Bleeding Heart Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Jessica Biel, Zosia Mamet Movie HD

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A yoga instructor looks to protect her sex-worker sister from her deadbeat boyfriend.


  1. first

  2. 2nd abd 3rd

  3. fourth

  4. Jessica Biel is starting to look old

  5. Hisssssssssssssssss

  6. looks boring as crap

  7. horrible trailer

  8. this movies……. playing mario is more fun than this shit

  9. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

  10. Boring!!!

  11. Jessica Biel looks so ugly with plastic surchery….

  12. Yes, I have seen it. And yes, it is shit.

  13. Didn’t know they were making a 7th Heaven movie.

  14. The trailer doesn’t respect the movie

  15. Biel…

  16. Shoshana giving out sexy massages wat.

  17. It’s really hard to tell the quality of the movie base on the tailer. May
    potentially be a very movie.

  18. SilkSatin Paradise

    Batteries not included.


  20. Holy crap this trailer sucks! The movie might be interesting though.

  21. cheesy music

  22. I’m starting to hate jb

  23. Bleeding Heart ft David Vendetta

  24. WHAT????

  25. I’m too lazy to go very far for my only sister, too much hard work

  26. whoa Mason Verger got some muscle!

  27. Ahh, this looks like a bad Oxygen Movie.

  28. Terrible trailer, who the hell cut it ? Anyways, it looks interesting
    enough to give it a chance.

  29. Frozen 2 : Locked and Loaded.

  30. Wow that looks like it could be great

  31. boooooo!

  32. Dumb!

  33. What’s this world come to when a man can’t even smack his ho around

  34. Coming soon to lifetime…

  35. Damn! It’s been a while since I’ve seen Jessica biel in a movie. it’s about

  36. looks super shitty tbh no thx

  37. “You know what she is, right?”

    If the next line is, “yeah, my sister” then I’m out.

  38. Could they make a more boring trailer? 

  39. mysterymidnight 478

    Ok who was in charge of making this trailer……

  40. looks pretty cliched to me

  41. Honestly the movie it self doesn’t look that bad…..the thing I don’t
    understand is how they can make such a shitty trailer

  42. Everytime i see Jessica Biel i get that old fashioned feel where id do
    anything to lick her butthole.

  43. yes finally .. jess ♡

  44. Ilikemovies

  45. Jus give quality best okey

  46. i just love reading ya neg comments about new movies not ya always gotta
    complain why dont ya go make a movie dammit

  47. Wow! Was that a Dodge Marlin? That takes me back.

  48. this trailer looks like a parody trailer

  49. Terrible and I don’t like Jessica Biel… I think she’s not good actress…

    And now she is ugly.

  50. Wasn’t Jessica doing top notch movies at one point??…

  51. nice

  52. Very good movie just seen it 9/10

  53. HDRip is available online.Sweet copy.Has Kor subs but dvd quality/

  54. its a good movie

  55. I didn’t think I would like this movie – based on the crappy trailer. But
    it was actually really good! Jessica Biel gave a good performance, so did
    Zosia. It’s sort of an intense drama, tale of 2 sisters – one sister trying
    to save the sister she just met… from her abusive pimp/boyfriend.

  56. just so everyone knows, the movie is really good =) I just now watched it

  57. I think ill just watch porn, beat my meat then go to sleep this looks like
    horse shit

  58. Sometimes I wish I didn’t watch youtube but I do watch youtube but thats

    thank you for listening to me

  59. shittiest shit

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