AQUAMAN Extended Trailer (NEW 2018)

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  1. Nice I like it

  2. Dura viene esa

  3. Hermosos, simplemente hermoso 🎉🎉

  4. Watching now , Nice movie .

  5. I wonder if he accepts the mantle?

  6. Looks fucken awesome


    In my life time…. I never seen anything like this…… That’s called “awesome”…. this December this movie blow our mind…… yayooooo…..

  8. Happy to see something so close to the Marvel movies! Thanks.

  9. Ohh cm oooon,2 much spoilers…

  10. Shout out to Fifth Element, if you caught it!

  11. Has DC finally delivered??

  12. excelente.

  13. Joemalian Juggalo R,R


  14. I’m not complaing but Milo Thucher did it first.

  15. People complaining about how much spoilers are in here. WTF are you talking about?

  16. He sums it up perfectly! Something, something, trident )) I guess that’s a script

  17. looks better than wonder woman.

  18. 05:04

    ME: A Go…
    Movie: A HERO….
    ME: .____.

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