Boo! A Madea Halloween Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2016) – Tyler Perry, Bella Thorne Movie HD

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A Madea Halloween Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2016) – Tyler Perry, Bella Thorne Movie HD

Madea and her clan celebrates Halloween.


  1. Omfg you can tell it’s gonna be hilarious

  2. Joker Productions

    This looks better than the new Ghostbusters.

  3. E N D M Y L I F E

  4. I think people are still mad of that Ghostbusters trailer yesterday and
    keep disliking all the new Trailers, because at least this looks funny

  5. This is yousef’s movie

  6. This is a trap! I feel like people of color are so tired of Hollywood n’
    their bullshit in lacking diversity…we’re gonna flock to see this
    mess…myself included

  7. You can see the amount of work that went into this trailer when she just
    pops out of nowhere at 0:28.

  8. dof bruh bruh

  9. Wtf is this shit?! The first few movies were good & so were the plays but
    it’s just getting redundant.

  10. IDFGAF I LOVE MADEA!!!!!!!

  11. Boo Bitches that’s my part ????

  12. Anybody else’s vid messing up?

  13. Tyler Perry will get a sympathy Oscar like OJ got off to prevent another LA

  14. Hi, what’s ut? It’s great! foregoing quixotic What do you think..3

  15. TheNoFlinchGrinch

    0% on Rotten Tomatoes here we come!

  16. 8x better than ghostbusters trailer

  17. botty boys

  18. when I first heard that the movie would be out of this world, I thought
    Madea would go to space.

  19. fouuuuseeyyyyy

  20. fousey!

  21. I’m watching this!?

  22. DOF!

  23. FouseyTube!!!!!

  24. Is that really the title! Boooo

  25. NicoleLashawn Jones


  26. Bruh Bruhsss

  27. when Tyler Perry dies, will Atlanta go back to the people?

  28. Bruh bruhs ✌?️

  29. Like who is gonna watch this because of YOUSEF :)

  30. Who keeps eating this shit up? PONIT HIM OUT TO ME!!!!

  31. Sony take some notes for this trailer .

  32. DOF

  33. Don’t judge me you know i’m here for the comments

  34. Ice age and AATC come out with several movies rehashing the same stuff and
    you all hate it,
    But this series does it and you put it on a golden pedestal?
    Yeah, nothing wrong that >_>

  35. plz no Tyler Perry, not after gone girl.

  36. Green Tea Is Green Tea If It’s Just Green Tea

  37. This should win an Oscar for best picture but probably won’t because
    they’re racist

  38. Why you running?? I don’t play that Halloween bull-

  39. here because of fousey

  40. Hell, yeah!

  41. Octavio Trujillo

    Oscar nominated?


  43. Bring on fousey ??

  44. hard to believe that this asshole was one of the best parts in gone girl

  45. ohh shit fousey

  46. Hakeem Mclaughlin

    still better than ghostbusters

  47. i remember when madea plays were funny and inspirational now its become
    this some corny stereotypical mess for people to laugh at. tyler perry
    needs to stick with his plays and keep #HAHN alive

  48. I only drink cambodian breastmilk

    damn this is better than Ghostbusters

  49. You guys know fusey tube is gonna be in the movie right

  50. PipePanic Studios

    Kill it before it infects the minds of the youth.

    *Looks down at the comments defending it*

    We were too late.

  51. DoctorBahnausSee

    oh look a black guy in a fat suit. never saw that before.

  52. I’m definitely gonna watch this anyone else?

  53. why… just why…

  54. I’m actually looking forward to this.

  55. Wait is this the one that fousy is going to be in


  57. It should be illegal for Tyler Perry to make movies

  58. Walrus is in the Matrix

    Hooray. Zombies.

  59. BenDavid Davis (BloodyKharma)

    Can’t wait to see Yousef in this!!!!

  60. Kealohi Victorine



  62. Where is Fousy

  63. This movie is a parody of itself basically, also I don’t have anything
    against the new Ghostbusters since everyone in the comments seems to be
    talking about it.

  64. Wow this is the most honest trailer I’m seen that’s not made by screen
    junkues and by an actual movie company(Lionsgate) and an unimaginable
    terror will be awakened yeah people who forgot this existed and are scared
    to watch it but honestly with it being super honest will I go see it? HELL
    NO the Medea movies are horrible pieces of shit and I’m definitely gonna
    bash it when it comes out. Man I feel so bad for Dave and Brian on te snob
    at stoned gremlin productions have to deal with another one of these crappy

  65. The only real scary thing about this is that people actually pay to still
    watch these crappy movies!

  66. A Madea film I actually may want to check out for shyts and giggles. Lmao

  67. -____- and black people wonder way they don’t get Oscars

  68. Half an year late/early…who’s genius idea was it to release a
    Halloween-themed and -named movie in March?

  69. MrHashtag Foodiee

    DAMNN Fousey is gonna be there in thiss!!!

  70. bruh bruhs where you at?!

  71. AWesome! Haven’t seen one for a while. :)

  72. Fouseytube!!!!

  73. Was that a shot at Chris Rock’s “Top Five”?


  75. BRUH bruh

  76. DoF fam here?

  77. bruh, I can’t even be mad at tyler perry, this duede is inventive af!

  78. WthTs

  79. That’s why there’s no diversity at the oscars, Chris Rock.

  80. This looks like something south park would do to make fun of Tyler Perry’s

  81. Ghostbusters will b. better then this

  82. (sigh) not again

  83. good luck brad

  84. Сергей Акопян

    Let me see Fousey!!!?

  85. Platinum Equinox

    “BOO BITCHES!!!” POP POP POP! HAHAHA That killed me.

  86. Bella Thorne has like 7 movies to premiere this year?

  87. oh lawwwwwd

  88. Sweaty Ball Sack

    Only gonna watch this for fousey

  89. FictionalPhenomena

    Someone please stop this man.

  90. Make it stop. Please make it stop.

  91. Neighborhoodgaijin

    Why release a trailer for a movie coming out in October now?

  92. Really Hollywood -_- couldn’t come up with any new ideas just keep making
    more stupid movies about zombies and let’s throw Madea in there why not

  93. Dear god another Tyler Perry movie……….well atleast it’s better than
    the new Ghostbusters

  94. So when will there be a
    Tyler Perrys A Madeas Funeral????

  95. RobertO'Sullivan

    You were awesome in Gone Girl, but then ya gotta go do this.


  97. The black Caitlyn Jenner …

  98. any bruh bruh’s here to see fosey.

  99. Fousey!!!

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