Anesthesia Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Kristen Stewart, Corey Stoll Movie HD

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Multiple lives intersect in the aftermath of the violent mugging of a Columbia University philosophy professor.


  1. first view

  2. Kristens meaningless facial impressions

  3. check my channel please!! please or you will lose your dick!

  4. Oh look it’s Kristen Stewart pulling exactly the same smirk and nodding in
    exactly the same way and delivering her lines in exactly the same
    monotonous way that she ALWAYS DOES

  5. Kristen Stewart is the most talented actress in hollywood today. I think
    she might even be prettier than Emma Watson.


  7. When she said “Inhuman” all I could think about was AoS.

  8. Alex in bottiglia Mero

    where is Julianne Moore?

  9. I misread the title for a second, and thought this was a trailer for a live
    action version of Anastasia Lol

  10. lucifer cerverus krianka

    Omfg cjalky white from broardwalk empire

  11. Floyd “Money” Mayweather

    I tend to hate on Kristen Bell, but always find myself watching her movies.

  12. no matter what everybody says Kristen is an amazing actress.

  13. this looks like an indie movie

  14. I just came to see endless blank expressions and thanks to Kirstin Stuart I
    am now satisfied.

  15. looks like shit, just being honest.

  16. Whats the music?

  17. o my god,sam waterston is very old here

  18. Hipster bullshit

  19. I see you valentine’s day and New years eve, you may not be filled to the
    brim with celebrities; but you can’t hide from me.

  20. requiem for a dream. the remake.

  21. Look like a good film

  22. Music, please

  23. Holy Mackerel the Third

    I love Corey in the House, so glad they’re making a movie

  24. Looks shit but yaay Tom Rosenthal.

  25. Looks like shit..

  26. anyone know the song played?

  27. Ugh I hate her

  28. The world hasn’t become inhuman; it’s never been so human. Human Nature
    pushes us to fight each other. We are conflict and we thrive in wars. We
    advanced because we are competitve cratures, because we want power. But
    some of us fight their impulses, their nature. We all have that little
    voice inside that speaks our deepest desires; those desires aren’t always

  29. Artistic_but_Random

    I swear Kristen Stewart has a problem. Like, this is ridiculous. Is it
    botox? She literally CANNOT move her lips more than a few centimeters! the
    rest of her face is dead still. she needs to get that checked. It seems
    like she really tries to act, but her face just betrays her. ?

  30. well … you gotta give it to her. This role of a madly depressed person
    suits her overly depressed facial expression . SO win win

  31. Looks interesting… I’ll watch it for Kristen haven’t seen her in anything
    in a while.

  32. waste of time tbh

  33. Hold up, let me get my peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream.

  34. I am the only one who is kind of lost?

  35. So it’s Crash/ Men, Women and Children 2.0?


  36. Here we see Kristen Stewart in an attempt to her revive her acting career
    by acting emotionless in a pseudo-intellectual “thought-provoking” liberal
    drama piece. NEXT.

  37. song????

  38. Better love story than twilight

  39. ahmed alyousef gaming channel

    This movie is gona make me cry when i watch it

  40. “Wow, this looks so goo–*kristen stewart shows up*–oddammit…”

  41. shes probly bangin the director again

  42. Wuts next a movie called asthma?

  43. She probably sucked the director’s cock for this depressing drivel.

  44. That’s funny, something that puts me to sleep is exactly what I think of
    when I think of Kristen Stewart’s acting

  45. She’s a great actress, but this movie looks like a flop.

  46. #oscarbait

  47. This looks boring

  48. With so many talented people in this movie why is Kristen Stewart featured
    in the title of the trailer? That’s like having a trailer for “Godfather”
    starring Sofia Coppola

  49. Once again, I have no idea what the plot to this movie is. As far as I can
    tell, it’s 90 minutes of pontificating to elevator music.

  50. Haunting music by Tom Rosenthal!

  51. It´s a movie about people after watching the Twilight movies

  52. come visit my channel and hear my voice :)

  53. Every question I have about humanity right in one trailer. I’d prefer
    anything other than to be human, the definition of human has changed so
    much from its original meaning to me. I crave human Interaction, but some
    people are horrible and is makes me dislike existing at all.

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