400 Days Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Dane Cook, Brandon Routh Sci-Fi Movie HD

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“400 Days” centers on four astronauts sent on a simulated mission to a distant planet to test the psychological effects of deep space travel. Locked away for 400 days, the crew’s mental state begins to deteriorate when they lose all communication with the outside world. Forced to exit the ship, they discover that this mission may not have been a simulation after all.


  1. This looks interesting.

  2. A comedian who cannot act, and the actor who almost killed superman.

  3. Jesus how hard is it to just leave, the guy was like ‘u open that hatch and
    we lose’… so? they’re going crazy with knives n shit, I would have bailed
    so fast in that situation.

  4. so is this a comedy or what???

  5. Am I the only one thinking Dr. Wells, Sara (Canary), Atom?

  6. UziNineMillomeetah

    Dane Cook simulating a serious actor? That’s a true experiment…Still
    looks kinda interesting.

  7. 1:30 My face when I’m taking a dump.

  8. Reel Time With Ryan

    So The Atom and White Canary are together? What is this, earth 5?

  9. I wonder how they got a great cast of actors from CW shows to do this trash
    of a movie

  10. LAME.

  11. I hope Tom Cavanagh gets more movie roles because he is an amazing actor
    that brings huge screen-presence and charisma, he can be a cocky dick (look
    at Flash S2), normal everyday man (as Dr. Wells) and a menacing villain (as

  12. Kinda reminds me of fallout

  13. luke “Lukester” munn

    UM. I’m Dane Cook MMMM

  14. Matthew Livingston

    I will watch this in 2 years when it makes it’s TV debut on syfy

  15. Could be good? Bit skeptical because Dane Cook. I might check it out if the
    reviews are good and its near me.

  16. so, is this “The Atom and Black Canary in Space”? did I just see reverse
    flash too, wow, where is the arrow and flash?

  17. Looks promising. Reminds me of Cube and Moon meshed together.

  18. the ending is crap. it explains nothing

  19. Hu, seeing first the syfy (oh man does anyone actually like that stupid
    name?) logo, then Dane Cook, I was geared up for some hardcore cringe. But
    that trailer actually looked kinda interesting. Can it be done? Can syfy
    make a movie that’s not absolute garbage?

  20. The Atom, White Canary, Superman. It is a DC reunion.

  21. PLEASE DONT WATCH!!! Save yourself from a horrible 130 mins

  22. if there was no woman they would just probably drink alcohol cigarettes and
    weed for 400 days but since there’s a woman gender equations come into play

  23. Spoiler alert. Sarah Lance sleeps with Ray. and Professor Wells kills them

  24. Fantastic Four?

  25. hmm so this is the more serious better looking version of that icarly

  26. Well this director is a fan of the DC and their TV shows that they have
    made. Sara , Ray and doctor wells??!?!

  27. nothingxbutxpoison

    All you bitches complaining about the acting incase your to retarded to
    have common sense it is not the acting that is horrible its the directing.
    actors act the way they are directed to meaning the director approved of
    the way they were acting before shooting so if you put two and two together
    then you’d know that the acting was the way they were directed to act, dane
    cook is a great actor all you bitches are like sheep just following the
    crowd and being told what to like and what to dislike

  28. Just saw this I can’t comprehend this shit ?

  29. 1:36 Russian sleep experiment?

  30. You can already watch this movie on the internet btw. I liked it, it’s a
    solid 8/10. Mostly since I love sci-fi and Dane Cook was a very refreshing

    Yes there is a massive plot twist at the end =P

  31. Tom Cavanagh?

  32. not too sure about the cast selection, but ill definitely give this a

  33. Has it ever been exactly what they signed up for?

  34. Interesting

  35. I watched this in popcorntime??

  36. 400 days is Earth 3.

  37. Hey it’s that guy from Mad Men!

  38. Sameer S Abualhayja

    save your time , don’t watch it .. please please please !!
    no goal , no drama , no end …… !!

  39. garbage

  40. This, like so many other trailers, are pure trash.

  41. The end of the movie – 1:20

  42. Its the Legend of Tomorrow prequel, featuring the return of the reverse

  43. is this a movie about vault tech?

  44. This movie was bullshit, don’t waste your time. Good idea and actors, but
    very poor execution and besides all that a very shitty ending with no
    explanation about what the fk was going on. I literally went “WHAT THE FK
    WAS THIS SHIT?” when the movie ended. You have been warned.

  45. Seems like the casting was pretty straightforward.

  46. ….400 Days of Summer ^^

  47. Last of a Dying Breed

    Dane Cook will get a Oscar nod for his role in this masterpiece.

