A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix, 2017) – Teaser TRAILER

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Meet the star of a new Netflix series telling the story of a very handsome actor and three selfish and ungrateful orphans who refuse to give him the enormous fortune their dead parents left behind. On Netflix January 13 2017

A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017)
A Movie directed by
Cast : Malina Weissman, Usman Ally, John DeSantis, Neil Patrick Harris
On Netflix January 13, 2017
Genre : Fantasy

A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1
© 2016 – Netflix


  1. Personally like the movie version

  2. Isaiah TheNXTHOKAGE

    In my opinion I think it’s gonna be good asf

  3. why is mr. poe black, i dunno dude, theres writers respect to take while
    casting, they can make whatever they want its just… i mean, fans have an
    image of what poe should look like from the books, here, the guy looks
    healthy and… black nothing against black actors of course, but i would
    have the same reaction if he was chinese or from pakistan, the culture just
    doesnt suit the characters at all

  4. YES. NPH is gonna MAKE this. Looks good so far, can’t wait

  5. Placid Let's Plays

    ugh no stop. I want jim carrey.

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