Bare Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Diana Agron Movie HD

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A young girl in Nevada becomes romantically involved with a female drifter who introduces her to a life of stripping, drugs, and metaphysical experiences that teach her what happens when real life catches up with dark fantasy.


  1. good trailer

  2. Wow… I’ve never been this early…..

  3. Could be decent if executed well.

  4. i didn’t know there was a Thelma and Louise remake

  5. Paz de la Huerta , that means there will be nudity in this film

  6. looks good

  7. whats up with all these new lesbo movies

  8. I’ll watch it for the sake of that lesbian scene

  9. too many lesbian oriented movies coming up. cmon guys. enough is enough. we
    get the idea.

  10. please Hollywood stop making those stupid gay movies

  11. Yes, we know, men are evil and vile creatures…ffs, can we move on to
    something else soon maybe?

  12. snore fest

  13. Back

  14. oscar bait

  15. why did all movie directors suddenly started making movies about lesbian
    couples or people with identity issue…….

  16. I’ve been waiting so long to see a trailer for this movie & it’s finally
    up! 😮 I’m here for Dianna <3

  17. Diane agron have a Pokemon last name

  18. Another lesbian movie.

  19. I’m guessing that this will be R-rated because nobody wants to see two hot
    chicks get it on in a PG-13 rated film

  20. I loveeeeee Diana, britanna forever tho.

  21. lets see a nipple. and not his

  22. So this is what happened to Quinn?

  23. So this is what you get when you mix Blue Is The Warmest Color with

  24. Paz de la Huerta is atrocious

  25. Ugh, it’s Dianna, not Diana.
    And I will absolutely watch this movie! (altough I would have prefered if
    it was Lea Michele instead of Paz de la Huerta :p)

  26. So men are born gay, and women *become* gay?

  27. Looks like a chill and a could be cool movie

  28. lesbian strippers, count me in :)

  29. shit movie!!

  30. Didnt he play flash in Amazing Spiderman?

  31. what’s the song at the very end of the trailer?

  32. Damn. She looks like my ex-gf. It’s freaking me out.

  33. O.K. So what I got from this trailer is a small town girl who is miserable
    with her small town job, boyfriend, and life. She meets this woman who
    turns out to be a drug addled lesbian stripper and she becomes a drug
    addled lesbian stripper…LOL. I am sure there is a story and lesson in
    this movie.

  34. Boring, pretentious, indie bullcrap. Nothing to see here folks.

  35. plot twist: aliens attack in the third act

  36. Someone had to make this sooner or later…the boring version of showgirls.

  37. Can’t wait for this LGBT kick to die out. Hollywood is just trying way to
    hard right now…

  38. BARE mmm cute title XD

  39. Way to spell the actresses name wrong in the title… Lol

  40. Lemme guess. She plays a stripper who never gets nekkid.

  41. What’s this even about!?!?! Movies these days I swear..

  42. Looks good

  43. … those who can’t spell were expecting to see something about a grizzly.

  44. Lesbian movies…lesbian movies as far as the eye can see.

  45. well at least we’ll get to see agron stripping.

  46. so some woman finds the freedom she always craved by becomming a stripper
    and a lesbian….. seems legit

  47. What if you’re straight? Why are they so many lesbian movies nowadays,
    Jesus Christ

  48. looks super trashy.

  49. Yay Lesbians …
    Wank Wank Wank …

  50. great..another Lesbian movie

  51. cute chick from I am number four..naked..sure..!


  53. Don’t waste your money for this on cinema.

  54. just saw the trailer 30 seconds and said ” interesting” then i saw
    lesbian scenes, retard people taliking (the dark hair girl,etc.

    and thought…..WHY?

  55. I might have supported this if it didn’t also Paz de la Huerta in it. She
    is complete trash and an absolutely disgusting person. Thumbs down.

