A Hologram for the King Official UK Trailer (2016) – Tom Hanks, Ben Whishaw Drama HD

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A failed American businessman looks to recoup his losses by traveling to Saudi Arabia and selling his idea to a wealthy monarch.


  1. InfectedNight Gaming


  2. Hi 2nd

  3. Yay!!!!!!!

  4. Looks like shit.

  5. meh…

  6. I bet the driver is the king!!!

  7. A shite movie like this doesn’t deserve Tom in it.

  8. uhm is it just me or this movie and the one bill murray is doing are the
    same,i mean an old lost guy goes to a 3rd world country to find a thing and
    to find himself

  9. This is a lie. This movie was filmed in Morocco and Egypt.

  10. I reckon the King is the driver…

  11. Geometry Dash Kenaz


  12. This is a lie. This movie was filmed in Morocco and Egypt.

  13. Another mid-life crisis movie. It looks more like a SNL sketch.

  14. looks fun because in which movie you see tom hanks ist gonna be fun trust

  15. I died when he said howdy

  16. Meh …. why is that king popular ?


  18. It’s the driver.

  19. I bet it’s the driver

  20. Uh…….. k?

  21. Are those arabs…played by ACTUAL ARABS? The future is upon us my brothers
    and sisters! The step to abolishing Whitewashing has been gifted!

  22. It seems like a movie solid but a bit cliche and completely uninspiring.
    The audience that are going to associate with the main character are going
    to unhappy affluent people soo the main character isn’t very sympathetic.

    “oh no I’m not as successful and happy as I want to be because I’ve been a
    tool who never thought for himself who has an easy life with no struggle
    and poor people will think I’m unique because they will not be able to
    comprehend my attitude because I’ve lead a life so different from their
    shitty one.

  23. No Tom… Reverse!!! Go back! It was a mistake!

  24. This is probably the first video with arabs that i didnt hear the “aloha

  25. tom hanks wearing a thoub (white dress) is priceless. other then that its
    movie is an insult. not gonna lie still gonna watch it for tom :P

  26. ill watch tom hanks do anything

  27. Tom Hanks is… Tom Hanks, in another generic forgetable movie

  28. omg tom hanks ??

  29. Tom ^^^^

  30. rahhaoui Productions

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  31. Tom hanks just keeps on coming

  32. Dogshit of a movie

  33. I like Tom Hanks, but this just looks like a stereotypical road movie.

  34. Lol whys that white dude playing an Arab? L,ao

  35. Ruslan Sokolov (rusirus)

    No executions?! boring

  36. Dude’s gotta bring in the cash once and awhile.

  37. King ok -_-

  38. they couldent find arab actors really

  39. the drivers the king

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