BUMBLEBEE Trailer (2018) New Transformers Movie

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  1. This looks a lot closer to the classic cartoon and what G1 Transformers fans wanted.

  2. Nice


  4. hilarious end to the trailer. love it.

  5. Ah the voice of uncle Bernie

  6. Just 1 problem why a female protagonist

  7. this is why here been

  8. This bumblebee movie looks promising

  9. This looks great but what happened after the last movie?

  10. New protagonist new
    m💥vie the hype is real

  11. They could of made him look way cooler. But went with this shit 😒

  12. vampirehunter5151

    Bumblebee looks a little small in this movie, compared to the other movies

  13. So this will connect the dots to why bee couldn’t speak before and why he likes playing the classic music a lot lol in the optimum prime time line lol, pretty cool, also I love the old retro look of bee before he evolves/transforms into the bee that we all know in the transformers autobots group, pretty dope, this will be a film I will be keeping an eye on

  14. Is this a love story?

  15. jaetransform0817

    Is that starscream

  16. alador werewolf

    AWSOME i cant wait to see it so excited

  17. Did they somehow make a transformers coming of age story

  18. She looks like Hailee Steinfeld

  19. Female Protagonist Think That’s Something cool Past movies it always been a male.

  20. The “Iron Giant” live action we NEVER GOT!! ps: love bumble bee

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