ATOMIC BLONDE Official TRAILER # 2 (Charlize Theron, 2017)

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A Movie directed by David Leitch
Cast : Sofia Boutella, Charlize Theron, James McAvoy
Release Date : 28 July 2017
Genre : Action
© 2017 – UniPictures


  1. Nice movie

  2. This looks so dumb

  3. the music makes it 10 times cooler

  4. action pack killer

  5. Eeoh! Charlize martial arts movements are correctly choreographed. She’s moving like a shaolin priest a praying mantis. She throws her light weight body foward with speed to generate ‘power but in precise ‘kata style which makes her very effective in fuckin up a mutha fucka. Sabout time my precious tall lanky sweet pussy Charlize ! Time to continue from that last ‘mad max movie to make some more master pieces and some serious ‘dough$$ whoe

  6. this john wick female version?

  7. I only wish they would make a movie where she teams up with John Wick,that would be soooo Awesome !

  8. Christian Vazquez

    this looks really fuckung good!!!

  9. What is the name of the three songs

  10. Why the fuck they changed the hilary duff s song into a male version what a shit

  11. There is Rule 63 of it. No exceptions. “John Wick’s Mommy”. Coming soon.

  12. Another “lucy” style movie

  13. what is the name of the first song?

  14. They just had to put kayne song in here

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