ALADDIN Full Movie Trailer (NEW 2019) Will Smith, Disney Movie

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  1. No more Avatar movies!!!

  2. New Movie Scene. LOVE IT

  3. I hate that it looks like a BOLLYWOOD film. 😑😑

  4. Colombia 🇨🇴

  5. The voice of Aladdin n Jasmine didn’t change at all…omgggggg is bring me back to my childhood also….

  6. 0:23 Mmh,beautiful.

  7. Ohk, this actually looks good, compared to the first trailer they released ahaha

  8. Neelkanth Bhardhwaj

    Great success

  9. This actually looks really good!

  10. Edwin Aldrin Catbridge

    Awesome…another great movie from Disney.

  11. Another Disney “Live Action” adaptation. Just waiting for Will to release the Disney-fied version of ‘Gettin Jiggy Wit It’ on the soundtrack. lol.

    And thank goodness Jaden is not in this film. Unless he plays Abu or Iago. 👍

  12. Evangeline Moonlight

    I like this already

  13. Ok that’s much much much better! That first trailer had me worried.

  14. The Dramatic Crumpet

    looks to Bollywood I’ve never seen a Bollywood…but looks too Bollywood

  15. BIG IMPROVEMENT!!! Now, I want to see it. That last trailer made me think it was just a cash grab, but this trailer actually looks great.

  16. Aladin supposed 2 be shirtless
    4 god sake.
    With his brown nipples 😋😋

  17. Doesn’t this look more Indian? Than Middle Eastern?
    And I live in the middle East

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