Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Official Sneak Peek (2016) – Henry Cavill Action Movie HD

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Fearing the actions of a god-like Super Hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’ most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it’s ever known before.


  1. What’s with the weird attire, Batman?

  2. how did his dark eyeliner dissappear in the very second sup took off his

  3. I hate the fact that they bow down to Superman like if he were a god

  4. Who are the other guys chained up

  5. one punch he kills Batman the end

  6. Dzulkarnain Pangestu

    I hate Superman

  7. So first we get Civil War, and then ANOTHER BvS trailer?

    This goddamn weeks been a blessing.

  8. lol so Ben Affleck was batman the entire Time I though it was Bruce wayne

  9. And the mask comes off that easy? Batman you make it too easy!!

  10. I always thought that Batman wore Black Eyeshadow

  11. well, that escalated quickly

  12. Is spider-man going to be in this movie?!? ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)

  13. I just can’t get over how dumb the title is… Batman v Superman just
    sounds gimmicky, just call it Dawn of Justice

  14. 0:34 Superman supposed mean face is so none-threatning

  15. Arachibutyrophobia

    The batsuit looks like TRASSSHHH

  16. why am i the only one with dr strange teaser trailer ?

  17. Fight between Batman and Superman is so illogical. Superman can instantly
    kill Batman

  18. who’s excited for another Deadpool trailer?

  19. I see Batman has reinstalled his automatic makeup remover on his mask.

  20. gar funkey (garfunkey)

    I’m guessing this is a dream sequence where Batman speculates on what the
    world would be like ruled by Superman.

  21. Doesn’t superman have X-ray vision?

  22. so who is the good guy?

  23. Meanwhile at WB Studios…

    WB employee: Boss! Disney posted the Civil War trailer! What do we do?

    WB CEO: Release the sneak peak…

  24. What’s the vendetta?

  25. it’s the first time I’m actually terrified to see superman….that anger in
    his eyes !

  26. The Batman = Ben Affleck
    The Dark Knight = Christian Bale
    Batman = Kevin Conroy

  27. I’m so excited for Civil War, how about you people?

  28. superheroes against superheroes why?

  29. Why the hell is he wearing a jacket …

  30. I reckon Superman has struck an alliance with Lex Luthor (not knowing his
    true intentions) thus the personal Super Army, this has swayed Batman into
    mistrusting Superman even more, so he goes out to one of Lex’s facilities
    in search of newly discovered Kryptonite and is captured(possibly with sons
    of Batman DKR style), where they call in Superman.

  31. I doubt if its a dream sequence coz in comic con trailer you can see batman
    fighting the soldiers which is not a dream

  32. that must be the drunken evil Superman….

  33. This wants to beat the dark knight so bad

  34. So was I.

    I don’t like Superman or Aquaman. I hated Man of Steel. Zack Snyder is the
    most overrated director of all time. This movie isn’t for me.

  35. This movie will be over in like 5 minutes, Superman uses laser eyes on
    Batman and…….. BAM he’s dead.

  36. Even Superman is pissed off to find out Ben Affleck is Batman.

  37. Another superhero movie. Another white, privileged cis gender cast. Why
    can’t Batman be a person of color or a Muslim? Why can’t Superman be a
    transgender struggling with his sexual identity? I’m from Sweden and all I
    have to say is Hollywood movies seem to be stuck in the middle ages.
    Progressive productions are still few and far between unfortunately.

  38. Mohammed Ali Fazal

    Strange how they released this just after Civil War Trailer.

  39. ̲̅P̲̅r̲̅e̲̅d̲̅i̲̅i̲̅c̲̅t̲i̲̅o̲̅n̲̅z̲̅

    PG13 wtf?

  40. Happy that we finally getting a real COMIC book version of batman not like
    the others movies well last 3 where suppose to be a real life thing here in
    this movie anything goes the fact batman fighting superman the suit as in
    the comic books not some body armor. Like the tone i guess cant wait to see
    this movie the story hope doomsday comes out as well.

  41. 0:30 fear in fatman’s eyes? BS!

  42. *Superman puts on Batmans mask*
    Says: ‘I’m Batman!’

