BRIGHT 2 Trailer

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BRIGHT 2 Trailer
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  1. Sebastian Maliszewski

    Bright is the best Movie on Netflix

  2. This movie sucked though

  3. i really like the 1st movie

  4. The Bright was like a lame Shadowrun,so i don’t need another one. 🙁

  5. I watched the first bright movie , an I liked it . A lil bit of bad boys and men in Black together .

  6. Lord Luke Lightbringer

    I hope the sequel focus more on the lore of world as well as the characters.

  7. Movie was fresh and creative, but I think Max Landis should work in on the writing.
    Some of the awkward dialogue rlly detracts from the movie for me..

  8. Good ideas but shite story/script

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