ALICE Through The Looking Glass NEW Trailer (2016 – Disney)

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Alice Through The Looking Glass TRAILER 2
Release Date : MAY 27, 2016
Genre : Fantasy

Alice Through The Looking Glass New TRAILER
© 2016 – Disney


  1. Ooooo

  2. who is the song remix by? …found it… Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit
    (Pink Cover)

  3. The cgi trash adventures of Alice continue

  4. Ok. Disney? Are you listening?

    Next time you show a trailer, do it like this. Seriously, this is so much
    better than those other trailers. I actually want to see it now. Those
    other ones were off-putting.

  5. prof moriarty

  6. Hell to the yes I’m watching this. Alice Madnesss Returns vide in the
    beginning in the asylum.

  7. oh alan

  8. So we know who killed humpty dumpty :P

  9. female hysteria? seems like they tried to squeeze in a dirty joke there

  10. I wonder how the red queen got out of jail

  11. funk…yes!

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