Burning Questions After Watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens with SPOILERS

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Now that you’ve seen The Force Awakens, join consummate fan Kristian Harloff as he ponders some of the films the biggest mysteries, future possibilities and unanswered questions. SPOILERS AHEAD!


  1. Knights of Ren looks so badass wanna know more

  2. I can’t wait for episode 8 the dark tone from rian Johnson will be

  3. Star Wars = BEST SAGA

  4. *Pacific* *fun Nintendo stuff*

    Could anyone agree that Rey needed more and better character development?

  5. Ratko Batinic (Puscifer91)

    I have a question…why is this movie same as New Hope?

  6. l think ep 8 will start on the island with Rey and Luke talking about stuff

  7. Burning Question: why is Kristian’s sweat pants so damn tight????

  8. i want a bb8 lol

  9. Thanks ! Saving it to my watch later list. Yet to be released in India. -_-

  10. Rey is already a badass with her staff, maybe that’s where her lightsaber
    skills come from? And remember, she beats an injured Kylo Ren (injured by
    Chewie AND Finn)

  11. Why didn’t Leia and Luke tell Ben Solo that Anakin turned to the light?

  12. Already so excited for episode 8 !

  13. Ren was injured mind when Rey was fighting him

  14. Walrus is in the Matrix

    Supreme Leader Snoke = Unoriginal Thanos

  15. Is Ren a rookie? Bc he didn’t seem fully on the dark side just yet

  16. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!

    Ben Solo means Come alone in Spanish

  17. episode 8 will be amazing

  18. yeah I think rey is Lukes daughter, but who is the mother ?

  19. It could be that Rey has been one of lukes students but when things went
    south, he blamed it all on himself and thought best that rey stays far away
    from the force and from him, so he must have edited her memories.

  20. Κυριάκος Κανετάκης


  21. What’s up with kylo rens anger management? How was finn the only storm
    trooper to rebel and not get brainwashed? Did Rey know that she had the
    force all those years but was always in denial until she stumbled across a
    lightsaber? Where did poe land after the crash? How old is Rey? Could Rey
    be the 1st of the next line up of new jedis??…. I need to tune and find
    out in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z

  22. What about Finn????!

  23. does anybody knows which planets were destroyed? please don’t tell me it
    was couruscant :(

  24. I think Snoke is Darth Palagius

  25. why did r2d2 turn on? it seems that rey appearing was what did it.

  26. Ren is luke daughter

  27. Artturi Portaankorva

    But Rey said in the movie that she thought Luke Skywalker was a myth

  28. The similarly from episode 4 in this movie doesn’t bothers me because of
    the great story and new characters and planets, plus we getting 2 more
    Movies and 3 Anthology films out of the Skywalkers family, I can’t remember
    the last movie that left the audience wanting to know more and more! Well
    done JJ Great movie

  29. I believe Luke will turn kylo ren into the light because the main reason
    kylo ren turned into the dark side was darth Vader, and because of snoke
    but mostly darth Vader, so I believe luke will tell kylo ren that he was
    good but the emperor played tricks on him just like snoke is to u and Luke
    will pressure him into turning sides

  30. Does any think that Kylo Ren will come back as the light side

  31. Ben and Ray are twins

  32. I wanna know who Finns parents are.

  33. I think Rian Johnson will be the first director to do a Star Wars movie in
    a non-linear narrative. That way he’ll be able to cut between past and
    present exposition and begin to fill in the blanks and expand on all these
    characters. Just imagine a Star Wars movie with it’s traditional 3 act
    structure broken up, then also incorporating flashbacks, and pieced
    together something like Pulp Fiction, Babel, 21 grams etc etc.

    Hell, Johnson is easily talented enough to not only juggle a complex
    nonlinear story, but also incoporate flash forwards as well as back, with
    force premonition already on the table and Jedi temples to come, I wouldn’t
    be at all surprised if Episode 8 ends up being the most ambitious story of
    the whole series.

  34. “Who are you?” “I am no one.” Was those lines even in the movie?

  35. Who said that Kylo killed the other students? He may have converted them.

  36. the film was bit boring

  37. My question – How did Kylo Ren lose to 2 people who had never swung a light
    saber before.

  38. How did Poe get off Jakku?

  39. Is snook actually that big????

  40. Who’s The Old man that gives Poe Dameron The Last Piece To find Skywalker?

  41. And who was taking Rey away when she was a young girl???

  42. I felt Like kylo ren shoulnt have had his Mask taken off until the next
    movie. I mean he was so bad ass until his face was revealed. After that he
    didn’t look as threatening at all, plus his voice did it all!

  43. Supreme commander snoke just looks stupid he doesn’t fit in with Star Wars.
    He looks like something out of the hobbit, the cgi looked terrible

  44. Snoke NEEDS to be Darth Plagius

  45. I know Rey will, but I hope Finn comes back in the next one.

  46. So many plot holes, the biggest being how did poe dameron survive the

  47. This movie was made for gamergate

  48. Não creio que foi o melhor de todos os episódios. Mas foi o melhor em
    efeitos visuais.

  49. supreme leader snoke is darth plagueis (the emperors master) it cant be
    anyone else and it all just makes sense this way

  50. Did no one notice that Luke was standing next to a gravestone in that final

    I saw the movie twice, missed it the first time.

