A Beautiful Planet Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Jennifer Lawrence Documentary HD

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An exploration of Earth and beyond as seen from outer space.


  1. Yeah… Beautiful planets don’t have Trumps…

  2. what is the title of the song?

  3. Lionplayervp56 TKO

    i just cliocked cause of JL

  4. Stop Jennifer Lawrence 2k16

  5. Soooooooo, the exact opposite of gravity

  6. gay and fake

  7. Space? Space! SPAAAAAAAAACE!
    On a serious note, I’m looking quite forward to this.

  8. Superb fictional propaganda right from the very start, bravo

  9. Just here to wait for some entertaining flat earth comments.

  10. ughh when will Jennifer Lawrence go away

  11. jennifer Lawrence just does not have a documentary voice… why you pay her
    millions to do this so stupid

  12. why couldn’t they have scarlett johansson be the narrator?

  13. cool

  14. On the other side, humans are the worst!

  15. 100%+ scientifically accurate, way better than the martian and gravity :D

  16. Dont really think Jennifer Lawrence has a good narrator voice.

  17. Can’t take her voice seriously tbh.

  18. Gravity with Jennifer Lawrence. Wow.

  19. we cannot penetrate the firmament this 100 percent fake

  20. probably will be better then Star Wars 7 where they took 4,5,6 into one
    movie. Han Solo dies…gg

  21. Earth is not beautiful.

  22. cool

  23. Jennifer Lawrence is a weird choice. Not bad, just weird.

  24. You had me at Jennifer Lawrence

  25. Andrew Renner (RENNERgade)

    Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the….. Yeah, yeah. We
    get it

  26. That music was from the World Cup 2014: “The World is Ours”

  27. Edwin Pina Munoz


  28. This isn’t fake they recorded this in space… They also have been talking
    about making Star Wars in space for future films

  29. NoLuck JustSkillz

    based on a true story! OMG

  30. Michael Dougherty

    funny how this film is coming out now lol flat earth damage control

  31. Metal Midget 666

    Who wants to bet Markiplier’s gonna watch that

  32. gundamzerostrike

    Someone who sounds like a generic litte kid is not really a good fit to
    narrate something like this… Her voice has no power… It’s just “meh”…
    But hey, feminisn, right? Now women have to narrate these things too…
    God, where is Morgan Freeman when we need him?

  33. I much would’ve preferred Morgan Freeman

  34. Charlie Countryman

    Gravity 2

  35. Yeah because that’s what every one has been asking for – Jennifer Lawrence
    narrating space missions. Poor man’s Morgan Freeman.

  36. FAKE, u can clearly see that the world is round from the iss, but in
    reality, we know that this is just communist propaganda being spit down our
    throats by the government!

  37. this movie looks like shit

  38. fake and gay

  39. hang on planet earth and blue planet is narrated bye david attenborough?
    whats difference does it make having narrated by jennifer lawrence

  40. Few years ago you can watch this Documentary in Discovery Channel , Now you
    need to pay in a cinema to watch

  41. You know why earth is beautiful from up there?Because you cant see what the
    humans are doing.

  42. I like it looks beautiful
    it’s just that I’m not really Jennifer Lawrence’s narration


  44. Morgan Freeman should’ve done this. She does not have the voice for a
    narrator at all

  45. How much money did they waste on JLaw? I mean, its just a voice, 99% of all
    human beings have a voice, what factored in to the decision of using “her”

  46. If only they could afford Morgan Freeman as a narrator.

  47. The earth is my God’s great work of art.

  48. I’ll check it out if they just remove the narration from Jennifer Lawrence

  49. This is great and all but everyone working together is wishful thinking

  50. Why are they using Jennifer Lawrence as the narrator ? Maybe they couldn’t
    afford Morgan Freeman.

  51. This documentary seems like a bunch of cool earth photos with people
    reassuring us that it’s beautiful, and maybe a bit about astronauts too

  52. Honesthedgehog Life

    I love J Law,…but she can’t commentate ?

  53. Their budget didn’t allow Morgan Freeman…settled for dull Lawrence

  54. need this in 4k

  55. I can’t wait to see the chemtrails from space

  56. All I can think of is Jennifer Lawrence’s facial expressions while
    narrating this ?

  57. ‫مستر كتاب‬‎

    جمال الأرض من خارج الأرض
    وفسق وفساد وقتل بغير الحق في داخل الأرض

  58. Looks like a beautiful movie… but really where is Morgan Freeman?

  59. why didn’t they show Africa at night?

  60. I was casted for this documentary. I’m the guy on planet earth. You
    probably won’t see me, but I’m there.

  61. They should’ve had Scarlett Johansson narrate instead in Jennifer Lawrence.

  62. When you can’t afford Morgan freeman

  63. I guess Flat-Earthers will say all of this was CGI.

  64. But what if the world is flat and everyone saying the earth is round is a

  65. Wait til Markiplier watches this haha

  66. To think how far ahead we’d jump in technology if people stopped fighting
    over hokey religions and greed and instead focus on the advancement of our

  67. Davion “Davy” Fleming

    I like Jennifer Lawrence but not documentaries.
    What do I do?????

  68. earth is flat! trump is a lizard human hybrid!

  69. How amazing our ROUND planet!

  70. Can Jennifer Lawrence just retire already?

  71. uimitor !!!

  72. We will never be able to live anywhere other than Earth, we will never find
    another being besides the ones on earth, we will never be anywhere else but
    earth. God is the only way home, Jesus Christ prevails.

  73. There’s lots of stars? HOLY SHIT

  74. Another Jewish Zionist propaganda to tell us that the Earth is round

  75. Jennifer Lawrence is narrating this! Sorry, but I don’t need 2 hours of

    “What a surprise that they paid the female astronauts the same as the
    males, since all men are bigoted privileged micro-aggressive chauvinist

  76. Should’ve been Morgan Freeman narrating

  77. Wait till B.o.B sees this lol

  78. I would love to see this, our planet is a beautiful place, but we’ve been
    slowly killing it with our carbon emission producing vehicles and power
    plants, but we can turn it around if we actually tried

  79. strange how some shots in Gravity look more ‘real’ than these even though
    Gravity was all fake/CGI…

  80. “There’s nowhere like earth” …. That we know of.

  81. Tell us about the aliens! ?✌️

  82. No Freeman? o.o

  83. But.. But.. This has to be fake, Tila Tequila said that the earth was

  84. Brandon Balbastro

    was expecting a Gravity sequel

  85. A documentary without David Attenborough narrating… naa mate

  86. How did mystique audition for this documentary? Did she transform into the

  87. this is fake they are lying to us NASA said they will not send a rocket up
    there and they said that like 5 years ago

  88. Snoop dogg should have been narrating this shit

  89. If I could have both Jennifer Lawrence and Morgan Freedman whisper
    narrative in my ears I’d spray so much that even Noah’s boat wouldn’t be
    able to save any species this time.

  90. NASA should show us the aliens

  91. Documentary Of The Year! #OscarWinner

  92. Peter Alex Vaudelaire

    awesome this is a powerful film to watch and our Planet is Awesome Precious
    lights from Above and is great :)

  93. I bet this is going to secretly have a main message of global warming

  94. I actually really liked Jennifer Lawrence’s narration. Surprisingly so, in

  95. Damn that’s like the most beautiful scenery ever…Hands down ??

  96. rubbish

  97. there goes the flat earth theory Lol

  98. Her voice is sooo soothing.

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