  48. eh

  49. Isn’t NASA trying to make all future missions women only due to deep
    feminist infiltration? Don’t believe me google all women mission to mars.

    Sorry fellas you’re SOL. Womans time now

  50. Okay so DC cast. I bet the monster is just the Joker having fun.

  51. What’s up, yo? The Time You Put In Really Shows. mix useful What’s your
    opinion about that 1!

  52. This might be a bit of a stretch, but does anyone else get a ” Russian
    sleep experiment” Creepy Pasta vibe?

  53. Sara and Ray Palmer….where is Oliver?

  54. To anyone who has watched this movie: What did you guys think about it and
    did you get from it? The ending left me and I’m sure plenty others
    unanswered so I’d love to hear what other people think.

  55. Saw the movie and it is awful. The only thing that could save the movie
    would have been a strong ending, but that was even worse.

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  57. I was waiting for someone to say, “SOMEONE SHIT ON THE COATS”

  58. Most fuked up ending in movie history … This movie is a total waste, just
    a bunch of annoying mystery and an ending that tells you nothing.

  59. after watching this movie honestly its full of crap it make no sense I
    didn’t understand what is all about

  60. Vanja Raduljeskovic

    500 Days of Summer, 400 Days of Space.

  61. I saw it, it’s not terrible, a decent thriller, but it’s one of those
    movies that just ends and doesn’t explain anything.

  62. This is a movie with shit ending or really shit ending.

  63. HAHAHAHAH Dane Cook….. “Am I the only sane person here.” LMAO

  64. they all go insane and kill each other until only one of the four lives,
    the end

  65. if you locked me in a hole for 400 days i would spank the monkey for at
    least 399 of them…baleee dat

  66. I watched it AWESOME movie

  67. has anyone seen this movie? is it good?

  68. Scottish Man Merica!

    Looks cornet as shit. Nice premise thou.

  69. Damn Dane cook really let himself go. LOL

  70. Lol u suck dick dont mess with me ill

  71. 5.1/10·IMDb

  72. so girl and guy from arrow dies…and the make a film together..then the
    come back to arrow alive again lol

  73. they leave you with so many questions unanswered

  74. Hi, what’s up? You’re A Joy. correct burly What do you think, guys… 1!

  75. I see the crew of Arrow/Flash decided to make a Sci-Fi Movie.

  76. I’ve seen this movie but I still have no idea what happened outside their
    ship. Alien invasion?

  77. It’s not SCIENCE fiction is it?

  78. This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen

  79. Spoilers……………

    what happen in the end? Did they killed there own partners because they
    were in drugs or something? It looked like sun light when the door opened
    holy shit

  80. it was interesting, left a lot of questions but pretty good

  81. Edzel Resano (iCraftedMC)

    Now I want to see a Dead Space movie

  82. This movie is, without exaggeration, legitimately shit.
    And I’d like to think I have a pretty open mind, and I still think it’s

  83. Black Canary, Reverse Flash and Superman/Atom?

  84. i couldn’t understand the ending


  86. I’d go crazy too if I was locked up with Dane Cook for that long.

  87. The Legitimate Sociopath

    I saw it. I didn’t know what I just watched. I don’t get it. It could have
    been really great movie but I don’t think the director just lost it during
    the production.

  88. Ending explained:
    It was a simulation. The other 2 didn’t pass it because they left the ship
    and were not there by the time the clock hit 0. How do I know? First and
    obvious hint, the sun shining (they said the sun died) second, only 2
    people knew the code to the hatch, the Captain and Walter, so if the crazy
    guy could come in, he knew the passcode, also the person who opened it at
    the end knew it (I’m guessing Walter), and the dead guy at the end was all
    a part of surviving it no matter what.

  89. Caity Lotz is gorgeous for a freckle face.

  90. the stupid film ever. i spent 2 hours of my life for a BULLSHIT. I’m

  91. Oh god do yourself a favor and watch something else.

  92. this is one dull movie that gives more questions than ansvers. too many
    storylines left untold. loved the bad guy though

  93. Dane Cook can act?

  94. maybe if they would call the ARROW and the FLASH they could help

  95. Ettayeb Noureddine

    One of biggest CRAP movies i have seen in whole my life. i regret the day i
    watched such junk movie


  97. Actually shocked there’s no badly rendered animal hybrid running around.

  98. this movie sucked so bad! mostly because of the ending,actually all because
    of the ending!! just leaves you hanging and doesn’t explain shit!! do not

  99. I thought Dane Cook was dead!

  100. I saw it today, and i’m really confused by this movie’s ending. So is this
    another history fully opened to interpretation or is there really an
    explanation and a truth about what really happened?

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