BATTLE OF THE SEXES Trailer (2017) Emma Stone Movie HD

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  1. oh, brother. no thank you.

  2. oh god no, pls

  3. Spoiler alert…. Girls win 😒
    Because men are evil and girls are nice….

  4. teymur teymurzade

    oh again these things
    havent we skipped these shits
    i am really glad that i dont live in the usa
    in here no one complains about being equal

  5. Drikus Engelbrecht

    Why are people disliking this? Did their manhood take a low blow. x)

    Everyone expects the man to win. Woman wins. Girl power. Man realises feminism is soooooo amazing. Lots of vagina jokes.The end

  7. i wish i was gay women make me cringe so hard there so fucking lame.

  8. Cristopher Almeida

    Is not the theme of the movie that bothers me, it’s the fact that they take ideals, like this, to create propaganda just to make money.

  9. Hollywood is still mad because Hillary lost. 😉

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