Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Animated Movie HD

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Through a series of misunderstandings, Alvin, Simon and Theodore come to believe that Dave is going to propose to his new girlfriend in Miami…and dump them. They have three days to get to him and stop the proposal, saving themselves not only from losing Dave but possibly from gaining a terrible stepbrother.


  1. Cristhian Hernandez


  2. Ruining childhoods one movie at a time.

  3. I feel sorry for the narrator who has to actually say The Road Chip

  4. Hopefully this is the last one. ?

  5. 1:15 FAAAAAKE!!!! US cops would shoot it even if its a chipmunk.

  6. Another movie, why haven’t they been hit by a car yet…

  7. and this movie same days star wars release lol!

  8. Why didn’t they kill them after the third movie ?

  9. the first one was the only good one, stop this train wreck.

  10. Damn, y’all are haters. You’re acting like you’re being forced to watch it.
    Just don’t, and carry on with your life.

  11. Coming out same day as Force Awakens, yeah we all know who’s gonna dominate
    the box office

  12. 2:06 holy shit the cringe

  13. I pray that Star Wars obliterates this abomination from the face of the
    Earth like the blight it is.

  14. This movie… Coming out on the same day as Star Wars?… This franchise
    will die day 1

  15. Millions will watch this movie on opening day, December 18th. Oh, wait.
    Star Wars…

  16. Starwars has no competition

  17. Just… Why?

  18. december 18th? isnt that the day star wars comes out? this movie is going
    to fail so bad

  19. Comes out the same day as Star Wars.

  20. what song at 2:14

  21. uh….where are the Chippettes?

  22. Clicked on this vid solely for the comments… you guys did not
    disappoint… seriously I hope this is the last movie…

  23. Sadly, this will make millions of dollars and spawn three more movies. You
    know it’s true.

  24. why… pls tell me. why.

  25. Another chipmunk movie?! I thought Chipwrecked was bad enough but this one
    looks even WORSE!

  26. Good luck chipmunks… STAR WARS IS GOING TO WRECK YOU!!!

  27. They’re still making these? Not sure why they bother to

  28. In three years micheal bay will reboot this

  29. The CGI actually got worse in 4 years. Hate the other movies all you want,
    they at least looked convincing.

  30. Rubbing Everything

    Nobody asked for this

    The Cash Cow is dead, stop milking it

  31. This movies gonna be DESTROYED by Star Wars at the box office

  32. Jason Lee must be really desperate for money.



  35. i prefer watching this over Start wars Lol ?

  36. Kimberly Eyzaguirre

    How is this going to premiere on the same day as Star Wars VII The Force
    Awakens? I don’t think anybody would care much about this movie or perhaps
    a Star Wars hater lol.

  37. Stitchtini "Neon" Pines

    Lol this is coming out the same weekend as STAR WARS? Omg………

  38. Alvin & The Chipmunks > Star Wars

  39. I like big butts

  40. why every new movie in this serie is getting worse?

  41. Lol why so many dislikes? this movie is obviously intended for kids.

  42. Why you idiots hating?

  43. Here ill save you some money the chipmunks meet daves new girlfriend they
    like her, things start to get serious between the two, she then introduces
    her son, they think he is nice in the beginning until they realize he’s an
    asshole, dave announces that they are getting married and neither the munks
    or her son are happy about it. Dave and her take a flight to Miami for
    their wedding, her son and the chipmunks agree to work together to stop the
    wedding. They take a road trip and hitch hike their way to Florida. Her son
    is still an asshole majority of the time as the overcome obstacles on their
    way there. Later on as they get closer to Florida they start to like one
    another but some falling out happen between dave and his wife to be. They
    munks and the kid try to fix everything yadda yadda yadda they get married
    and they all live happily ever after as a big family. Just like every
    parents love each other but kids hate eachother movie ever made….ever.
    There ya go saved you like 12 bucks!

  44. Why would they release this movie on December 18th???

  45. Infatroll Trollogy

    Bet the ending’s going to go like this:

    They finally get to the proposal and they realize over the road trip that
    their actually friends and let the get married.


  46. how many movies does it take for them to realise that this franchise isn’t

  47. how is this being made by the same studio that’s making the revenant

  48. WUT!NO!!F*CK NO!!!

  49. I’ll but this little shits in a microwave

  50. Tristan Blog (pacificrimfan23)

    All i’m saying is, why are the chipmunks douchebags?

  51. This is the movie going against Star Wars…they literally are coming out
    the same day….just thought I’d point that out…

  52. This movie is going to make $396 million thanks to a ticket girl saying
    “Sorry, Star Wars is sold out. but we still have plenty of seats available
    for Alvin and the Chipmunks 4″

  53. Is it another let’s-ruin-the-proposal-but-in-the-end-we-become-closer

  54. Why does everyone dislike this? I love the chipmunks!

  55. ‫[עוג] Alabaster Stone‬‎

    no no no I thought these were over years ago!!!! stop making this crap

  56. wow is this real?

