A Hologram for the King Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Tom Hanks Drama HD

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A failed American businessman looks to recoup his losses by traveling to Saudi Arabia and selling his idea to a wealthy monarch.


  1. What a cheesy trailer.

  2. These guys made a mistake by releasing this trailer the same day when civil
    trailer came out

  3. Sometimes… a trailer comes along… that is so corny… you’ll puke.

  4. All I can think of after watching this trailer is that song was great in

  5. Why did they decide to use the 2007 movie narrator to talk about the entire
    movie and then provide a theme in the trailer?

  6. pretty good

  7. ObvDull Jaliyl Beig

    trailer is longer than required

  8. not a fan of the voice over

  9. this voice over in the trailer makes it feel like it’s the 1990s

  10. TheShowDeCalaraja Rosie

    ooohhh yeah hahhahaha is cool

  11. I’m here just for tom hanks!

  12. Well, that was blander than porridge

  13. Saudi Arabia a land of freedom.

  14. Countdown Syndrome

    If he had proper manners, he’d be Tom Thanks

  15. what is the song in the beginning?

  16. Costumer: Hello sir I would like a burger
    A Hologram for the King: Do you want any cheese with it sir? We have A LOT
    of cheese. We have the trailer voice guy too if you want him in your

  17. At 1:45 sounds like he’s says ‘I lost erection’

  18. DJ biGGZ vendetta sound

    blah she looks like the desert

  19. Lindsay Mead (Daily Vlogger)

    Wow, hollywood actually cast a woman his age to play the love interest?
    Someone is being a rebel!

  20. The voice over was cheesier than my underwear drawer

  21. One man…

  22. hell yeah!!!

  23. I would of watch it, if the trailer ended with Tom hanks saying
    “I have aids”

  24. My momma always said life is like a box of chocolates…

  25. this looks cool

  26. 20$ says the driver is the KIng.

  27. Stannis Baratheon

    I really hope the person who made this trailer is retarded because I don’t
    want to see Tom Hanks degrade into this.

  28. At least get real saudi actors if you want to do a film about saudi arabia

  29. how is this not 1986

  30. in a world where vomit comes out of my mouth.

  31. That trailer was 2:30 long, and I still couldn’t tell you what the movie’s

  32. *snore*. Wait. What? It’s over. Ok I’ll go back to captain America now

  33. Why does this trailer feel like 5-6 minutes?

  34. Could be fun ;D

  35. Tom Hanks the newest sell out of the movie industry

  36. I don’t know about this one

  37. Who here thought the trailer was going to turn itself around and become a
    Comedy? because I was waiting for the punch and it never came.

  38. 80s called and they want their voiceover back!

  39. Yeah, um,… no way. We see more than enough arabs in Europe, I don’t want
    to see them even in the freaking cinema. Just fk off already.

  40. A Hologram fot the King=Rock The Kasbah

  41. The talking heads – once in lifetime

  42. love in a globalized world
    dreamer Arabs hologram age
    I think this movie will be awesome with Tom Hanks.

  43. No hate but , what’s the point in releasing a movie in the same time with
    Civil War and Batman v Superman when you know the whole planet will only
    watch those movies :?

  44. voice over cheese

  45. Worst trailer ever. You are better than this Tom Tykwer.

  46. All trailers should end with Spider-Man now.

  47. Chuck, anyone? :D

  48. lol @ people in the comment section whining about the trailer being cheesy
    because they choose an old style of voice over, kids these days are so lame

  49. is this some kind of a parody?

  50. “You know our love was meant beeeeee…”. Deadpool feelings…

  51. If you want to ruin a movie trailer, just add a narrator, it works every
    time. Still want to see this movie, but seriously stop putting narrators in
    movie trailers…please.

  52. Is this movie a love story? I’m confused…

  53. Love this actor :)

  54. From the director of Cloud atlas and Perfume:the story of a murderer:

  55. Sometimes you have to change your spoiler voiceover for me to take this
    trailer seriously…so smug…

  56. wilsooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  57. Tom ^_^

  58. So wanna see this!! Tom Hanks is the shit!!

  59. I love it when I can save 90 minutes by watching a whole movie in two and a
    half minutes.

  60. im from saudi arabia. it looks nothing like that. regardless looks like a
    funny movie and i’ll enjoy watching it

  61. made me laugh out loud cringe when the trailer suddenly decided the film
    was a drama. this looks like a really odd mess of a movie.

  62. TheNoFlinchGrinch

    Weird trailer and weird-looking movie

  63. The movie looks good, but this trailer is the most badly edited & put
    together trailer i’ve seen in a long time

  64. why does hank have a disease trauma or something in almost every movie?

  65. 1:45 “I’ve lost erection, I think”

  66. Once again Hollywood resembles the middle east in a very not accurate way.

  67. GameDev1909 Game Engine Tutorials

    i love tom hanks so i will watch this movie

  68. Can we do away with the cheesy early ’00s voiceover forever?

  69. Tom – not human- alien .?

  70. God this trailer was shit

  71. I hope this doesn’t paint the Saudis in a good light, they are the most
    barbaric and evil people on earth

  72. Holy Mackerel the Third

    The 90s called, they want their trailer back

  73. drama or comedy, pick a side damn it!

  74. As soon as I saw that woman I thought, Love Interest

  75. 1:46 “I’ve lost erection, I think”

  76. The 90s called — they want their voice over trailer back

  77. So many new middle east based movies… ^^

  78. What to go Tom Hanks the. . . SELL OUT

    A movie to normalize our corrupt dealings and relationship with Saudi
    Arabia. . .

    I used to think you were A Braze Man but sadly you are just like your

  79. Movie looks good, I mean it’s Tom Hanks for gods sake – but damn this
    trailer is awful :S

  80. Is this 1997?
    What movie are they trying to sell me on here? Starts off quirky and then
    becomes a Walter Mitty redux.
    Fire the narrator and the company that cut this trailer.

  81. Content Aware Phil

    Nice to see the 90’s voice over guy getting some work.

  82. Eat Pray Love for dudes?

  83. ‫عبدالعزيز العريفي‬‎

    night club in saudi arabia that means two things :
    you are dreaming or you are crazy
    وش هالعالم المهبل ما يعرفون يكتبون قصة الله يديم عز و اسلام بلدنا

  84. What’s up with all these actors doing Middle Eastern setting movies lol

  85. Is that the epic voice from screen junkies?

  86. *snore* oh the trailers over?

  87. christelle vasseur

    The first part of the trailer was not as good as the second one

  88. Mercworx Deployed

    Are they going to show where they execute the woman for being dishonorable?

  89. Looks like a fun movie. Don’t know who the h”ell signed off on the classic
    narrator voice. he should probably be fired.

  90. Lol, this movie looks like its all over the place. It starts of as a fish
    out of water comedy and then suddenly turns into a romance movie? Why? And
    what’s up with the narrator? Did Kevin James direct this?

  91. Damnit Tom! How many 5 star movies will you be in until Toy Story 4 comes

  92. Tom Hanks converts to Islam. Fox Business News, probably.

  93. Yeah this trailer had a 1993 feel to it…

  94. Was This trailer made in 2003?

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