BUMBLEBEE Trailer #3 (NEW 2018) Transformers Movie

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  1. First love you vids

  2. Cool beans

  3. Angela Bassett sounding dope as a Decepticon!😀

  4. That’s so awesome

  5. Likes for Optimus prime

  6. Миша, угомонись!

  7. John cena😘

  8. when I saw soundwave I said “oooh” that was tight

  9. 1000 views

  10. G1 soundwave

  11. G1 Dinobot Grimlock

    I don’t know Bumblebee can fit the living

  12. They can’t really make it right now but awesome to see the G1 shit finally.

  13. I can’t WAIT

  14. This should have been the original movie before Michael Bay filled it with product placement, explosions and toilet humor!

  15. SomethingAwesomeSpactular

    *Blitzwing grabs Bumblebee by the neck*
    Blitzwing: Where’s Optimus Prime?!
    *Optimus places his hand on Blitzwing’s Shoulder*
    Blitzwing: Oh sh-

  16. full movie need

  17. A friend asked “Did I just see Shockwave!?” in my Prime impression, I answered “That… was Shockwave.”

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