Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill Movie HD

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Fearing the actions of a god-like Super Hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’ most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it’s ever known before.


  1. i really hate to say but this was a better trailer than cival war


  3. I dont like the look of wonderwoman. She kinda reminds me of farrah abraham
    lol ew

  4. Civil war looks better, sorry

  5. Too much spoiled

  6. Lol this movie is going to have the same flaws as the Amazing Spiderman 2.
    Too many undeveloped characters oh well… I’m still going to watch it.

  7. Damn this trailer bukaked Captain America trailer.

  8. This trailer was crap!!! Lex Luthor seemed weak, and goofy! The last
    lines… ‘Is she with you?’ …LAME… Doomsday looks like Abomination from
    the Incredible Hulk movie… disappointing!

  9. I hope this movie is good. Its starting to feel very crowded.

  10. Don’t forget aqua man will be in this movie too, crazyyyyyy

  11. All I see in the comments is “Civil War is gonna be better” or “This is
    gonna be better than Civil War” why can’t we enjoy both? They’re two
    totally different films. Yes, both superhero movies, but different kinds.
    Anyways we all know Star Wars is going to knock them both out of the water

  12. DOOMSDAY!!!! Now I am ready to see this!

  13. Looks like a comedy

  14. Still skeptical, but hope its good. Too much revealed in this trailer
    though. Idiots.

  15. Are we pissed Batman has a gun? or are we cool with it? …..still on the

  16. well didn’t we all know that bats and superman would team up at the end
    with wonder women anyway

  17. well that was kind of disappointing for a trailer…i really hope the movie
    dont suck

  18. GodzillaFanForever 1

    Batman holding a gun? ???

  19. The Man Who Only Comments

    Oh God dangit they just had to bring in doomsday. Way too much is going to
    happen in this f*cking movie. It’s gonna be like an hour of Batman V
    Superman, then an hour of Trinity V Doomsday (who looks so non scary for
    some reason) then some random bullsh*t then the credits roll. A trailer has
    never pissed me off this much. F*ck this movie I’m rooting for Civil War

  20. Doomsday could look better

  21. haters gonna hate… sorry marvel fans but you just got your asses kicked !

  22. The CGI is crap

  23. ok so if that is infact dommsday, im upset. because doomsday in the comics
    basically kills superman (granted he does come back cuz comic books) but i
    feel like if they throw in such a huge villain like doomsday at the end of
    this movie as an excuse to have Supes and Bats fight together, it’ll be
    such a waste. they could have used doomsday at the end of a justice league
    movie to basically kill superman at the end.

    but overall it still looks like an intense fuckin movie and imma go see it
    without a doubt

  24. Definitivamente 2016 será un gran año, tendremos esto, civil War, escuadrón
    suicida, deadpool y más, que más podría pedir n.n

  25. Captain america civil war or Batman Vs Superman dawn of justice

  26. *why has the trailer i uploaded got more footage then this i copyed it off
    jimmy kimmle have a look*

  27. Marcus “DeadPunisherCZ” Punisher

    Damn you Eisenberg. I just can’t stand your comedian portray of Lex Luthor.

  28. That last exchange of lines was really corny….

  29. Wow, they spoiled way too much with this…

  30. Lex is a horrible miscast.

  31. Eisenberg would have made an outstanding Riddler imo….Lex Luthor? Not so
    much (so far).

  32. WTH!!!!
    this movie is just going crazy with superman and batsman
    did anyone notice batman’s mask was like iron man’s with lights and all and
    the end of the trailer is just phwww…..

  33. The end kind of ruined the movie for me. It better actually be “Batman VS
    Superman” for the majority of the movie. And even then you know they’re
    going to pull the “Let’s team up to defeat a bigger evil and then be
    friends forever” cliche at the end.

  34. Doomsday looks like ninja turtle, why they didn’t check injustice’s

  35. No spiderman? =(

  36. is this leading up to justice league ?

  37. After watching this trailer, I’ve pretty much seen the whole movie :/ Will
    still go see it tho

  38. So theres Iron man vs Caption America and now there Superman vs
    Batman….Avengers and Justice league…..My, my Marvel and DC have started
    quit the competition here.

  39. Man if this give you to much spoiler we don’t know what happend next they
    just showing off the true villain. You know what, i think in this movie
    they not actually win again Doomsday because there will be a big war in
    justice league part 1 and 2 just the same as hunger games big war have two
    part. LOL just kidding but prob it’s true

  40. Batman sounds like Drax.
    Doomsday looks like Michaelangelo and Abomination had a baby.
    I think Jesse Eisenberg should’ve been The Riddler.
    Was Batman holding a shotgun at the end?

  41. I cannot believe what I have just witnessed. I can not believe Zack Snyder
    let this trailer give up this much while giving Batman and Superman that
    STUPID line at the end. I mean what was that?

  42. Where’s Spiderman?? and Ant-man??

  43. thanks for showing me the whole movie…. and got dang this junk starting
    to seem real crowded. Batman, superman, wonder woman, lex luthor, doomsday,
    and aquaman to right? Geez….. lol

  44. soooooooo batman is totally going to try and KILL doomsday right?

  45. What’s the point of these heroes protecting Earth? when they destroy cities
    anyways lol?

  46. still no spiderman

  47. For all you complaining, there are thousands more going crazy for this
    movie. The world really doesn’t need you. This movie will blow the box
    office in half.

