Burnt Official International Trailer #1 (2015) – Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller Movie HD

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Adam Jones is a Chef who destroyed his career with drugs and diva behavior. He cleans up and returns to London, determined to redeem himself by spearheading a top restaurant that can gain three Michelin stars.


  1. Пошли нахуййй я первиий

  2. först?

  3. wait what? People are going to try to kill him for starting a restaurant?
    Ok slow down…

  4. TFW The best restaurants in the world are in Scandinavia.

  5. Bradley cooper <3 ps if u guys need music for ur videos feel free to use
    our music aslong as u credit our youtube channel 🙂 we make tropical house
    / melodic house

  6. Yeah, I already saw Chef… no thanks :). If I wanna see a movie about a
    cook, I’ll just watch Ratatouille again :))

  7. this is what happens when you put men in the kitchen and not women.

  8. Bradley Cooper has officially joined the Desperate for an Oscar Club!!!

  9. Intense.

  10. Is this movie inspired by Gorden Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen????

  11. Sorry Cooper, this is Sanji’s dream.

  12. weird but its bradley cooper, awesome actor so it will be an awesome film

  13. I love cooking movies, the finess that cooks have…. simply amazing.

  14. Bradley cooper is the king

  15. Omarcy!!!!! yayee

  16. is that Gordon Ramsay biography or what?

  17. Why would someone murder another person for opening a restaurant?

  18. this looks like a culinary whiplash

  19. Ce moment quand tu as joué dans un grand film français et maintenant tu
    cherche à percer aux Etats Unis en faisant de la figuration…

  20. Love Cooper, but come on… It says that the movie is “comedy, drama” Maybe
    a bad trailer but it seems lousy…

  21. my question still stands from the other trailer – where is this set and why
    does he have an American accent? he moved to Paris when he was sixteen yet
    some people have English accents and others have French but he has an
    American accent. why?

  22. It’s just cooking, my Mommy does it most days.

  23. Ratatouille: Refueled

  24. people trying to have you killed for opening a restaurant? Damn…

  25. I don’t give a f about cooking, i’ll still be watching cause of Bradley

  26. Yes Im Going To Be That Guy

    Feels like oscar bait but not really

  27. yawn… next!

  28. the dangerous world of cooking lol

  29. CreepyFoe EXperience

    Bradleys in it…….10/10

  30. Kitchen Confidential

  31. Christopher Beale (BealesofFire)

    So that’s what a trailer is supposed to do: give a taste of the film
    without giving too much away. Nice to see some 2015 films aren’t spoiled by
    the promo -.-

  32. They are totally relying on Bradley Cooper to fill seats for this
    movie………….and they’re right…………clever girl……..

  33. Dis gonna be one of those movie we think get an oscar nom but then it just
    goes on to win best sound.

  34. is this after limitless?

  35. he’s gonna meet a rat ..?

  36. Susan Perez Gonzalez

    where is Jamie Dornan???

  37. the guys name is literally adam jones *facepalm* jesus hollywood be more

  38. I know it i know it!!! His voice! i know it just when he talked in @0:29
    its Daniel Bruhl!! Love him very much!! ^^

  39. Cooking with Bradley…..

  40. Is this what he does when he runs out of the NZT pills?

  41. New Trailers - Русские Трейлеры


  42. i actually like this

  43. Chef Ramsey as an American

  44. sorry brad, it’s johnny’s year.

  45. it’s raaaaaaawwwww!

  46. Ha! he’s playing a chef again, he had a tv show where he uses those exact
    words “the heat the pressure” in the first episode

  47. Now we just need Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro ;)

  48. I stay with “American Sniper” better

  49. Looks like shit mateeee

  50. Gordon Ramsey before famous

  51. If his line at 0:36 was said by a female actress, the Internet would break.

  52. I have never seen a cook such sinewy like him xd

  53. geez!! whats with the creepy tone “i liike all of it…blah blah blah, the
    violence and all” seriously?? is this Hell’s Kitchen in literal way?? or
    Hannibal Lector’s kitchen? cool down Bradley and make some Sandwiches! if
    that’s all u feel your entire life! and

    nd yes imagine if it had a female lead???? wow! earth will shatter with
    feminazi protests!

  54. What is this? Ramsay + Shokugeki no Soma + Ratatouile?

  55. Oh the kitchen drama. Spoiler alert! The big twist is Jason Statham
    transporting the broccoli.

  56. enrique olivera calves

    ….¡¡¡¡¡¡ ACTOR..¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  57. The Movie House Maniacs

    Although the trailers have not been great, I still hope that this movie is
    really good. Big fan of the Coops and food, so hopefully this is a win and
    not a total critical flop!

  58. grande

  59. So much action 4 movie bout chef wtf goin on is he cookin crack as well

  60. I Feel like this is a fake movie and I’m being trolled. Cooking movie???

  61. Is this Chris Kyle on Top Chef?

  62. You have to be joking me??
    A film about cooking.There was me thinking movies were about escaping from
    the shite tv so called reality programs..AND THEN THIS.
    There was me thinking Bradley Cooper wasnt a sell out.

  63. those portions are too damn small. Gimmie some food!


  65. a movie about a restaurant……. really?

  66. Yello, It is so funny juggle vigorous What’s happening.. 1!

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