BRIGHT Trailer (Will Smith, 2017)

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MONSTERS! Coming this year on Netflix!

Set in an alternate present-day where humans, orcs, elves, and fairies have been co-existing since the beginning of time. Bright is genre-bending action movie that follows two cops from very different backgrounds. Ward and Jakoby, embark on a routine patrol night and encounter a darkness that will ultimately alter the future and their world as they know it.

BRIGHT Trailer
A Movie directed by David Ayer
Cast : Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry, Edgar Ramirez, Margaret Cho, and Ike Barinholtz.
Release Date : December 2017
Genre : Thriller, Fantasy, Sci Fi

BRIGHT Trailer
© 2017 – Netflix


  1. Netflix+will smith+some constantine vibe = will definitely binge it

  2. This is not nunny

  3. It’s Shadowrun!

  4. please like this comment because my pet guinea pig is in the vet

  5. looks interesting, badass LAPD officer, OG gang members and society going to shit. WINNER WINNER!!

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