  43. I wasn’t super blown away by it or anything. It’s just Superman taking off
    Batman’s mask. But apparently this is just a piece of another trailer that
    they’re dropping on Wednesday. I think it’s way too soon for another
    trailer. Personally I’ve never cared about spoilers. They don’t effect my
    enjoyment of a movie or tv series whatsoever. Having said that, I think a
    lot of people will complain that they’re showing too much. I’ve said this
    before and I’ll say it again.It’s not a studio’s job to pander to fans who
    don’t want anything spoiled for them. Their job is to market the movie the
    most effective way they deem possible. Showing different variations of the
    same footage over and over again isn’t a good marketing strategy.
    Especially if they’re trying to peak the interest of people like myself who
    aren’t huge Batman or Superman fans. If you’re already interested in seeing
    the movie and you care about spoilers then stop watching promotional
    material for it. No one is making you. As for as Batman goes, I love Ben
    Affleck. I think he’s an amazing actor and even better director. I’m sure
    he’ll kill it and silence all the haters. I hated Man of Steel but Henry
    Cavill certainly wasn’t the problem. Although it does worry me that we
    still haven’t heard a single line of dialogue from him yet.

  44. Batman wears a rubber mask!
    Batman looks like an Ewok!
    Batman eye’s black makeup disappeared after mask removed!

    I told you, this will suck eggs!

  45. I thought this was a dream sequence

  46. OnePunchMan vs Superman?

  47. I guess Batman spoiled The Walking Dead for Superman or something.

  48. What is Zack Snyder’s obsession with Jesus imagery??! Now Batman is tied up
    like Jesus and Superman like Roman General!

  49. He’s mind controlled by Lex.

  50. Aflecks acting already looks shitty lmfao

  51. Daredevil has no chance against mighty Batman

  52. I don’t think this is a dream sequence. I think Lex has red kryptonite.

  53. When a bvs teaser can destroy a whole civil war trailer….

  54. meesa want some more

  55. Alex Leaseburg (TheGameGrump)

    Well damn superman did what almost no super villain could ever achieve and
    took the mask off

  56. Yokozuna Kananoumi

    Zack Snyder just kicked every person who thought this new superman was too
    dark in the balls.

  57. Why does Superman look and act like the villain ?

  58. Is that Batman supposed to be the gun slinging one?

  59. dat mask looks like a plastic XD

  60. *WTF PG 13??? I Hope This is just for the Trailer*

  61. I don’t believe that the real Superman would allow them to worship him like
    that. That seems completely out of his character to accept it.

  62. I miss Christian Bale as Batman

  63. time travel or dream or alternate universe….. i am with time travel!!
    breaks the comic storyline.

  64. superman v batman & ironman v captain america 0.0?

  65. this is bullshit, Superman is better than this

  66. damn what did batman do

  67. Civil what?

  68. I hope it’s not a dream from Bruce Wayne

  69. Im sure this is a future where Superman became a Justice Lord and took over
    the planet after the joker tricked Superman into killing Lois Lane and
    Wiping Metropolis off the map.

    very scary!

  70. Wtf does he not have X-ray vision

  71. Still not onboard with this, not because of Affleck, mind you, but giving
    this franchise to Snyder will go down as one of the biggest mistakes in the
    history of superhero movies. He is all style and zero substance, just what
    this genre DOESN’T need

  72. This scene convinces me that this will suck … Ridiculous and stupid …

  73. Looks like another bad acting DC movie.

  74. Superheroes are stupid

  75. This scene is a complete ripoff from Injustice Gods Among Us

  76. This looks so fan-made..

  77. Now it got really confusing. Was that a dream or something?

  78. How great it is we’ll see batman in 3 movies the next year, BvS, Suicide
    Squad, and of course Civil War! #brockbaker

  79. Why is every super hero going against each other? Batman vs Superman , iron
    man vs Captain America, WTF?

  80. Can someone please explain to me why two DC super-heroes are at it against
    eachother? I don’t follow DC, and I’m really curious. From a newbie POV, I
    would expect Supermans strength to rip apart Batman, then there would be no
    need for a movie, but obviously that’s not the case. So, what’s the go!?

  81. I can’t wait for superman to kick his bat ass

  82. Isanor Alejandro Lopez Molina

    WTF and x-ray vision ?

  83. This looks like a dream

  84. Ben Affeleck is a bad choice.

  85. You know what, when I heard this was coming out I had no interest in seeing
    it, but now after watching this trailer, I still have no interest in seeing

  86. God that batman suit is TERRIBLE!

  87. I’m convinced this gonna b ?

  88. What the fudge !!!!

  89. I feel like this is a dream Bruce has of SuperMan being an evil overlord.

  90. spongebob swag pants

    :33 when someone eats your tostitos

  91. Where’d her eye shadow go bro?

  92. Mad Max: Batman Edition

  93. this movie seems so dark like if u guys know what I mean. can’t wait for

  94. amazing can’t wait

  95. Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop

    Superman: A Mask?

    Batman: You ugly motherfucker

    Superman: Snatches mask* Ohhhh nice mask you got here, I guess i’ll wear
    this to cover my ugly face then.

    Batman: You evil sonuvabitch!

  96. Superman vs one punch man


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