Back in Time Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Back to the Future Documentary HD

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Cast, crew, and fans explore the classic time-travel trilogy’s resonance throughout our culture 30 years after Marty went Back in Time.


  1. First

  2. 2015 and still no floating skateboards/flying cars.

  3. I swear I thought this was Back to the Future Pt 4

  4. Why does Michael J. Fox make the best milk shakes ever?

    He uses quality ingredients

  5. Why is universal studios trying to reboot back to the future?!? WHY!? Back
    to the future should not be rebooted/remade

  6. Back to future trilogy, the only trilogy I can watch multiple times.

  7. Whoa! This is heavy!

  8. The best time travel movie ever made!

  9. Just another reason we had the BEST years of pop culture and media.

  10. Marty has not aged well

  11. Back to the Future and Star Wars are my most favourite franchises!

  12. Is Michael J Fox on meth?

    Stop rocking back and forth, spazoid.

  13. Somebody Help Me what’s that song at the end??

  14. I watched Back to the Future in the cinema when I was 10 years old, pure


  16. Such a shame that michael j fox developed parkinson’s disease :(


  18. there are a handful of immortal movies, movies that can’t be remade, or
    reinterpreted, because they don’t need to be, they will be watched long
    after you and I have turned to dust. Back to the Future is one of them.

  19. Who’s crying I’m not crying not me

  20. My all time favorite film trilogy. Lord of the Rings is awesome, but the
    Battle of Helm’s Deep’s got nothing on the climax to the first film in
    terms of suspense.

  21. There is no reason to be proud of. Too many logical and scientific

  22. Is the guy who played Biff there?

  23. This is 2015! But where the hell is hoverboard, fly cars, Pepsi perfect
    bottle, jaws 19 and Dehydrated pizzas?

    Real life is nike shoes and Jacket only.

  24. Is it only me or do Michael J Fox Moving alot when get interview?? :O

  25. Looks great fun. One question, MJF says Princess Anne, and you showing
    shots of Diana. Where they both there – or is it a Princess mixup?

  26. This film has not aged at all… the effects look better than most modern
    films and the writing has never been beaten.

  27. Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure is better

  28. IMHO, this is the greatest movie of all time and I saw it as a kid in 1985.
    No one can take that memory away.

  29. I’ve heard rumours, and I don’t know if they are true or not, that they did
    consider making a fourth movie, after the end of the trilogy. But the sad
    diagnosis of Michael J Fox put paid to that.

    On the plus side, the game did give us a look at what a possible fourth
    movie would have become-and Michael J Fox cameoed in it, while Christopher
    Lloyd returned as Doc. :)

  30. God I’m old(er). . . This is my generations movie (well, maybe
    “Sixteen-candles” or “Terminator” or “Aliens 2”. . hmm. . . Now i’m

  31. Ca fait mal au coeur de voir MIchael J Fox avec sa sale maladie :-(

  32. I know what I’m doing this weekend

  33. I’m being Marty Mcfly for Halloween!

  34. fuckin’ asshole got poor innocent larry david thrown out of the

  35. Well now it’s considered Back to the past.

  36. Best trilogy you will ever watch…. this is one of three films that when
    finished… you can just restart…?

  37. M.J.FOX looks like Michael in GTA 5 thumps up if u agree……..

  38. Very Good

  39. Love it

  40. Sword control now

  41. love Michel j fox

  42. Максим Стовбуров

    Я хочу знать одно, когда он будет?

  43. I saw this documentary/retrospect, call it what you will; and I was amazed
    at how this one movie has brought so many people together, crossed so many
    boundaries and generations.

    If you have Netflix, give it a look and you will see how many lives it has
    touched and changed. You will not be disappointed

  44. Still dream of the Delorean, but a decent one costs double of a decent
    family car.

  45. ZombiezInWonderland

    When is this documentary released?

  46. Grew up with all the movies. Such great entertainment!

  47. dovrebbero realizzare ritorno al futuro o al passato 4 .molti desiderano
    che si faccia un nuovo film su questa favolosa saga .

    stavolta potrebbero ambientarlo nel giurassico oppure nel futuro più
    prossimo .

