5 Ways Tom Hardy Will F*** You Up (2016) HD

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This is a mashup video to promote The Revenant, celebrating Tom Hardy and ways in which he will mess you up.

Watch More:
Bronson https://goo.gl/eUZNI2
Lawless https://goo.gl/kdy3fs
The Revenant https://goo.gl/lo7R5O
Star Trek: Nemesis https://goo.gl/bLQZIF
Warrior https://goo.gl/cCjVZ9

Music Credits:

“Rebel Hell” by Jonny Manak
“Drink on You” by Billie Ray Fingers, Bruce Fingers, Adam Michael Schiff
“Killing Floor Instrumental” by Blues Saraceno

Courtesy of Extreme Music


  1. first

  2. Christopher Flores


  3. Second :D

  4. 3rd

  5. Lego Stop Motion Productions

    All these faggots below me

  6. Tom Hardy as indiana jones?

  7. hell fight you naked covered in butter

  8. naaaaaaaaah :V

  9. If you could please go check out the trailer for the movie I’ve been
    working really hard on, it’s on my channel. Thanks!

  10. 6th

  11. 6. And he’ll brake your back

    -Bruce Wayne

  12. And he’ll crush your plane

  13. he will break your back

  14. truly, a unique actor ✌

  15. He can act as much as Seth Rogan can’t

  16. Obdu'l Jaliyl Beig

    Feels great that Hardy has reached proper recognition he should be getting.
    Knew him from Inception & instantly wanted more of him. ?
    There are 3 others who need similar attention:
    Marion Cottillard
    Helena Bonham Carter
    Luke Evans

  17. maarten van drempt

    mad max ?

  18. More likely he would just mumble and people would die of boredom. See his
    mad max performance for a perfect example

  19. how can one guy play so many indistinguishable characters?

  20. Fuckin papucho.

  21. 6. He will steal your favourite truck and all your fine ass bitches.

  22. 6. he will break your heart with his looks


  24. Awesome actor.

  25. And Tom will break your back!

  26. Racist Homofobic Fatass Virgin

    mah boi

  27. Bosco Baracus (Barracuda)


  28. #Respect

  29. I loves him

  30. No one remembers him as Bane in the Dark Knight Rises? Amazing.

  31. why didn’t you show any batman in there?

  32. Best. Actor. Ever!

  33. What did I do so wrong that I deserve this?

  34. and also he played mad max

  35. no “he’ll drive over you”…Fury Road style :(

  36. What the hell is this title lmaoo

  37. Can I have likes please it’s my birthday :)

  38. Chuck Norris will break you bitches

  39. TheNoFlinchGrinch

    You completely forgot Bane

  40. naughts'an Kcrosses

    5 ways Tom Hardy will f### you up,,,,,well,,,hardly, hahahahahha……….

  41. He will try to steal your furious truck… And fail.

  42. Need to watch Bronson. Looks hilarious.

  43. Really? No Bane or Mad Max clips?

  44. Where is that badass scene when he breaks Batmans freaking spine? You guys
    should prepare better if you’re gonna do something like this next time.

  45. Legend?

  46. In the film legend he stabs this guy like 20 times and you see it, that
    should be no1

  47. Quality actor.

  48. Hardly a match for Jason Bourne or John Reese =))

  49. don’t forget the legend(ary) Tom Hardy tag team

  50. Wtf mad max has been his best movie and its not here

  51. you forgot mad max fury road

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