ALIEN COVENANT (Prometheus 2, 2017) – NEW TRAILER

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★ Sci-Fi Fan ?
ALIEN : COVENANT Trailer aka Prometheus 2
A Movie directed by Ridley Scott
Cast : Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, James Franco, Noomi Rapace, Guy Pearce, Billy Crudup…
Release Date : 2017
Genre : Science Fiction, Thriller, Alien MOVIE

ALIEN COVENANT – Prometheus 2 Trailer
© 2017 – 20th Century Fox


  1. Leo Tchiama Tchiama


  2. LeRebeux_Angoissant HD

    No birds ? No chicken ?! No protéines 🙁

  3. claptrap Stewart's

    no new earth for me

  4. Yes please!

  5. you hear that nothing no Birds no animals nothing???

  6. 1:27…. a real alien pussy 🙂

  7. Krunoslav Stifter

    It’s Alien 5 with all of other games, comic books and god knows what from the Alien vs something universe. And yet this all seems like something we have seen so many times. Even if all of the audience knows what will happen, we have to wait for 40 min for naive crew to get to it, and than we go trough tight corridors low light chase, etc. This time we even get to see more of the CG aliens than ever before, which kind of makes it anything but scary. I wish they actually tried to be different this time. Feels like Deja Vu. Exact same formula that does not have the impact of the first Alien, and at least in Aliens they tried to evolve the species with the Queen and all that. This feels pretty much copy paste and like any copy of a copy of copy it feels warn out.

  8. Can’t wait to watch this

  9. Okay, when, when, WHEN are people going to learn that when an alien egg-pod opens, you do not LEAN OVER AND TAKE A LOOK??!?!!?! Crap, thirty-eight years ago I was yelling “Run!” at John Hurt. Did he listen? Sweet Jesus, people are thick…..

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