Back in the Day Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Alec Baldwin, Danny Glover Drama HD

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A young boxer is taken under the wing of a mob boss after his Mother dies and his Father is run out of town for being an abusive alcoholic.


  1. Albert “Yourbigpalal83” Kramer

    ok..brooklyn rocky im guessing…seen it, in Rocky (6 times) and Creed..

  2. oh look a creed cash grab

  3. Pass

  4. Juan Diego Del Pozo Maruri

    Is this going to be released straight to VHS?

  5. looked good, till mike Tyson showed up.

  6. looks alright

  7. this looks like a student film that’s been uploaded to youtube

  8. Back in the day they released movies that actually were decent.

  9. Last time I was this early, I was a baby

  10. Enrique DE LA torre

    looks like Mario Lopez if he was a man of course. but we all know Mario
    Lopez is a lesbian dress as a guy.

  11. Is it even a movie ? Looks like a Jimmy Kimmel parody sketch

  12. ever since tyson won an oscar, his choices in films have been bad!

  13. Is Alec Baldwin seriously playing an Italian man? Doesn’t sound very

  14. I honestly was expected a church choir singing and a preacher consulting
    the main character. I thought it was one of those films

  15. I just saw Tyson! Where’s Ip Man?

  16. ObvDull Jaliyl Beig

    yeah ends with success. bleh

  17. okay too much boxing movies

  18. Just in case the stiffness of the main character’s boxing ability, didn’t
    put you off, they gave said main character an endorsement, from a convicted

  19. Doesn’t look that bad.. I think the budget, wasn’t that great, but the
    story looks descent..

  20. @Pamaj @FaZeSpratt I challenge pamaj and spratt. To a 2v1 my DM is open if
    you accept

  21. looks horrendous and the actor cant box

  22. my grandma can hit the bag more harder than him

  23. So like Rocky…

    That’s it

  24. Wow. Creed 2 looks good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Mr white

  26. David Lester-Tome

    when did Alec Baldwin turn into wax and start melting…

  27. jesus this looks so cheap

  28. I low key thought this was another Rocky Movie

  29. wtf is this garbage

  30. This looks so bad that it seems like a parody.

  31. 0:09 the hood on that dodge challenger isn’t closed properly

  32. Rock Balboa is back

  33. Kinda looks similar to the Gladiator boxing movie.

  34. Why so many boxing movies tho

  35. Fresh HD Movies Coming


  36. I thought this was a movie about Rich piano. Back in the day lesson learned

  37. Wow this looks terrrrrrrrible.

  38. …

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