Alice Through the Looking Glass Official Grammy Trailer (2016) – Johnny Depp, Sacha Baron Movie HD

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Alice returns to the whimsical world of Wonderland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter.


  1. CGI: The movie

  2. can’t wait for the movie but who sings that amazing song?!

  3. never been a fan of these types of movies

  4. TheTwentyFirstPiløt

    Awww….Alan Rickman:(

  5. What a background song? ???

  6. Everyone wants to kill Alice – HIGH 5!

  7. White Rabbit-Jefferson Airplane

  8. Great trailer but the music does not go with it…

  9. Rest in Peace Alan Rickman

  10. shouldntyoubecooking

    Isn’t that book a prequel??

  11. not cool

  12. another johnny depp wackhy char. movie??This shit is boring as fck since
    last decade

  13. 1:07… whose that?

  14. Alice through the glass: the sequel no one wanted

  15. This just increased my overall worry for this movie.

  16. so who’s down to drop some acid?

  17. WTF!!!

  18. The first live action Alice was terrible. It doesn’t need a sequel with the
    same boring cast.

  19. watch this on acid I dare you.

  20. Meh, might be a good watch while high.
    Sad that we won’t be hearing Alan Rickman’s voice any more.
    Love the Grace Slick song 🙂

  21. Song?

  22. Looks as bad as the first one.

  23. Why must every Tim Burton film have the same cast? Zzzz

  24. im excited to see this movie

  25. Wanna watch this just cause it’s Alan Rickmans last movie

  26. I’m hiped

  27. Don’t know if it’ll be better than the first one… might be an unnecessary

  28. Looks like an acid trip.
    will watch

  29. Well, at least we already know this will be better than the first one,
    because it would take a concerted effort to actually make it worse.

  30. Heyy, I’m reading the book now.

  31. Alan Rickman <3

  32. Sasha baren cohen in this damn

  33. Does anyone know the song in the background? Or who sings it?


  35. Alan Rickman’s voice…didn’t realize he was the caterpillar until he is no
    longer with us…RIP

  36. If Pink really covered White Rabbit for the movie than she did a really
    good job.


  38. I feel so sad again! Hearing Alan Rickman’s voice made my heart shattered
    to pieces again… ?

  39. Please No! Make a good Alice in Wonderland before you make a sequel!!

  40. Damn this is intense

  41. First one was great. Not sure why it’s suddenly cool to hate on it even
    though it was a hit.

  42. Johnny Depp! Dude seriously, have some respect for yourself!

  43. Alan Rickman – Always

  44. Is this an add for lsd or what

  45. DelusionalRickyGaming

    Who’s alan rickman too lazy too look up

  46. Alan Rickman RIP

  47. Just gonna watch because of Alan Rickman

  48. the song its like suker punch xD

  49. don’t kill me until i saw the movie, please future

  50. The song is so not wonderland-esque.

  51. i have the biggest crush on MIA!!

  52. one man one taco one mission to eat the taco THE TACO the movie

  53. 성준호 成俊虎

    For legendary Alan Rickman had been heaven away in 0:30. I’m really so sad
    and he had been heart cancer.

  54. Johnny Depp is weird again

  55. Who’s singing? So powerful..

  56. At least this one won’t be a prissy musical.

  57. carlos Andres Arevalo Zuvieta Arevalo Zuvieta

    hoja la también audio latino

  58. The Melting Sun Productions

    Grammy? My granny won’t even go see this movie, how are you going to get a
    Grammy for this shit?

  59. Never have i ever cared less about a movie.

  60. Feed your Heeeaaad,

  61. Hopefully it’ll be better than the disappointing original.

  62. Raise your hand… Like this comment if your not gonna go see this. Why did
    I watch the trailer? Nothing better to do

  63. no one cares

  64. perfect song for this

  65. Why does every trailer have a song behind it now? Just stick to soundtracks

  66. Nope, this is a Mia Wasikowska movie, she plays the freaking title
    character. Also acceptable would be a James Bobin movie since he is the

  67. am I the only one who thinks that time looks like nefarious tropy from
    crash bandicoot

  68. part of the halloween theme starting at the very first very nice

  69. Golden Noodles Gaming


  70. so maybe there’s a chance for a sequel for Charlie and the chocolate

  71. I only watched this trailer because the background music is actually

  72. They just butchered that song

  73. I loved the first movie. But I don’t like the song in this trailer all that
    much. Looks fun though….

  74. I dont get the story!?

  75. it copy alice madness returns :'(

  76. yay another unwanted sequel to a crappy remake.

  77. No chance vs X Men Apocalypse

  78. “Everyone loses their tits in Wonderland.”

  79. This looks pretty sweet.

  80. damni am unexpectedly impressed by this movie, or at least the trailer

  81. AnimeFreakazoid11117


  82. LSD: The Movie

  83. Why Cant they just put the PC game Madness returns as a movie?

  84. Will H. (Zombiepenguin96)

    HONESTLY….. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

  85. Shes Really freaking uggly

  86. I loved the first one. So I’ll give this one a fair shot

  87. I love Mia Wasikowska and P!nk’s cover of White Rabbit. So I’m pumped

  88. This though! 0:57

  89. Ehh, still gonna see it.

  90. Can’t wait to take Mt girlfriend, Alice, to see this movie. ❤ She’s
    literally the biggest Alice in Wonderland fan you’ll ever know also which
    according to her parents, they named her after the book.

  91. This is just embarrassing. Tim Burton should retire.

  92. Why isn’t Tim Button the director for this sequel?

  93. terrible

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