Big Stone Gap Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Ashley Judd, Patrick Wilson Romance HD

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In a small town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, self-proclaimed spinster Ave Maria Mulligan finds her life shaken up and forever changed after learning a long-buried family secret.


  1. Furst

  2. Potatoe

  3. fourth and this is shit

  4. “Murried”

  5. Another southern hillbilly hick film,

  6. 1k de subs sin video. Sera posible?


  7. 1000nth


  9. Ashley judd naked as norma jean was the best thing she’s ever done

  10. So…do I even need to see the movie anymore, ’cause the trailer just gave
    it all away.

  11. wow, that was a great movie now let’s see the next one.

  12. whats wrong with movie nowadays??

  13. so that’s how Amanda Cernie is gonna look like when she’s 40

  14. Saw the thumbnail and thought this was a porno lol

  15. Ashley Judd doesn’t age!

  16. Is this a movie for really old folk? I think so.

  17. This is going to be the annual Golden Globe nominated old people movie

  18. That one Gay Nazi from outer space but is now the damn fiddle master

    Lardy lard merry jebus!

  19. I laughed so hard at what Whoopi Goldberg said at 0:12.

  20. The movie is already out. I work at a movie theatre, I can tell you the
    ending if you so desire to know haha

  21. i think we should get Murried

  22. They showed the whole movie in two minutes. lol. come on Hollywood stop
    showing us too much.

  23. What a shite film

  24. After seeing this trailer, do we really need to see this movie at all? Cuz
    I don’t think so.


  26. Why you no take beacon from well??

  27. Chocolate Dinosaur

    Wtf is up with movie trailers. If you even just pay remotely about of
    attention to the trailer then you have seen the entire movie.

    You even see her in a wedding dress at 1:52…….

  28. Looks like a made for TV movie.

  29. Is it intriguing to reveal all the major plot lines in a romantic comedy
    movie? What is there to look forward to? Its not even rated R so no boobs

  30. I get the feeling that this was supposed to be a Hallmark original movie,
    but with the bigger names being attached they had to put into theaters.
    That line from Whoopi in the beginning was good though.

  31. 0:26 The main plot: boobs

  32. the only thing that looks good about this movie is the funny black lady

  33. Live 20 minutes away from where it was filmed, was so much hype around here
    about it

  34. SomethingCireMovies

    Okay, well this looks absolutely terrible, but I love Patrick Wilson so,
    against my better judgment, I’ll give it a chance lol.

  35. Probably bad, but looks cute

  36. Yes

  37. Its like they made a shit tv show into a shit movie but skipped the tv

  38. “in a movie about comforting hugs is…”

  39. I watched that entire trailer carefully yet I still have no idea what the
    plot of this movie is…

  40. confirmed shit.

  41. these accents make me want to off myself

  42. PG13!!!!!!!

    this not really they must said R

  43. hm…not for me

  44. it’s been a while Whoopi Goldberg…

  45. Patrick Wilson should stay and be haunted just like Conjuring and

  46. This movie should be titled “My Giant Southern Stereotype”

  47. Most fraudulent southern accents since Oprah in The Color Purple

  48. Complete movie here. Better teaser than trailer. Such a spoiler.

  49. Ashley Judd, Jenna Elfman, and Whoopie? Is this the 90’s?

  50. Crap southern accents.

  51. So… she invented the Joker makeup? She still looks scarier as the old
    maid than as Joker… And this movie has a whole bucket of ugly old
    maids… Girls, let me tell you this: marry young and stand by your man.
    Otherwise, you will end up like this – like a leftover of second or third

  52. they give too much of the plot away during these trailers, you already know
    they get together in the end so I now have no reason to watch

  53. This looks absolutely awful like oh my god

  54. you know less about men than you do about cosmetics…lolz no chill

  55. The 40 years old Virgin, girly history peice edition.

  56. I always fancied ashley judd but this movie looks boring and for oldies.

  57. I will watch just cuz whoopi

  58. Ah..a sassy, wise-crackin’ Black woman..that’s original..

  59. IT aly!

  60. i feel like im back in 1995

  61. Why the blacks?

  62. i swear patrick wilson is in every movie that dates back to the 60s-70s

  63. Get “murried” family guy Cleveland reference

  64. I’d like to see this movie, but it’s not playing in the Dallas-Ft. Worth
    metroplex… It absolutely sucks that I am going to have to wait for the
    DVD.. :/

  65. i like it i think its classic and i dont care about anyone opinion

  66. DHARMA!?

  67. I don’t know how the producers, distributors and studios think this movie
    will earn any money yet alone be viewed. It is playing at only three
    theaters in the DMV area (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia).

  68. Featured song ?

  69. Song name, please?

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