Brooklyn Official International Trailer #2 (2015) – Saoirse Ronan, Domhnall Gleeson Drama HD

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In 1950s Ireland and New York, young Ellis Lacey has to choose between two men and two countries.


  1. 1min ago and 66 people already beat me :(

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    the comments if it`s good or not??? Lego suicide squad trailer is my last

  3. I know I might get a lot of negative feedback, but nothing new looking in
    this movie

  4. Looks like a good movie, but I’d rather drink battery acid than watch it.

  5. This looks good even if it seems predictable.

  6. Saoirse. Seer-sha. Sir-sha.

  7. Nice Oscar bait…

  8. This song is beautiful!!

  9. Gangs of New York: Brooklyn

  10. holy shit this movie has 100% on RT, Saoirse Ronan might win an oscar for
    this thing, cate blanchett got competition

  11. Crying

  12. Not releasing in the UK??

  13. “anyone plays no more room in hell know what i mean “brooklyn

  14. Samruddha sujit save

    A classic movie

  15. Looks good.

  16. I saw the boat at the start of this trailer and i was like “ITS ANOTHER

  17. potato potato Ireland

  18. Анатолий Пак

    Saoirse is really brilliant! I love her. I hope that she got Oscar for

  19. Sean “WeaponX18” Drake

    General Hux! we got resistance soldiers approaching

  20. DetectiveSinaHolmes

    I can’t wait to see it, I’m so excited!

  21. Whole movie spoiled…

  22. looks boring as hell , most likely will get some Oscars lol

  23. Just seen the trailer but I am in love with this. True emotions.

  24. Seems it is made with loads of heart poured in it.

  25. I’ll pass.

  26. She fear to lose some dick

  27. How to make a good movie that gets good critics.

    Step 1: Make a romance and drama.

  28. looks good to me

  29. I feel like I saw this movie before

  30. So excited to see this film! All the reviews have been positive universally
    and it’s had successful festival runs! We’ll definitely be seeing Saoirse
    and film at the Oscars! :))

  31. Ronan is incredible, I would love to see her work with Taron Egerton in a
    romantic comedy.

  32. This is must see for me!

  33. yashhh. I’m totally watching this movie?

  34. lovely song

  35. This looks like such a gorgeous film.

  36. seems like a really good noviembre ??!!

  37. I need that song in my life. Can somebody help me?

  38. Oh its from the producers of an education. Like that movie. Another bonus
    for me to go see this movie

  39. Theres something about Saoirse Ronan eyes that is simply hipnotic

  40. my exams are based on this book, why the hell is it released after the exam

  41. People say oscar chance on this one, really? Seems like a standard love
    flick with better than average actors

  42. Banana Tacos (Banacosss)

    Looks promising

  43. Clean movie finally

  44. im sorry but WTF brooklyn in that era was nowhere near as nice

  45. Does anybody know the song at the end of the trailer

  46. Love that Emily Bett Riickards is in Brooklyn

  47. in the end she had a threesome !

  48. This movie looks boring as shit, sorry. Its like a cliched todays woman who
    is in a state of infinite melancholy trying to appear to have a deep
    personality when all she was was homesick. Which is really the least
    special thing ever. And at the same time attractive men are at her disposal
    which makes it all the harder for her to stare at the ocean. Its basically
    a womans wet dream: she can have everything she wants and that wealth of
    choices is the root for her unhappines. So a spoiled princess story in
    disguise. Gtfo

  49. So basically another movie about a girl who is toying around with two guys.
    But teen girls will love it because she will have to choose between them
    and it’s so emotional…

  50. Saoirse Ronan and Jake Gyllenhaal are my favorite young actors

  51. When home by gabrielle aplin started I just melt down and cried so hard.
    This movie looks amazing

  52. I feel so old watching Saoirse Ronan from City of Ember to this

  53. Don’t need to see the movie. Trailer told the whole story. A boring teeny
    novel set in the 40ies story…

  54. Irish girls are pretty, but I won’t watch this movie

  55. just can’t wait to see it, i loved most of Saoirse’s movies and i can’t
    wait for this one

  56. BatmanFANizationReborn

    looks like a warm and heart touching drama, i am excited to see it

  57. He Said She Said Reviews

    Love her, love Ireland, love period films. This is right up my alley.

  58. She has a very long successful career ahead of her

  59. What´s General Hux doing in this movie?

  60. Mrs Weasley and Professor Slughorn!!

  61. Yeah, yeah, she’s a good actress, but that doesn’t make the movie worth a
    damn. More of the same wah wah garbage. Blarg!

  62. She looks so much like Rachel Wood.

  63. Looks like complete shit.

  64. hi

  65. Indah Arini Nurkamila

    saoirse ronan my baby you getting more beautiful? Im gonna watch this
    movie because of you??

  66. I’m 85% sure that she will be nominated for this film. It looks like she
    does a wonderful job.

  67. I’ve just watched the first two acts of the film. You know why they do
    this? People like to know what they’re about to watch. The thing is I go to
    the cinema often and have to see these adverts again and again and I can
    work out the whole film before I see it. True , there are 8 basic stories
    retold but still! It’s not Hollywood , it’s the casual consumers. If people
    didnt want it this way , they wouldn’t do it.

  68. I love the way she says, “funny.”

  69. Ronan is such a great actress and also gorgeous. This is such a lovely

  70. Thank God some people still taking motion pictures seriously. Brilliant

  71. the name of the first song?

  72. The good ol days

  73. The song that kicked in at 1:07 ruined the trailer for me. Looks like a
    decent movie though.

  74. Professor Slughorn, Mrs. Weasley and Bill Weasley !

  75. Micheal Sean O'Dubhghaill

    I visited my home town (Enniscorthy. Wexford, ROI) this summer and
    discovered that this film was partly shot on location there. Part of the
    exterior set has been preserved and there are several posters about the
    film dotted round the town centre. The writer of the novel that the film is
    based on also comes from the town. Just a bit of trivial for any fans of
    the film. The SE Wexford accent is quite soft compared with other Irish
    counties and it was lovely to see the town on the big screen.

  76. when does this come out?

  77. Can I know the song at 1:20?

  78. what’s the name of the song?

  79. Looks like a big cliche.

  80. I was going to watch this movie just because Emily Bett is in it, but now
    I’m really stoked this looks amazing.

  81. I absolutely love Saoirse Ronan. I fangirl every time I see her.

  82. Does anyone know where to find the classical piece played in the beginning?

  83. It Seems. Excellent. macho separate What do you think, guys…

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