ALADDIN Trailer # 2 (Will Smith, 2019) NEW

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  1. SAS Cafe 'n Resto Surabaya

    2nd 👍, 1st like…

  2. How do you go from doing I AM LEGEND to THIS

  3. 100th

  4. Ah thats hot

  5. Black Jin… Amazing…

  6. Bordel j’ai l’impression de regarder un fan service. Genre quel différence il va y avoir entre le dessin animé et ce film, a part que c’est en live action.

  7. Meh.

  8. They are recently making so many live action movies of other disney and other cartoons or cartoon movies all of a sudden its weird like

  9. Why do I have a feeling that the will smith genie is going to be a meme

  10. Oh god no, burn it, send it to hell.

  11. Isn’t it a little early for April Fools’ Day?

  12. Is this shit real?

  13. Come here just to see smith

  14. The genie with will smith’s voice? Sounds terrible and so does jafar.

  15. Will Smith as
    Will Smith

  16. Use the voice not Wills face. Even. Thanos looks better

  17. Looks good, cgi needs work, its probably why they aren’t showing much and wish they had a different actor with a deeper voice for jafar. Other than that it’s good.

  18. looks very fake

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