Bridget Jones’s Baby Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Renée Zellweger Movie HD

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The continuing adventures of British publishing executive Bridget Jones as she enters her 40s.


  1. ahh now it works

  2. Totally not a re-upload

  3. My vulva is ready.

  4. I just can’t get over the title’s appalling grammar… It’s Jones’ not
    Jones’s. The second ‘s’ is redundant… Smh…

    Aside from that, the film looks like fun, and Renée has officially fucked
    her face over.

  5. she looks different

  6. this channel didn’t go to 5th grade english

  7. Dr. Shepard you have patients waiting. And that is not Meredith.

  8. Good for her.

  9. Que lindo eu quero ver esse filme!

  10. Ooooh! I laughed so hard at the other Bridget Jones ahah

  11. she looks dif doe , but well who cares right?

  12. I don’t know her.

  13. Wow. Lets propagate a single middle age woman who apparently can have it
    all without a man and not hint at the idea that it is downright dangerous
    or hard as hell to have a HEALTHY baby at her 40’s age. Let alone have one
    at all. What are films like these teaching young women? Because it ain’t
    the risks of putting off having children at an older age and how hard it
    can be for them.

  14. Did she glue her eyelids back on?

  15. She’s a little old to be having kids isn’t she?

  16. The Modern Portfolio

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  17. Damn, Bridget got some work done

  18. They all look so old…..

  19. man colin firth is getting better with age

  20. “did u have three way??”..hahaha..the hell man..

  21. lol Ed

  22. Awww sweet childhood

  23. The new face doesn’t look bad at all, it just that… it doesn’t look like

  24. UGH.

    More money that you sheep are going to spend on this drivel.

  25. Oh, I can’t believe I’m genuinely excited for this!!

  26. Haha yes.

  27. Budget Jones’ Plastic Surgery

    Tbh, her smile looks so fake because of the plastic surgery.

  28. WTF…she doesn’t look like Bridget Jones at all any more : ( She literally
    looks like a completely different person!! P.S. Isn’t Bridget supposed to
    be a bit more on the chubby side? o_O

  29. I want to like it but…. It looks boring :(

  30. Can’t work bro

  31. Even when they’ve done her up to look all bedraggled and scruffy (with the
    cupcake and candle) she’s just…what the?…I don’t get why…THAT’S JUST
    NOT BRIDGET JONES! :”””((((

  32. I never saw the sequel; man, I was hoping she and Darcy had worked out 🙁
    Also maybe it’s just me but her face doesn’t look drastically different
    Is this pre-surgery? It isn’t jarring, if so.

  33. why has bridgets face melted?

  34. she dosent look like her after the surgery :/

  35. The Lanky Soldier / Honest Battlefield Supporter

    Ok, I won’t deny. The last part made me giggle

  36. Jess Glynne???!??! omgg im fangirling. EVERBODY GETS A STICK OF BUTTER!

  37. Wtf is she doing?

  38. Totally watching it! C’ mon do you really like Bridget Jones? instead of
    enjoying because FINALLY we have the third movie, everyone is critizicing
    because of Renees face? So don’t watch it then…..

  39. So, she slutted it up without proper precautions even before the divorce
    papers were signed, and doesn’t know who the father is? Yeah, sounds like
    a modern, empowered woman.

  40. OH. MY. GOD.

  41. 30+ year old English women will be going crazy over this…

  42. cant wait to watch ?

  43. Hopefully it won’t be too over the top with things. The thing about the
    first 2 is that they are so relatable

  44. 0:42 Ed Sheeran???

  45. okay but the ending needs to actually be a genuine ending

  46. this looks so funny ?

  47. She’s just…Not Bridget…I dont recognize that personality, that
    face…Her wobbly bits are even gone 🙁 WTF

  48. Did you have a three-way? is the only funny in here.

  49. Her face is like a bad reboot of her previous face Hahahaha

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