ARTEMIS FOWL Trailer TEASER (2019) New Disney Movie

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  1. بيتي حياتي انا ومراتي


  2. That boy looks like Lucius

  3. first thing comes to mind is men in black (MIB)

  4. 1:08 wtf is she doing this doesn’t look like a dance movie or a disney princes movie all that movement is unnecessary in factcnn it ruins the entire scene.

  5. I’m hype because radiohead is in it

  6. Lol soooo late at night

  7. I’ve been wanting an Artemis Fowl movie for years, so don’t let me down Disney!

  8. Petros Stogiannopoulos

    “the book was better”

  9. look like a flop, they read books?

  10. I really all these book but to see they making a movie yessss thank god

  11. hopefully they don’t mess it up as much as there other movies recently

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