AVENGERS 4 ENDGAME Trailer (Superbowl 2019) New Marvel Movie HD

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  1. This is from 15 minutes in

  2. 15 minutos tarde Marvel lo subió primero dislike

  3. I’m on my bike when this notification came out, then I’d stop just to watch this.

  4. I SAW it

  5. Anyone else actually not watching the Superbowl?

  6. oh my gggggggoooooooooodddddddddd!😭

  7. Holy Jizzballs!!!!!

  8. Amazing

  9. Cap with it’s original shield back is so amazing because I’m one of those who’s looking forward to see him again with it and face Thanos. Can’t wait to see Endgame!!!

  10. This is probably gonna be the biggest hyped up MCU movie yet

  11. Holy. Cow. 👼🐄

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