  57. Holy shit!! why are they making this shit!!!! when is hollywood going to
    make a Book of Enoch movie!!! get back to making movies not this

  58. 1,00 dislikes

  59. This looks awful…

  60. This film will probably suck.

  61. I love how everyone is saying “this movie sucks” but i have yet to see a
    comment that says WHY they think it sucks.

  62. I thought the Chipmunks call it quits? But instead they didn’t. How much
    you wanna bet this movie is going to get bashed by all internet critics?

  63. Waittt ??? I’m lost where are the girls ??? 

  64. LOL all of you here commenting about Star Wars. I myself am not gonna watch
    this or Star Wars. BTW you guys do realize only adult geeks that play with
    lightsabers are gonna be watching this movie.

  65. ok am i the only one who’s actually excited for this?

  66. I will admit,I don’t like these movies but in surprised they made a four. 3
    didn’t sell well so I figured they would stop.
    I’m assuming a lot of kids must watch the nick cartoon then so most likely
    they will want to see this

  67. I Hope this movie bombs

  68. Wow you all must be super tough and intelligent! Hating on a children’s
    movie. Wow your so original! Maybe the movie was meant for young kids? Who
    don’t care about plot details and other shit? Oh it is!

  69. Piece of Shit die already DO IT

  70. All of you idiots need to stop hating, this movie is meant for kids okay?
    It’s what kids enjoy, I mean im a chipmunk fan myself and im 15?Nobody is
    ever too old for anything. Leave all the hate comments to yourself idiots.

  71. Baby Keira_Beauty Lovie

    Awww they’re back!!! Okay ik they were back 1 yr ago with a new movie…xD


  72. Chris the Shitposter


  73. Get out Alvin. Charlie Brown is here to take the reboot throne!

  74. The scream queens police is the police hahahaahahahah

  75. Late Night Movie Reviews (Gus Arnold)

    I thought Star Wars was going to be mediocre at the box office but after
    seeing this its going to completely fail! #AlvinIsBetterThanLuke

  76. can’t wait to see this movie. but where’s the chipettes

  77. That Channel With No Videos

    Sees trailer for this movie before another movie in the theater.

    Passes out in chair.

  78. where’s the girls x


  80. So where is the chippetes?


    Question 1) Is this the last one?
    Question 2) Are the chipettes minor or…
    Question 3) Why do they look younger?

  82. aslo chipmunks did 9/11

  83. Am I the only one that Actually likes Alvin and the Chipmunks?

  84. Who wanted this?

  85. why do people hate this again?

  86. every chipmunk movie ever
    2:have them sing famous songs that are relevant
    3:dumb plot
    4:focus mostly on one chipmunk over half the movie
    5:have dumb puns or jokes that are unfunny
    easy cash grab.

  87. I love of the movies can’t wait for this one anybody who hate this movie is
    a chipmuck or a loser Now comment war between haters and lovers begin in
    5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

  88. Okay, we get it, you guys don’t want the movie. Well guess what, the studio
    wants money, and chances are, this will make money. I’m only kind of
    looking forward to it. I am looking forward to see how the storyline
    progresses and I’m even looking forward to the cliche. The two things I’m
    not looking forward to is the negativity and the new animation. However
    subtle, it is there and I don’t like it. They tried to make it modernize an
    already modern animation thereby making it unfortunately less realistic.

  89. This, or Star Wars?This steaming pile of crap, or Star Wars?Tricky

  90. I’d rather see this than star wars I honestly don’t see why there’s so much

  91. Why are there so many haters, if you dont want to watch it why come and
    dislike it? Just continue doing what you like and please stop acting like a
    little kid that got a toy he/she didnt like for her/his birthday. Because
    grown up people should understand that if you dont like something dont make
    others feel bad that they like it!


  92. Kids are the future of the world, it’s our job too raise them right so the
    world stay together. we need to show them movies that they can learn good
    messages from, Not a movie with Twerking, poop/fart jokes. whoever thought
    that this was a good idea, needs to find a new hobbie.

  93. All of u haters r just jealous because u didn’t come up with THE CHIPMUNKS
    and they r awesome! Plus u all don’t have the money that Ross has. LOL!

  94. The sequel nobody asked for :)

  95. Every fking movie you hate guys wtf just move on if you want to watch it
    then dont its not forcing you to do it like maaan. Watch star wars then.
    Geez this movie are made for kids…

  96. I don’t care what people say I’d see this over Star Wars anyway XD

  97. why is people complaining about to much of Alvin movies there not for
    adults there for kids NOT ADULTS!. …damn ?

  98. wait, aren’t the chipettes supposed to show up in this movie??? where are

  99. am I the only guy that’s going to see star wars instead of this bullshit

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