  56. Skip!

  57. “I’m from a small town and bored with no ambition so this is what white
    people do”. crap movie

  58. Looks like some indie douche bag chewed up Show Girls (which is bad enough)
    and spat this shit out!

  59. BatmanFANizationReborn

    only watching this cuz of diana agron who would actually make a great
    supergirl to henry cavill’s superman

  60. I want to watch it asap!!

  61. Why people acting like they only started making films about gay people in
    2015, lmao some people need to find bigger problems to fight against

  62. and these kinda crapy movies always get oscar. god damn dramas.

  63. Ummmm, pure crap……

  64. Menelaos Kyparissis

    Love Dianna Agron. On the other hand, Paz de la Huerta makes me want to
    throw up, so this is pretty much a toss-up.

  65. okay my inner indie aesthetic is coming out and i wanna see this. I dont
    usually like these movies im more of a horror fan but idk, this looks good

  66. anther gay movie .i prefer watch zombie or evil dead far more sexy the this

  67. o more gay stuff pleas

  68. Showgirls 2

  69. spin off of Monster

  70. Magic mike girl version?
    Two girls kissing…
    Dianna is bae btw, thats all

  71. Some how looks worse than showgirl

  72. IsFriezaABoyOrGirl

    Looks like shit to me…

  73. Don’t most people from dead end hick places who have any drive or ability,
    leave to go to college or the city? Working as a stripper seems to be dumb

  74. RapcıBaskan Siker


  75. I like

  76. Diana Agron! <3

  77. i love Paz de la Huerta she is beautiful

  78. Lesbians movie…

  79. Kind of put an emotional boring lesbian sugarcoating on what it is and is
    all about. It’s about sex and husling money based on preying on emotions
    and making sure the customers drink so they spend more. Also they keep it
    cold in the room and keep the music at a certain tempo for the same reason.
    I used to work as a bouncer.

  80. Wow!!! Can we say Jew homosexual agenda???

  81. 1. Tired of indie movies about young angst and sexual identity.

    2. We’ve already got porn if I want to see T & A.

    Moving on.

  82. I think this is a lesbian story.

  83. Davarious Jackson

    I wonder how many times this movie will cut to a shot of nice scenery with
    awkward speech or how many scenery shots we’ll get to see during a travel
    scene with repetitive acoustic guitar or indie pop. 

  84. Dianna Agron is gorgeous.

  85. What’s with all the dyke movies all of a sudden?

  86. what is the soundtrack that starts playing at 0:52?

  87. RHEEAH ( Aria Stone 2797)

    WOW…Nice to see that everyone decided to hate on a movie they haven’t
    seen yet…
    STOP acting like giant douchelords…If you don’t like the movie or
    trailer, move on. No one forced you to see it.
    Diana Agron is an actress. She’s not really Quinn Fabray people.
    This movie to me doesn’t look like another ‘explore my sexuality’ movie. It
    looks like a movie about a girl trying to find her place in the world.
    Knocking it down because of a general and stupid assumption seems
    pretentious doesn’t it?
    No Hate…Just airing my opinion like all the other jerks.

    GIVE IT A SHOT BEFORE KNOCKING IT and if you don’t want to…GO SEE OTHER

  88. At first i was like typical Lesbian shit then wait a minute this looks good
    and then again naaaah same lesbian shit

  89. wats with all these gay movies…

  90. “I’m going to take care of you I promise.”
    Really? Cause it seems most of her problems are because of you.

  91. what’s the name of the song playing in the trailer?? anyone?

  92. yes!!!!!!!!!!!! gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! yes. definitely gonna see this.

  93. horrible… lesbian bullcrap love story. just horrible. how about a movie
    about two young ladies living good lives in gods natural order and their
    rightful position in life… serving their man

  94. Sluts The Movie

  95. Disgusting. 

  96. Yup just willing objectify yourself when I’m some countries women are
    forced to be objectified. American girls . What’s new 

  97. I’m only here for dianna agron

  98. annnndd another pole gets a dancer..

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