Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Official Final Trailer (2016) – Ben Affleck Superhero Movie HD

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Fearing the actions of a god-like Super Hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’ most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it’s ever known before.


  1. Kapakulia | Minecraft Stuff

    First! :P

  2. Fantastic trailer! I really like Ben Affleck. He’s a great actor and
    phenomenal director. I’m sure he’ll kill it and silence all the haters. I
    never had a problem with his casting.

  3. spoiler alert : you already know what happens


  5. 00:31. RKO!!!

  6. I thought this was being released on Sunday? Is this a leak?

  7. BeetleJuice! BeetleJuice! BeetleJuice!

    Looks Awesome! but Gal acting is Cringe worthy

  8. This movie is not feeling my hype meter up like idk I can’t be the only
    one. Something is off about this movie.

  9. Batman v Superman: Rush to the Justice League

  10. No matter how good this movie might be, The Dark Knight trilogy will always
    be forever in my heart…

  11. Alfred looks amazing! Perfect casting

  12. How can batman win this ? I mean yes he can find kryptonite but… Its anti
    climactic so the movie will suck.

  13. They’re just determined to show the whole movie……

  14. The BATMAN WE ALL WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. some arkham knight shit at the beginning?, please be good please be good
    please be good?

  16. so what if he can match Superman’s strength? he still can’t match his spees

  17. I love the idea of using Mark Zuckerberg as the main villain. Its just so
    believable. Bravo.

  18. would you rather watch BvZ or CA3?

  19. 2:01 and it was at this moment superman new…he fucked up.

  20. #TeamBatman Or #TeamSuperman ? Comment now!

  21. If only it was Christian Bale :(

  22. somebody call 911, i think i’m having a heart attack

  23. Music was garbage. I usually hate the generic “epic” music in most movies
    but this is a step back.

  24. This looks insane!

  25. I hope they didn’t show most of the action scenes with this one (trailer).
    -Edit – Because it looks so good.

  26. Why are they showing so much of the movie and stop with the cgi action

  27. Better……but it still looks like trash

  28. The trailers for this movie have been terrible.

  29. If only the Doomsday trailer did not exist

  30. Should have released this one instead of the last trailer they released.
    Now this is some good shit

  31. I’ve known women like you….
    – I don’t think you’ve ever know women like me :)

  32. That look on Superman’s face when Batman stops his punch was the only thing
    I liked about this trailer. Rest was meh

  33. DAMN!!! that last scene was greatness!!! Superman was like “dafuq?”

  34. RIP Marvel


  36. when you have lvl 100 in blocking

  37. Oh hell nah!!! When is this movie coming out again?

  38. Stop showing more and more and more. This had me interested since the first
    trailer. It’s not necessary.

  39. So the plot is…

  40. idk who that guy is who’s playing Alfred but that British accent is shit

  41. 01:23 I thought this was pg13. oh my

  42. This is trying to hard to be the Suicide Squad trailer…

  43. Boring as hell .

  44. Best trailer yet! They should have skipped the second one :)

  45. Look at the Superman’s face when Batman can block him.I’m so hyped now!

  46. Now I realise…

    Bale’s movie was crap

  47. No offense to black history month lol but i am so fuckin happy February is
    a short month because i am so hype for this movie to drop, March can’t come
    fast enough. needless to say this final trailer is sick.

  48. did batman stop supermans punch !!!! holly shit !!!

  49. Wonder Woman is Greek?

  50. HOLY CRAP Wonder Woman actually speaks in this trailer!!!!

  51. all they need in this movie now is one punch man

  52. 1:41 oh my god oh oh oh oh …..

  53. This was AMAZING. Definitely better than the last trailer.

  54. Cosmic Nerd Studios

    that was awesome

  55. Hope!!!! I have hope in this movie again!!!! Thank the Lord, Superman and

  56. Batman Fans like the comment… Superman fans comment on this comment…
    btw an awesome and insane trailer

  57. Collin Adams-Henderson

    I know there’s a lot of proof that this will be a great movie and batman
    looks like the best we’ve seen on screen but I still have a bad feeling
    that this isn’t gonna be as great as we all think.

  58. Trailer is good,music sucks!! ?

  59. I was so stoked for tomorrow’s Deadpool movie. Now I’m totally into biased
    for this. Life is hard.

  60. The only thing I don’t like is Alfred…

    Michael Caine is irreplaceable

  61. Marvel drop a Civil War trailer with Spider-Man….or you are officially

  62. Gustavo Amaral Silva

    Finally the Batman we deserve.

  63. Did they give Batman steroids like his Dad in Earth 2? Wtf?


  65. I see bruce wayne not ben affleck he is so awsome

  66. Hermoso! O_O

  67. This trailer almost makes me optimistic.

  68. yeah we all know that wonder woman is the last person to be the voice of

  69. ThePrehistoricMaster

    0:35 – That last guy face planted so hard.

  70. Protesters from 2013 have been proven wrong.

  71. Why new dc trailer copying deadpool trailer


    oh man, this is insane!!!! take my moneyyyyyy

  73. They were talking about having these movies be more realistically….. Yeah
    I’m not saying that anymore.

  74. Can’t wait to see who’s gonna win!!

  75. As a man, I can admit that I need new underwear and that my nipples are
    rock hard now!!!

  76. This is the Batman we all deserve.

  77. what’s song name (0.41)

  78. ”last trailer” but if this is the last trailer, and it still says coming
    soon will they not bring out another trailer with the movie release date?

  79. Yeah. Seeing bat man whooping ass like that got me a lot more interested

  80. Now all the marvel fans will come with negative comments. Excepted

  81. OHHH MY GOD, that was BADASS!!! just WOW!!!!

  82. Still, Suicide Squad will be way better.

  83. looks good a bit dark better to watch with the lights off , also how batman
    block superman punch ?

  84. JOHN CENA will beat them all

  85. the batman crime fighter we all wanted

  86. Ben Affleck IS Batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no one else can do him now

  87. Leonardo F. Reyes Pabon

    I had enough with the last trailer now they show soo much of the film :-(

  88. Im Going IMAX HIGH 420

  89. so batman has power like super man lol this movie is a pure joke


  91. I had my pants on a second ago

  92. the fighting scene looks just REAL BADAAAASS. that escalated quickly

  93. spoiler alert! batman wins

  94. Where is Ben Affleck? All I see is BATMAN!

  95. Бекжан Еділ

    Because I’m Batman

  96. Seriously Now i can’t wait…..

  97. Ehhh BALE is better BATMAN

  98. That agility and speed batman showed off ?

  99. 1:54 alien invasion alien demons

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