Barbershop: The Next Cut Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Ice Cube, Nicki Minaj Comedy HD

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It’s been more than 10 years since our last appointment at Calvin’s Barbershop. Calvin (Ice Cube) and his longtime crew, including Eddie (Cedric the Entertainer), are still there, but the shop has undergone some major changes. Most noticeably, our once male-dominated sanctuary is now co-ed. The ladies bring their own flavor, drama and gossip to the shop challenging the fellas at every turn. Despite the good times and camaraderie within the shop, the surrounding community has taken a turn for the worse, forcing Calvin and our crew to come together to not only save the shop, but their neighborhood.


  1. i’m waaaaay too white for this movie

  2. My eyes ain’t working I can’t see white only black lol

  3. Is this really a comedy?

  4. ugh, looks like I’ll have to watch this to impress and fit in with my black

  5. عندهم السبكي زيينا

  6. Will make a minimum of 75 million, black people will see this in droves
    because it stars black people.

  7. This looks too cringey for me

  8. Is it about whores? I see Nicki ,that’s why

  9. These white comments are funny as hell ???

  10. Youtubers Lyric Videos

    Who else is only watching this movie for nicki?

  11. After watching the first 15 seconds of this trailer, I knew this movie is a
    lie. I never seen a Black neighborhood that clean.

  12. Nicki can’t act for shit

  13. where’s Michael Ealy? :(

  14. I guess I should complain that there are like no white people in this
    movie. Except I won’t. Because I’m not a racist
    I’m white btw

  15. So much negrosity.

  16. The internet just makes me sad man. A movie with a black cast. Lets just
    keep making race jokes over and over again. I’m not even offended. I’m too
    tired of it to be offended. It’s just really corny at this point. Lets do
    the most obvious shit because it will make people angry or get me likes.
    That’s the world we live in.

    I’ve been a huge fan of this series. So, I will be checking this out. These
    are comedies with a positive message underneath but not in a bad way. It’s
    also nice to have movies with black casts that show a diverse array of
    personalities. Mix up the personalities and viewpoints and let the comedy
    spring from that. I think a lot fans will be angry if Ricky doesn’t show up
    at all. People love Ealy in these movies. And this should be a no brainer
    for studios. It will make back at least five times it’s budget since it
    wont cost a lot to make.

  17. Niki minaj ruining movies, god damn it stick to that bullshit music

  18. Where’s Michael Ealy? Aka Ricky. It doesn’t seem as funny … Queen Latifah
    would of been better than Nicki.

  19. David Herrera Manterola

    If I watch this movie, it’s going to be racist… If I DON’T watch it, I’ts
    going to be racist anyway.

  20. Jeezus how many times are they gonna reboot planet of the apes??

  21. wasn’t anthony Anderson bad in the first one?

  22. Yo why are the comments filled with so much racism!? Like black videos to
    whites is like a moth to a flame, y’all can’t stay away!

  23. Where’s the guns and drugs at ?

  24. Why do they keep laughing?

  25. Im Mexican, born and raised in SW Detroit. Can I watch this? Lol

  26. All these crackers in the comment section man. Arent yall suppose to be
    shooting up schools and your parents?

  27. Niggers

  28. “Whats up black folks ya’ll ready for some ghetto grub!”
    This is what the rich & famous version of black people keep feeding to
    repress their own people. Ghetto Grub for the mind. PASS.

  29. Watching because Nicki Minaj…s Boobs

  30. How nice… another american bullshit comedy : )

  31. lets be honest we are here for nicki

  32. If you make a Friday put Kevin Hart in the mix

  33. Another African-American feel good movie -__-
    Haven’t we had enough!

  34. black people are always dangerous =-O

  35. black people are not funny

  36. Nicki talentless minaj…..avoid, all black cast….avoid

  37. that light skin dude I only see him on ice cube movies

  38. Who’d have thought Ice Cube used to be in NWA…

  39. Stop putting shitty musicians and unknown comedians in legendary trilogys.

  40. Based on 2015, the outcome of the haircuts will be so important to the
    customers reputation

  41. Ugh Tyga in this,
    I hope he gets shot in this one like he did
    in the movie “Dope”

  42. This looks so terrible.

  43. damn why are the comments filled with motherfuckers that have problems with
    black people?