  48. Remeber when they said, they wouldn’t make any jokes in the DC cinematic
    universe? yeah.

  49. wait was that a gun on batman at 2:50??

  50. Another trailer that shows entire plot. GJ…

  51. its amazing…..doomsday wow unexpected. i hope its not like The amazing
    spider man 2 Rino…

  52. i think christian bale would’ve done a better job personally.

  53. Anyone else thinks that Doomsday resembles Abomination from Incredible

  54. is it just me? I feel that they have shown too much. . .

  55. “Oh it’s just shitty greenscreen and cgi” is not an argument. You can’t
    neglect how important it is that a movie looks and sounds amazing. The
    cinematography, vfx, tone, the look of batman, production design, the sweet
    color palette, music and sound effects are all top notch. Doesn’t mean it
    will have an intricate plot or tarantino-quality acting, no, but if what’s
    here doesn’t impress you, than you’re a boring person.

  56. gave away too much, wayyy toooo much

  57. I like the Star Wars approaching to not putting too much plot in the
    previews. From this preview I feel I don’t need to see the movie.

  58. Cool. I’ve just seen the whole movie, every twist, every surprise. Thanks.

  59. Starting to feel like the Amazing Spider-Man 2

  60. Joe Biden's Shotgun

    1990 CGI looks better than this crap. Zack Snyder is shit anyways.

  61. John Noble (GEM Reviews)

    This trailer sucked

  62. It’s a good thing most of you are not critics….just a bunch of whiney
    babies. those of you who say this doesn’t look good, I bet my last dollar
    your ass will see it anyways. this looks like it’s gonna be a great movie.
    and I’m a marvel guy. all this criticism. you people could do
    better. shoot you havnt even seem the movie yet. but I will agree on one
    thing… not feeling the casting of lex, to short, to young, a lil to
    comedic, but people said heath would be a horrible joker, people said
    Downey junior would be a horrible iron man. so I’m at least gonna give him
    a shot. doomsday doesn’t look as bad ass as I thought, but still I can’t
    wait to see him in action.

  63. 2:06 at the back what is that

  64. Batman holding a freakin automatic rifle? I call horsepoop.

  65. where is Gandalf??? where is Harry Potter?….

  66. I was so hyped for this movie, now not so much, at least we still have
    suicide squad for DC (also batman costume looks sorta weird and to much

  67. why can’t we for once have a luthor that knows exactly how to out-smart
    everyone like his comic character would, just why?!

  68. what are those flying things at 2:07?

  69. Worried you’ve seen the whole movie from this trailer? Don’t worry! Zack
    Snyder will make half the film slow-motion and double the length.

  70. man the orignal trailers for this had me sold now somebody else is going to
    pay for me to see it .. my god , Ben Bat-flleick looks and sounds so
    cheap..wonder woman…wtf how do u even tie her in this DC storyline
    ..doomsday Prolly ain’t going to kill superman . he does in every other
    story . but…

  71. Fu*k… I’m not going to miss this one !!

  72. Well this looks shit

  73. Awesome trailer, probably going to be the highest grossing film of 2016.

  74. WTF………………….why batman holding a machine gun…………batman
    man never do that
    and batman is too much fat in this movie
    also dooms day looks like crap, in trailer most of their acting is bad
    i don’t know may be this movie will be suck

  75. let feels like the the joker a bit

  76. batman use gun

    i dont know what to say

  77. Argh I was hoping this wasn’t gonna happen. Superman and Batman are gonna
    fight but then eventually have to team up to defeat a greater evil. Sad
    cause I wanted to see an epic face-off between Supes and Batman :(

  78. 1:52 It was as this moment Batman knew, HE FUCKED UP.

  79. Error: 404. Boobs not found!

  80. Well, I guess I know the plot of about most of the movie now. I hate when
    trailers do this.

  81. Omg batman has a gun this is the worst film ever

  82. Асланбек Салатов

    I knew watching this trailer was a mistake(( Whole drama between Bruce and
    Clark – gone, after final scene of the trailer. Trailers just give away to
    much this days. In this case it feels like we’ve seen the entire plot. And
    I don’t expect any huge twists in that particular movie. Good thing I
    didn’t watch Civil War trailer. 

  83. the hole movie in a trailer. thanks assholes

  84. OMG some people are never satisfied .This looks awesome and they didn’t
    even show Flash,Cyborg and Aquaman!!!!

  85. This is my perfect foursome ?


  87. The title should’ve been Batman AND Superman

  88. Wonder Woman!!

  89. Where is Nemo?

  90. wow! seems like im already watch this movie, thanks to the trailer :)

  91. NaPewnoNiePointx gg

    This looks just like bad cgi

  92. Looks great! Only thing i don’t like about this is Lex’s character. Seems a
    little out of place with the tone of the rest of the movie.

  93. If man won’t kill God? Really? Well man can foolishly dream lol.

  94. Everything looks awesome except for Lex Luther. Can’t stand that actor.

  95. I wrote SUBS for this one! Team Batman GO! :D

  96. oh man, getting veeeeery nervous about this movie. I really hope its good,
    but this trailer just made me doubt. Btw, Doomsday looks like a deformed
    Ninja Turtle XD

  97. StillWaitingFor MyTylerDurdan

    Wow. This actually looks bad.

  98. Good to see trailers are still trying to spoil the ENTIRE movie they are

  99. They took the Dark Knight series and fucked it.

  100. Avengers Who???

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