country n then they expect love from
    them who is terrorist

  68. Guns, ‘splosions, beards!

    It’s like Mr. Torgue directed this film…

  69. Was excited until I saw “directed by Michael bay”. Well shit.

  70. another American bull crap

  71. This makes me want to play some Battlefield 3! lol

  72. Mercedes Benz placement in the trailer… COME ON!

  73. Looks depressing af

  74. I miss the days when a military film came out and it was not considered
    “propaganda”. like seriously some people enjoy a good war film. I love war
    films. why? because they’re entertaining. because of the stories they tell
    and the bravery, sacrifice and courage it takes to serve and make that
    sacrifice. Act of Valor, Lone Survivor, American Sniper have all been
    called ” propaganda “. Why? because if your American serving in the
    American military your instantly the bad guy.

  75. !just do it! .

  76. Oh since it’s Michael Bay you know it will be accurate and nuanced

  77. will this include the parts where Republicans cut embassy security funding,
    couldn’t find Bengherzer on a map then used death to gain support from the
    high school dropouts?

  78. Rotten tomatoes:
    “This is a bay movie – the plot is shit the characters are just like they
    use to be in a Bay movie, the writing is awfull and the explosions are
    Birger than ever…”
    0-10% rating
    I think it will törn out like that

  79. it was kinda interesting, til i saw michael bay’s name

  80. wow!

  81. “The tru story you were never told”. You mean, just another lie again?

  82. You can hate Micheal Bay, you can hate that this paints America as the hero
    and savior of the world. But at the end of the day it just looks like a
    really good war/action movie. I will be seeing it.

  83. 13 hours of ExPloSionS!!!!!!

  84. this RED band trailer looks exactly like green one

  85. MichealPercy Jackson

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie gets a PG-13 rating.

  86. First, they enter ur country and kill ur people, and then make action
    movies about “heroes”.

  87. The MUSIC and the EXPLOSIONS give it away, in the end, it all makes sense.
    Each film goes by, and Hollywood die a little.

  88. Holy shit the industry will prey on anything….

  89. rated M for Merica

  90. anything to get people away from talking about Hillary’s ISIS attacking
    when she cheated them of back pay and tried to dump them in Syria.

  91. From director Michael Bay.
    So it’s gonna be one big Coca Cola commercial with explosions.

  92. ☡xit Ⅺ - Leader ツ

    3 ways to identify its a Michael Bay film (1.) 0:17 explosion + sound
    (2.) 0:28 Typical over done lens flare, like in transformers)
    (3.) 2:11 Lying on the ground covered in grit! like Sam Wit… was on most
    of the transformers movies!

  93. Just remember, it was all because of a youtube video. Ah Clinton. I love
    you. Lying through your teeth like nobody’s business. What an utter

  94. Just cuz a movie says its a True Story doesnt mean the whole movie is true.
    They could have a flying shark in the movie and still call it a True Story.
    Only part of the story has to be “true”.

  95. Hope this movie puts Hillary to shame. #Bern

  96. Michael Bay ??

  97. Looks awesome

  98. explosions were rare until I found out that the director of the movie is
    Michael Bay!

  99. I was excited before I saw it was directed by Michael Bay…

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