  44. black people barely have hair, why they go to barber often

  45. 0:31 I fall off my chair
    OMG .. I laughed so harD

  46. how ice cube went from a rapper to an actor for family movies.. i just dont

  47. Do they ever stop laughing? Like ever?

  48. Song name ?? please guys

  49. Nicki minaj?
    Ah never mind
    I dont Even want to watch it in the first place.

  50. This movie looks good. Not bad at all. You can’t help but scream racist
    with opposers, even within the black community. When this movie literally
    has a great formula. But hey, to each their own. But I’ll be buying a

  51. I don’t want to watch it because Nicki is in it

  52. they should’ve stopped after the second one lol

  53. “You’re favorite crew is back” I read “black”… Does that make me a bad
    person? I thought it was a pun

  54. Pink people hate every time?????????

  55. This movie is gonna be dooooopeeee???

  56. i just want to see the movie because Nicki is in it

  57. So You telling me there is a new black movie coming out without Kevin
    Hart???….it’s about time

  58. Nicki Minaj acts better than the majority of Hollywood actresses. She is
    born to be actress. As Beyonce says – Nicki ? carry on )))))))))))))))

  59. Jérémy Masson Tremblay


  60. butterscotchpudding78 26625bb

    i honestly feel like Nicki Minaj has potential to be an actress just not in
    the comedy genre Maybe insperational drama ? even so i respect her for
    going after her dream dispite all the hate

  61. i thouht tyga and nicki had beef?

  62. why Nicki minaj???

  63. It’s weird; I’ve never heard Tyga’s voice until this trailer lol

    And in addition, Nicki Minaj looks so cute when she’s smiling e_e

  64. White people annoy the shit out of me, it’s like their obsess with black
    people. Any video that has black people in it, these pale roaches will find
    a way to leave racist comments. Why do they obsess over black people so
    much? Seriously it’s like they secretly love us and hate us at the same
    time. Their like pests. Seriously they are too obsess. Only white people
    would spend hours looking up black videos and leaving hate comments or
    dedicating their life in making hate pages or videos about black people.
    These white motherfuckers are some serious weirdos. They freak me out. How
    could they be so obsessive with hating us.

  65. Nicki Minaj and Tyga in the same movie?

  66. fake ass barbers n shit!!!

  67. Damn! This movie back in the day! The first one was very funny. God time
    flies by!

  68. AustralianManga Pickups

    how too ruin a movie…. put nicki minaj in it

  69. All these hate comments on Nicki. I wonder what’s yall job preferences.

  70. there is a lot of black-washing , racist niggers

  71. Tyga… with Common and Nicki Minaj… is this a bad Hip Hop song, where’s

  72. I can only speak for the first Barbershop cause I haven’t seen any of the
    sequels but the first was hilarious.

  73. And we still can’t get another Friday?

  74. L
    o /
    – Tyga

  75. nicki minaj yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssss

  76. I mix I can handle this all the way .. If you mix with bck comment or like

  77. You mean to tell me that Barbershop got a sequel and that it needed another
    one?I heard this is the 3rd one…

  78. woooo, all the good niggas together in one fi, its like the expendables for
    comedy and niggas

  79. People in this comment section
    1. This is racist
    2 . Nicki can’t act
    3 . This movie looks boring

  80. Omg nicki!!!

  81. Can’t waittt to see myy queenn ??

  82. cube workin with common on this. that’s dope those two been been through
    some shit together.

  83. Nothing Was The Same.

  84. 0:37 If u know what i mean
    (hmmmm …hmmm the TWERK)

  85. Redd from bgc12 is suppose to be in the movie? Is that true or nah? :o

  86. another mediocre movie starring a bunch of rappers who r most likely gonna
    suck ass at acting

  87. Francisco Javier Rojas Hernández

    why are they laughing all the time? ._.

  88. Tyga in a comedy? Yep, now i’ve seen everything.

  89. Lol. Durk gon be hella mad tyga acting chiraq savage

  90. HOLLYWOOD become SHITY tHOSE days :///

  91. Tyga ruins everything… How did get into acting anyways ?

  92. ain’t no bloods and crips in chicago 1:27

  93. I still ain’t get to see this movie and it’s 2015 at 7:54

  94. Sooooo, people criticize some movies for having an all white cast, but
    black people get a free pass on this? Doesn’t make any sense. Besides, it
    looks like shit.

  95. Lightnin Tha Masta

    Black people are tired of this type of humour and white people won’t get
    the jokes I’m mixed so I’m going to watch this :)

  96. YASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is coming out on my
    birthdayyyy…Ii cannot wait for this… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)

  97. looking forward to some High Def Nicki Minaj A**

  98. No thank you.

  99. is it the 2nd or 3rd

  100. This looks like a good movie :)

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