Alice Through the Looking Glass Official Sneak Peek #2 (2016) – Mia Wasikowska Movie HD

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When Alice wakes up in Wonderland she must travel through a mysterious new world to retrieve a magical scepter that can stop the evil Lord of Time before he turns forward the clock and turns Wonderland into a barren, lifeless old world. With the help of some new friends, Alice must also uncover an evil plot to put the Queen of Hearts back on the throne.


  1. What? There’s gonna be another one?!

  2. Will this be part 2 of the other Alice move ?

  3. …who asked for this?

  4. sneak peek of the new movie: butterfly and the mirror

  5. is this the continuation of the movie alice in wonderland

  6. I liked the first, it wasnt amazing though. Mightswell watch this too.

  7. Diyos ko!! Can’t wait for this and other Disney films!!

  8. Awesome amazing

  9. I need this, like, right now ???

  10. the Alice Madness series will always be the definitive version of Alice in
    Wonderland to me

  11. Okay…

    This teasers are having good effect.

  12. Ugh I was getting so comfy and by the time I was really comfy the teaser
    was over!

  13. Way to give away everything in the trailer! >:(

  14. so this is a sequel right?


  16. Best movie trailer ever. A butterfly flyes into a mirror ?

  17. what the…? what a waste of nine seconds!

  18. Personally I think they could make quite a bit of money if the Looking
    Glass Wars adaption of Alice in Wonderland was ever made.

  19. Marie Nerissa- Davis

    I’ve read the book so many times from a young age… And this movie just
    ruined my childhood

  20. More! More!!

  21. I think I just heard the last strike of midnight.

  22. Now I’ve seen the whole movie!

  23. is it going to be the same cast of alices wonderland??

  24. Still a better love story than twilight…

  25. Chauntele Kali (ARIES FIRE)


  26. NightmareCreations1987 Gaming

    is this like…? alice in wonderland 2???

  27. SugarCookie CranberrySauce

    But… but… The first film was already like a sequel! What more is

  28. i dont get trailer sneak peeks. whats the point. just release the trailer,
    or dont. the fucks this 8 sec shit?

  29. that was awesome

  30. I get why there are small teasers for an upcoming star wars movie, but for
    the sequel to a shitty alice in wonderland movie? Just get the point please
    and show us an actual trailer…

  31. This is how you know its a good movie. A 30 second teaser instead of a 4:00
    Trailer with all teh cool stuff spoiled. Definently Excited for this
    awesome Sequel to an awesome movie!

  32. I just wasted 9 seconds of my life

  33. now i know why age of ultron look so sucky in cgi because tim burton bought
    them all to make this.

  34. 5 seconds in and they already messed up the glass’s special effect. You
    guys could learn something from super Mario 64, hey did it better with the

  35. I prefer this teaser! Do you think we’re going to get a full teaser

  36. Cinderella teaser was the same but the movie was Garbage same short garbage

  37. A sequel? The scene they showed looked pretty.


  39. Agh Not again!

  40. The first movie was awful, but I think with a new director and new writers,
    this one actually could be really good.

  41. tired of Mia’s stupid ass face everywhere

  42. this teaser is just super, would rather have the trailer and film!

  43. HOLY SHIT.

  44. This is looking really creepy I can’t wait to see it more teaser trailers
    or trailers please

  45. The trailer I guess Is really close

  46. in a synopsis it says a blue bird flies through the looking
    glass. it’s actually Absolem in butterfly form.

  47. I feel like these movies kind of remind me of Narnia

  48. Whoooooot? That’s it??????

  49. cool beans

  50. Getttttiiinnng excited can’t waitttt!!!!!

  51. Getttttiiinnng excited can’t waitttt!!!!!

  52. THAT’S IT?! I need moarrrrr!!

  53. 8 seconds…

  54. Alice “Oneoftheoutcasts” D


  55. I hope Avril Lavigne returns and make a new song for this :)

  56. Finally!!!

  57. OMG!! It’s Alice again. ♥

  58. yaaas!!!!!

  59. How about you take back your 8 seconds of useless trash that nobody wanted
    or needed, and either just release a proper trailer or just don’t at all.

    If you’re trying to be so cool like Star Wars with their series of sneak
    peaks before the enormous release of the full trailer, it only works for
    them, not you.

    They actually have the extreme fanboys who would sell their first born to
    get any amount of seconds from the movie, whereas nobody gives a flying
    shit about yours. So try not to emulate something you aren’t even in the
    same league with.

    I wish this entire sneak peak of absolutely nothing teaser trailer of a
    teaser of a trailer needs to disappear and never come back.

  60. I want another game, not another movie…dang…

  61. Angie Marie Aylen Haddock


  62. 9 sec sneak peek trailer ? more like 3 sec !!! sneak peak
    3 sec was wasted due to introduction and another 3 sec was wasted due to
    transition of blankness lmaooooo barley made out what happen on that 3 sec
    of picture that was left ??

    I’m so freakin excited

  64. 0:04 This scene has a semblance with Alice entering the Looking Glass as
    illustrated by Sir John Tenniel. We also see the clock (Time?).
    In Disney’s Through the Looking Glass, Time is part human and part clock.
    He plays a major role in the unfolding of Alice’s new time travel
    adventures in a world called Underland. It was reported that Alice would
    return to save her friend the Mad Hatter from “growing darker” and would
    meet unusual creatures along the way.

  65. ooommmmggggg!!! it’s finally here. XD

  66. Hello There, Expressive! property bear

  67. this is the 2nd day i seen 2 separate teaser trailer from this movie give
    me a full trailer already dont give me a little here and there and then
    show me the trailer it would be like you showed me the whole movie. At this
    point i dont want to see the trailer i just want to see the movie.

  68. yeiiiii i was waiting for this

  69. Not this crap again.

  70. Alice in Wonder-What-Happened-to-the-Rest-of-the-Trailer!!!!

  71. Is this another Tim Burton piece of shit? If so I have zero interest. His
    first Alice movie is one of the worst movies I’ve ever paid to see. And to
    everyone here mentioning the Alice Madness game series, go watch the short
    films American McGee just released!

  72. This video is ridiculous.

  73. Só isso?

  74. The Butterfly Effect: Part 2.

  75. A teaser for a teaser of a movie…

  76. cool !

  77. …Disney shouldve watched the Nostalgia Critics review of the movie and
    realised noone wanted a sequel lol

  78. Anyone else notice the hidden Mickey when the butterfly goes through the

  79. Well… At least this “trailer” doesn’t show us the whole movie lol

  80. The Absolem Effect


  82. I want my 8 seconds back

  83. checkmate to those who do not know what just happen and why. to the 8th
    Rank I go!

  84. Hi, what’s up? Keep On Trying. recess collect What’s your opinion about it


  86. No evelina999 its the whole movie ?

  87. There is a longer trailer on the Disney website too

  88. please stop please every time I type Cheshire cat or and hatter into Google
    I get this stuff instead of Disney’s beautiful cute version please end this

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