Ben-Hur Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Morgan Freeman, Jack Huston Movie HD

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A falsely accused nobleman survives years of slavery to take vengeance on his best friend who betrayed him.


  1. yeah….

  2. Another remake -_-

  3. or gas mus

  4. The grudge is real!

  5. Why???

  6. The cgi is bullshit in this movie

  7. How did they get Morgan Freeman?

  8. Wow guys way to mess with the classics

  9. looks alright

  10. Shitt they showed the whole movie but it looks good tho

  11. Won’t be as good as the original but still looks surprisingly well made

  12. cant wait

  13. First ghostbusters, now Ben-Hur?! It’s the beginning of the end, folks.

  14. Oh oh, it looks horrible… Too much bad CGI, bad costumes, I don’t
    remember the story being that simple (and very similar to Gladiator)… We
    have a bad movie approaching, guys !

  15. if they can make this less than 5 hours I’ll be impressed

  16. if they can make this less than 5 hours I’ll be impressed

  17. Toby kebell is so good.

  18. Why…..?

  19. I see you jeor mormont ?

  20. doesnt look like total shit except morgan freeman’s hair

  21. What part of England does this take place in?

  22. why would you re do Ben Hur? it’s like redoing Sgt Pepper without the

  23. Why is everybody saying this looks bad, looks great to me

  24. The music was totally out of place.

  25. Ive never watched the original Ben Hur, but i have been incredibly
    impressed by the stunts pulled off in it. With the overblown amount of CGI
    i doubt this film will be able to top it

  26. Jordanian Arabian PRINCE

    these 2 new actors look extra good

  27. Ruined!

  28. I doubt this will be better than the silent film.

  29. Jesus did a cameo I see.

  30. Masterpieces don’t need to be remade. This is why.

  31. oh no…

  32. Still a better reboot than Ghostbusters

  33. The Hell You Looking At?

    Euron Greyjoy what hell are you doing?

  34. “Are we having fun now brother” aka “Are you not entertained?!”

  35. whyyy???

  36. Another one of my favorite movies, ruined

  37. Remember Game Of Thrones

  38. Seriously, stop making shitty Ancient Greece, Rome types of movies..Except
    for classics like Gladiator and 300,when were they ever freakin good

  39. this looks like………poo

  40. Nothing can beat the original movie.

  41. only like the dudes outfit but seems like alot of money gone into a
    pointless film

  42. Denis Van Kemseke

    Gladiator 2?


  44. Lost me at morgan freeman’s stupid hair….oh he’s black, lets give him

  45. I swear like every film set in the Roman times are always the same or

  46. Morgan FreeMON

  47. looks horrible, they cant make a version better that the original, really,
    its imposible

  48. I got another idea of a remake. It is Lawrence of Arabia but have the
    protagonist played by an American, make the Arabs and Ottomans look like
    ISIS. Make the desert location completely c.g.i, have the battles done in
    c.g.i the plot would be 100 minutes long even though it cannot be made in
    that short amount of time. Also have Morgan Freeman explain the story.

  49. Well, it looks like another classic is getting the remake shit treatment
    from Hollywood.

  50. The best thing about this trailer is Morgan Freeman

  51. This will be a case where the film is better than the trailer

  52. Please, no please. I was looking forward to this movie. GOSHDARNIT.

  53. part of me wants to hate this trailer, part of me is actually confident
    it’s not as bad as i thought it’d be. to be fair, i’ve never seen all of
    the original so i have no basis for comparison

  54. Oh look everybody! It’s King Ezekiel from the walking dead comics

  55. Why remake Ben Hur? The original was a masterpiece. Why would u do this?

  56. The 1959 version was directed by one of the greatest directors, starred one
    of the greatest actors, became one of the greatest films, and took home 11
    academy awards. This will be lucky to even make 100million at the box

    I might watch it in a few years when it’s on at the gym playing on TNT.

  57. dominicanfigure169

    Morgan freeman always making shit sound important.

  58. I guess in 50 years they’ll reboot LOTR too…

  59. Jay Hustled Houri

    They’ve ruined the characters.

  60. sofia huertas lopez

    This is a complete insult to the original 1960’s film. The original one is
    winner of the most academy awards won in history 11 academy awards. This
    trailer clearly doesn’t even come close to what the original film is the
    story line is not even that correct with the original.

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