ANTI-SOCIAL (Meghan Markle Movie, 2017) – TRAILER

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‘Anti-Social: Special Edition’ is a fictional story inspired by three highly publicized real-life crimes; the Graff’s Diamond robbery in 2009, the Selfridges Burka robbery in 2013, and the Brent-Cross smash and grab robbery in 2012, with original music by Drew McConnell and Adam Faulkner (Babyshambles), Itch (The King Blues), and Shara Nelson (Massive Attack). Central London: As graffiti-artist Dee (Greg Sulkin, Faking It) and fashion-model Kirsten (Meghan Markle, Suits) embark on a whirlwind romance, his brother, Smash-and-Grab diamond thief Marcus (Josh Myers, Legend), rides high as an underworld ‘face’ on a wave of dare-devil armed-robberies. But while Dee finds a new way of life with Kirsten away from the grit of the street, Marcus makes a move into the lucrative London drugs-rackets and ignites a gangland war resulting in multiple murder and ultra-violence. Ruthlessly hunted by rival criminal Leon (Junior ‘Skepta’ Adenuga), Marcus turns to his underworld mentor for help and is offered the biggest score of his life – a high-risk West End heist which will bring Dee and Kirsten’s world crashing down…

A Movie directed by Reg Traviss
Release Date : January 2, 2017
Genre : Thriller

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