American Hero Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Stephen Dorff Movie HD

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Melvin, a reluctant Superhero, lives only for crime, women and drugs – until he realises that the only way he will ever get to see his estranged son is to go straight and fulfil his potential as a crime fighter.


  1. Hancock meets Chronicle with a Cheech and Chong vibe

  2. are you sure this isn’t Birdman: Part II?

  3. So ….. I guess that chronicle guy grew up

  4. white hancock ?

  5. TBH The CIA would have had this guy taken for research.

  6. Robert Stechertas (R0B3RT)

    Blade 1998?:DA

  7. Almighty Bruce + Hancock + Chronicle

  8. I’m just going to wait for the reviews on this one:/

  9. They made a white Hancock. Why can’t they just make Hancock 2?

  10. I don’t understand how you could miss that jump there in the beginning.

  11. Παραθυρόφιλοι

    man that looks really bad. another 1000$ movie

  12. So pretty much he is a bender. But he can bend all elemnts

  13. Hate when they use thoose kind of camera angles!

  14. This is what happens when Blade kicks your ass, and you cannot become La

  15. I feel like RocketJump could have made this movie.

  16. Looks like a chronicle rip off. Bullshit found footage style aswell.

  17. Hancock…we need Hancock

  18. What is this super heroes name? I heard Melvin.. Cuz that’s my name too!

  19. Kinda reminds me of Saitama from One Punch Man.

  20. Chronicles meets Hancock.

  21. Whats the name of the first song?

  22. Kinda like hancock :/

  23. “He HAD so much to offer the world” ? I take it he dies at the end of the

  24. i wouldnt go that far :D

  25. Does he use his powers to jerk off? ?

  26. Americans hero so will he go to iraq and start killing innocent people ?

  27. a movie is so much better when the cast is diverse.

  28. those tits. mmmmmm

  29. Anthony Clay (Steel Accord)

    So . . . Hancock with a less charming asshole lead?

  30. when is this coming out

  31. I think the protagonist will die in this movie in the end. Too common.

  32. Look like my last week holiday

  33. So…basically it’s White Hancock

  34. this inspires me to be an idiot

  35. this is somewhat original. despite the fact that chronicles and handcoock
    already happened.

  36. new hancock

  37. The White Cock…

    Another asshole.

  38. it’s chronicle all over again ?

  39. “well we took the same decent concept and fucked it with hichcock so we’re
    gonna try again” the movie.

  40. this looks maybe good maybe a cult following hard to tell.

  41. The White Hancock.

  42. This is what DRUGS can do, imagining you have a supper powers with a black
    professor X as a sidekick

  43. A low budget cool movie

  44. white hancock

  45. what the hell! you like this and hate gods of egypt? who is racist now?

  46. Hanckook is white!!!!!

  47. If I had that power I would be president of the Earth

  48. looks good, but they’re making it overly-obvious that they’re using the
    ‘white guy is saving black people’ cliche.

  49. For the love of god, not jerking off.

  50. I like it because it is a bit different from the super hero movies coming

  51. eh looks fun

  52. basically white Hancock

  53. So… Why the hell doesn’t he pick him self up and fly.

  54. Hancock meets… a less talented actor

  55. if eddie griffin doesnt teach this guy the crazy eyes,the movie its gonna

  56. is it suppose to be a remake of “Push”….I love that movie

  57. The ‘Chronicle’ And ‘Hancock’ references are clear and everybody is gonna
    say so (I haven’t read any comments…tell me I’m wrong).
    But there is straight up a scene in which the titular, average Joe Schmo
    with beyond average abilities, exercising his powers in a junk-yard…oh
    and its shot found-footage.
    I mean come on, At least try to creatively hide the unoriginality! 

  58. Chronicles 2?

  59. 1:48 what a beautiful car

  60. This guy is born as jedi!

  61. Trevor Philips with powers

  62. I can do that.

  63. 1:56
    Is he breaking the 4th wall?

  64. Dam this looks awesome

  65. This IS gonna be fun.

  66. Shit this was filmed in New Orleans, where the hell was I?

  67. X-Men in the hood

  68. If one more person posts a comment about Hancock. I’m gonna shove a cock up
    their ass.

  69. the white Hancock

  70. what’s the matter, Obama time is passing away, can’t shoot Hancock ‘s

  71. can somone tell me is this different from hancok

  72. Does anything else think this guy looks like Trevor Phillips

  73. “Some mutha fuckas always trying to ice skate uphill”….

  74. hancock???

  75. He’s a vampire

  76. Use the force man . . . and Tiger Style $@#/”!

  77. This is a Hero?
    Or is this a glorified villain?

    If you notice, hollywood does not show real hero’s anymore. They are a
    little darker in spirit, a little more void of good values, and this is
    what we are suppose to look up to,–a half Phucked up man.

    That—is not a Hero.

    We need good hero’s

    Cartoons in the 60’s and 70’s had better Hero’s, and all the real American
    Hero’s (like people with skill and dreams, starting industries of
    opportunity), are all dead.

    Do you want a half phucked future, or real Hero’s to look up to?

    Man is great if we want to be,.–why taint man with darkness and poor

  78. LiberianGirl AmericanWorld

    so he’s white trash hancock?

  79. This is America in like a decade or so…does nobody get Hollywood and
    their sick sense of humor?

  80. trailer trash Hancock

  81. well not even blue ray okay guess

  82. Christian Stalling


  83. Believe it or not, I’m walking on air.

  84. That’s looks good.

  85. Blu E-Cigs apparently gives you super powers.

  86. I’m not even that excited about this movie and can say it STILL looks way
    better than Batman v Superman (which had this in the suggested videos tab).

  87. Eh. Looks like Trevor from GTA 5 got super powers…

  88. When does this come out?

  89. Suddenly everybody is a Superhero…

  90. Lucas Roman Business

    Earl Hickey reborn

  91. Hancock B version…

  92. If he can move objects with his mind, why does he need to swing his arm

  93. New Orleans huh? I love nola…

  94. He has a lot of black friends.

  95. that white T is dirt proof

  96. White trash Hancock with Chronicle powers?

  97. I’ve been thinking on stopping jerking off…nonono dont go that

  98. white folks version of hancock. lol

  99. So Deacon Frost becomes a superhero? ….seems legit

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