  51. TheDevilsMessenger4

    What’s pissing me off is JJ did a super good job with this movie the action
    the effects the directing the script everything about it is superb but the
    other ones not follow the same formula in which this movie was made with
    which means it might be bad

  52. MrSeaWalrus IsAwesome

    and who is that old guy that po was talking too in the beginning? the one
    who gave po the piece of the map

  53. Ray looks like Anikins mother, Shmee or somethings like that ?

  54. I don’t think Luke would just abandon her like that even if it was for her
    safety. Perhaps she’s not related to them at all and its just a coincidence
    that they seem alike physically. The shot where Leia hugs Rey might just
    mean that both of them connected to each other in the force

  55. I think that another possibility might be that Rey and Ben are Brothers,
    just like Luke and Leia and that they had the same story as these 2.
    Separated from birth to protect them, and Luke was there just like Obi Wan
    was. As it was said before, everything old is new. Maybe only Luke and Leia
    knew their faces or maybe Han did too. But if they knew that Snoke was the
    next big bad guy, they decided to make this decision. Do you think this
    might be a possible thing??

  56. In the movie han sead luke teached new students the new way of the force
    and ONE studen aka Ben Solo turned on the dark side dunno why and thats why
    luke just left

  57. plagueis made anakin with the force thats how anakin was so powerfull then
    anakin passed that power to luke and leia and luke probably made rey a
    similar way plagueis did anakin through the force I dont see luke being
    entangled with that love thing I mean he is wiser… probably rey isnt
    directly his daughter that mades plagueis a skywalker in certain way wich
    is more like a force made family … and given that vader didnt turned out
    how he wanted and dies, he goes now and takes ben solo to finish his vader
    thing …. and probably he fought earlier with luke and luke left plagueis
    all messed up… so rey is like a secret ace luke has… just as anakin was
    plagueis secret ace now that she has awaken now theres a real ligth vs dark
    thing…plagues vs luke and rey vs kylo but the twist is that probably
    neither rey and kylo are completely on one side… they could end up
    balancing the force using both sides and fullfiling the prophecy about
    balance ending sith and jedi sides thing.

  58. The Beanz (UchihaKite)

    But Kylo Ren didn’t kill the others that were training with Luke. He
    brought them over to the Dark Side as well. They reference that in the

  59. So StarKiller base huh? Honestly id rather see a Star Wars movie about
    StarKiller himself. I mean Vaders right hand man and hes a real actor come

  60. Aren’t Jedi’s not allowed to love someone and have kids? I may be wrong but
    isn’t that the Jedi code as it can lead to loss which leads to suffering
    which leads to the dark side, so therefore surely Rey cannot be Lukes
    daughter as he would want to honor the Jedi Code? Please correct me if I am
    wrong :)

  61. What the background of Captain Phasma?

  62. Will there be an extended edition to come?…

  63. pardon me but captain phasma is the most useless unique character ever….

  64. I think that sounds about right but I would like to know about finn what is
    Finn story and is Ray and finn in love?

  65. I would really like to see alot of lightsaber fights, I find they lack a
    bit in the movies, trained Rey vs Kylo…. May 25 2017 I’ll be there

  66. I would really like to see alot of lightsaber fights, I find they lack a
    bit in the movies, trained Rey vs Kylo…. May 25 2017 I’ll be there

  67. awesome blog

  68. the reason why rey is so force sensitive is because of her way of life. she
    lived a very innocent and simple lifestyle. and rey does not involve
    herself in anything that causes a person to block the force (like lust for
    money, excitement, adventure and even romance).
    it’ll be cool in the future if finn continues to persue rey but learns that
    she is just not interested in relationship. and it’ll be funny if one time
    Rey read Finn’s mind and just laugh at the thought of him liking her. after
    knowing she has the power to read his thoughts finn tries his best not to
    think of such things when reys around. but still continue to support her in
    whatever decision she makes. and hopefully in the third act right before
    the trilogy ends. rey realizes that finn is the person she wants to spend
    her whole life with because he is dependable and is always there by her
    side no matter what.

  69. If Disney didn’t wipe out the entire EU I would have enjoyed it way more, I
    found so many things wrong with the movie. It was great and all but just
    didn’t make sense. Basically the only accurate thing was a solo turning to
    the dark side

  70. could rey be related to Skywalker and obi ?

  71. I got a burning question how was untrained Rey capable of taking on Kylo
    And why did Phasma have more screentime in the trailer than in the entire

  72. MR CLARK (Foreverwolf Fitness)

    At the end Luke smiles. It’s like he is glad he has been found and wanted
    to be.

  73. Han Solo isn’t dead no body to confirm it

  74. “Luke Skywalker was a pilot…” That was some ridiculous grasping at

  75. i thought it’s obvious that Rey is Luke’s daughter?

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