AVENGERS Infinity War 4K Trailer # 2

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AVENGERS 3 Infinity War Trailer ✩ Superhero Marvel Movie HD
© 2018 – ✩ Marvel

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  1. Awesome trailer….cant wait…

  2. Wow -fantastic excited to watch

  3. uuuu 4K GOODNEESSSS

  4. i am so hyped for this also dat ending daymn Cap is strong AF!!!!

  5. awesome trailer , but man Marvel should really work on Thanos’s Shitty CGI

  6. Here before 1 Mili views

  7. sucks !

  8. I’m hoping for a “no shit Sherlock” quote with Iron Man and Dr Strange present in the scene

  9. I’m just pissed off mistress death is not a include in this movie

  10. 4K is beautifull 😱

  11. Oooo shhhiiitttttttttttttt

  12. How did cap manage to hold thanos like that?

  13. This trailer was better than the whole Justice League movie.

  14. Forsaken Predator

    stop advertising your videos as 4k when they are only 1440p

  15. Forsaken Predator

    also the audio is messed up

  16. Я мужчина

    лайк если ты из России! )

  17. Oh no! Rick Harrison is coming and he wants his Pawn Shop back!!!

  18. Iam looking for HULK….

  19. soooo thor knows hes powers without the hammer now =D

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