A Taste of Cinema Ultimate Foodie Movie Mashup (2015) HD

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Watch More:
Burnt https://goo.gl/D9FwCr
Beverly Hills Ninja https://goo.gl/nESVE5
Big Night https://goo.gl/ab0f6o
Chef https://goo.gl/uIqdcs
Chocolat https://goo.gl/8JWPrM
Shaolin Soccer https://goo.gl/dnWm8k
For Grace https://goo.gl/maVLsm
Haute Cuisine https://goo.gl/iKFbD2
Jiro Dreams of Sushi https://goo.gl/j88oeR
Julie & Julia https://goo.gl/QUc1Vg
Mostly Martha https://goo.gl/I9asj4
No Reservations https://goo.gl/yU69kF

Music Credits:

“Swingville Sashay” by Harry Muff
“Foxy Roxy” by Phillmore Oakes
“Insomnia” by Ben Trigg

Courtesy of Extreme Music


  1. yessss!!! I love this video made me so hungry haha

  2. Awesome

  3. To everyone that thinks its all fun and games: You haven’t worked in a

  4. Foodies are pathetic sad losers without any real hobbies

  5. That Star Wars trailer tho

  6. What is the song at the prep stage?

  7. Really no Ratatouille?

  8. 100 foot journey anyone??….


  9. Step Five…..A big shit….

  10. You missed “Like water for Chocolate” (Mexico, 1992). :P

  11. Did anyone else just have a full on foodgasm?

  12. that is a work of art

  13. Caetano Veyssières

    how about “The Hundred-Foot Journey” ?

  14. No Hannibal ?!?

  15. Nicely done.. I love movies for foodies.
    They have such a calming effect on me for some reason.

  16. And here I am having my instant ramen every day ;.;

  17. I don’t know what it says about me,
    but I know from which movies each frame was taken…

  18. I wanted “Waiting” to be in here

  19. Tampopo and Eat Drink Men Women are the best films about food ever made!!!

  20. Ooorgasm

  21. tis the worst thing when you stoned…..

  22. this trailer makes me hungry?

  23. Novitatis Veritatis

    This video just ruined my 30day vegan pledge

  24. +Movieclips Trailers – Nice to see ‘Mostly Martha’ (‘Bella Martha’) (2001)
    in there; we (@LookieShow on Twitter) covered the film for the Foodies
    movie round at the channel.

    If a visitor is looking for more foodie movies, they might also be
    interested in these movies, covered in the same round:
    ‘Babette’s Feast’ (‘Babettes gæstebud’) (1987) and ‘The Mistress of Spices’

    Other foodie films: ‘Comme un chef’ (‘Le Chef’) (2012), ‘Short Order’
    (2005), ‘Bon appétit’ (2010)…

    Movie clips spotted in the episode on this channel: ‘Haute Cuisine’ (‘Les
    saveurs du palais’) (2012), ‘Chocolat’ (2000), ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’
    (2011), and others.

    There are actually a LOT of foodie films, which is great news for folks who
    enjoy foodie films. We had maybe around 30 titles on the shortlist for the
    movie round, alone – and there are lots more out there.

    There are also a lot of documentaries out there which might also be of
    interest – ‘Spinning Plates’ (2012), etc.

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