BLACK PANTHER Trailer # 2 ✩ Marvel Superhero Movie (2018)

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  1. Looks badass bruh! Hope it’s good!

  2. Why does the thumbnail has batman?

  3. I can’t die until see this masterpiece.

  4. Wakanda ahead of its time.

  5. who tf disliked this? this movie is gonna be sick af!!

  6. Og this is gonna blaaaaaat!!!👌👌
    Blast as hell

  7. Black Pandering comin to cinemas near you

  8. Dope !!! 😎


  9. Goooood Dammmmmn

  10. Uhhh super


  12. long dong zucchini man 2003

    Giggle physics ×××

  13. Awesome ❤️❤️❤️

  14. It looks fucking littttttt bih

  15. กระบะ ซิ่ง

    สุดติ่ง กระดิ่งแมว

  16. “Take a knee”

  17. Like all other superhero movies-
    Part 1 : Hero grows his strength and gets advice from friends/family and kills enemy easily.
    Part 2 sequel : A powerful new villain will take/steal half the hero’s strength and super powers, still hero defeats villain with help of new funny sidekicks.
    Part 3 sequel: World will be in chaos. Hero learns all his previous enemies were henchmen of a mastermind. Here the mastermind villain will almost kill the hero and his side kicks. Hero still defeats the villain. Director of the movie will end the movie with a scene which leaves the viewers in a tumult whether there will be part 4.

    No matter whether it is marvel or dc. This is the pattern.

  18. крутяк

  19. wtf I just watch I got Goosebumps

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