Burnt Official Trailer #2 (2015) – Bradley Cooper, Alicia Vikander Drama HD

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Adam Jones is a Chef who destroyed his career with drugs and diva behavior. He cleans up and returns to London, determined to redeem himself by spearheading a top restaurant that can gain three Michelin stars.


  1. 46 seconds ago. I’m early

  2. Is Bradley Cooper portraying as Gordan Ramsay?

  3. 1 min ago… Never been so early?

  4. Under 100 wies party HYPE.

  5. American Sniper prequel?

  6. Awesome

  7. Glad to see Uma Thurman getting more work

  8. Ok I thought this was about weed and getting burnt wtf

  9. Like or die in 10 days

  10. Never thought Gordon looks so handsome.

  11. Omar Sy !!! Il a grave percé dans le milieu

  12. Early reviews weren’t so kind to this movie. I’ll wait for the Netflix

  13. These trailers have been terrible. The movie looks good, but the marketing
    campaign just seems disjointed.

  14. Jake ‎‎ ­White

    lol good trailer

  15. I was actually excited about this movie, but the trailer seem so boring.

  16. Well now I’m hungry….

  17. Two trailers with two completely different tones…

  18. Oh my god what a terrible trailer


  20. What’s the song in this?

  21. Feel the burnt.

  22. it’s gonna be shit not the shit. it is really going to suck big fat hairy
    it’s the kind of movie where they gather a cast full of averagely good
    actors and add a script and shake the whole bunch in a mixer
    and boom goes the dinamite
    i bet there won’t be a lot of scenes about passion of cooking
    and if it’s the case then, well i’d rather see ratatouille

  23. Alice Riobueno (Myjeil)

    zzzz…what? oh… it ended.

  24. terrible trailer

  25. Shit movie apparently

  26. This isn’t even a bloody trailer, it’s just a string of clips

  27. i think Bradley cooper is so good :)

  28. weak ass trailer

  29. kitchen confidential fan, i was sold at Chef Bradly Cooper

  30. lol one of the most boring trailers ive ever seen. Had to check multiple
    times what the length of the trailer is. Who ever made it wasnt even trying

  31. That was the happiest rated R I’ve ever heard…

  32. Two words: Gordon Ramsay

  33. Two words: Gordon Ramsay

  34. Ever since Bradley Cooper played that mass murderer I cant stand him

  35. Trailer is cool, but movie? nahh…

  36. This looks like crap. A good reason to hate celebrities pretending to be

  37. this trailer reveals to much plot.

  38. why would a movie about a chef is rated R ? is he cooking human or some
    shit? this is a meh trailer btw .

  39. I’m excited for this movie but damn these trailers are going to hurt sales

  40. yawn…..

  41. Any movie with Daniel Brühl is worth watching…

  42. Bradley Cooper is such an overrated actor. Alicia Vikander too. Ew

  43. This trailer is so off compared to the first. This looks terrible

  44. The trailer was good and the BURNT RATED R. Rated R? Wtf I don’t even think
    this thing was violent but rated R. Man this thing must be like Human
    Centipede level.

  45. This looks like the most boring thing ever. And its rated R?

  46. Ima go c it soo…. :v

  47. movie looks good but it will have the same fate as pacific rim, great movie
    terrible ad campaign

  48. what’s up with the million different accents?

  49. MovieclipTrailer Tube

    40% on Rotten Tomatoes,Not good but I’m still going to watch it as Bradley
    Cooper is a terrific actor ???

  50. What if he’s Darth Vader….love this :)

  51. 2% cooking 98% drama.

  52. Theyre selling us the cast not the movie

  53. Bradley Cooper’s next movie should portray himself as Jennifer Lawrence’s
    signing agent.

  54. so this is like the movie “Chef” but with better looking people?

  55. Holy shit this looks bad.

  56. That looks super ama…….boooooooooooooring!

  57. Looks interesting.

  58. This was honestly one of the worse trailers I have ever seen.

  59. Terrible music for the trailer.

  60. OMG. I wasn’t even aware it was about food lol. Amazing trailer.

  61. Never in my life I’ve seen two trailers so different for the same movie…

  62. Uma Thurman didn’t look so bad after her surgery…

  63. Isolated Queen's Pawn

    – “What do you want?”- “Nothing”.Biggest lie ever spoken by a woman .

  64. this looks like its gonna bomb, i knew it was gonna be some corny ass feel
    good story

  65. runs the best restaurant in Paris…but is only 2 michelin star chef…..
    At least get your facts straight writers…

  66. It’s Fredrick Zoller!!!

  67. Bradley cooper you need to stop doing stupid movies like this one, you have
    so much talent, dont you want an oscar?

  68. this trailer is horrible

  69. kinda liked this gentler trailer (had some unnecessary fat in my opinion,
    but was good)

  70. after a long span of time we will see uma Thurman again!!!!! thank god.

  71. Really want to see this.

  72. Song name at the end?

  73. 1:16 What song is that?

  74. Gordon Ramsay isn’t a biker. This movie portrayed him wrong.

  75. Plot twist: All the chefs in his restaurant are mice.

  76. So they’re relying on all these big names to get people to the cinema.
    Hmm.. Movie 43, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve.. see a pattern?

  77. how name of the song??

    2.bradley cooper and sienna miller in american sniper and now this


  79. How can a chef be that Hot? :O

  80. What are the songs

  81. How are you? This video is so nice stitch flood What’s your opinion about
    this !

  82. Horrible movie

  83. Extra Special Work. store place What’s your opinion about this, guys

  84. Roman Builtofstone

    Plot twist: he makes the kitchen get 3 stars, but he is secretly controlled
    by a rat

  85. 獅子星 4房蟹星, SOUTH NODE 南交點

    Suck Movie !

  86. Is that black guy the movie from The Intouchables?

  87. You got me at rated R

  88. nikki lauda plays in!!!

  89. Daniel Bruhl YAY!!!!!

  90. Jake The Kawaii Dog

    0:58 he reminds me of jacksepticeye

  91. Leonardo DiNicholson

    1:19 It’s Niki Lauda!

  92. omar is such a great actor

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