  48. Just fyi everyone….this documentary, if you could call it that, sucked
    balls. The first 25 minutes are great. Past that, boy did they drop the

  49. i pretty much would love to have a good phone call with Michael j fox but i
    would probably end up in tears from laughter or how evil life can be
    sometimes. Still it would be AMAZING to actually talk to him someday.

  50. simple – classic!

  51. I wish part 4 was really coming soon

  52. I want to time travel back to the 80’s.

  53. I saw this in the movie theatres when it opened in the 80’s and I instantly
    loved it.

  54. The horrible story of a man that was forced to connect his youtube account to google+

    Can we all agree that the first ever real hover car must be a Delorean 😀
    The plane-car hybrids that exists now doesn’t count!

  55. Michael J Fox is good at doing the snake dance move

  56. I can’t help but get overly excited and nostalgic. Endorphins override!!

  57. Swag deloreans


  59. I don’t want this, I want back to the future part 4!!!!!!!!

  60. “it defines the taste of buttered popcorn”

  61. love this movie, brings back my childhood and leaves a smile on my face

  62. Wow, seems like everywhere you turn there’s Back To The Future, at the
    Do I smell the turdy whiff of a stinky reboot on the farty horizon?

  63. Who else is watching this while watching one of the movies?
    Just me okay…

  64. are they guys make ing another Back to the Future movie

  65. The best movie ever made…….

  66. I love he is so awesome and I love doc

  67. Directed by Jason Aaron? The graphic novelist? I’m asking seriously.

  68. time cop’ was better’

  69. I saw that car 2 years ago and we started to yell mom look at the car we
    were not quick enough to take a picture exactly the same one great scotts

  70. Here’s a documentary I’m looking forward to! The next best thing to “Back
    to the Future 4″… This is one legendary piece of cinema and it’s behind
    the scenes story is more than deserving of such a telling

  71. viva mainkra :V

  72. jabman….I totally agree…..well said!!

  73. i lost it when, you fall in love with your mother lol

  74. I like MJF he’s a fantastic actor

  75. Release Date for this documentary??? And will this be in theaters?

  76. This was a great Doc (documentary, see what I did there?) I saw it the day
    it premiered on Netflix, and it was amazing

  77. “I’m a fake yawn and an armstretch away from being on a date with the
    Princess of Wales” OK. I love Michael J. Fox :)

  78. Bob Gale what a scum bag

  79. Just watched this today, i had tears in my eyes for the most part . . .

  80. You know that are future may hold a time machine car like the dalorean .

  81. I feel sad for him now…Wish you the best.

  82. today is 2015 nov.4, im so excited to watch part 4. where can i find it?is
    there really have? part 4, please,,,,,,,,,,,

  83. if there actually was a part 4 I would imagine it to be, and older version,
    seeing there was something wrong with the future they went to and having to
    find a way to fix it so that its the actual modern day. but then they have
    to fi.d out why the futere was they way it was.

    that would be pretty cool

  84. this looks great but honestly about twenty people spoke and only one of
    them was a woman.

  85. Hi, Bravo! sign mourn What’s happening, guys. 1!

  86. yeah it is sad mjf is awesome and made me pretty sick to get excited about
    a new one and seen that puke vine sucking diesel

  87. Светлана Караптан

    отличный фильм))

  88. please make part 4 of this immortal movie please

  89. what’s that acustic johnny b goode

  90. Why not a 4th one? I am very sure, if all the characters are original, the
    voices in other languages are the same…then they will give us such a
    great and awesome story, which would blow us out of space!

  91. flying cars oh god better have house insurence

  92. I love how Huey Lewis says “They picked the right” song.. right as they
    play “Power of Love” to the words “Back in Time”…

  93. Seems like Crispin Glover isn’t a part of this. Guess it’s hard to let go
    of the past.

  94. Taci ba ca ma joc !

    this movie is and will for ever be the best time travel movie !

  95. I demand to see this movie now!

  96. <3 great ! i love this :)))

  97. Gotta love MJF

  98. DeadMoNeyProductions BP

    I’m surprised Michael j fox never grew after the film….he was stuck at

  99. why am i only hearing about this now? This is a heavy moment for me.

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