By the Sea Official Trailer #2 (2015) – Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Romantic Drama HD

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Set in France during the mid-1970s, Vanessa, a former dancer, and her husband Roland, an American writer, travel the country together. They seem to be growing apart, but when they linger in one quiet, seaside town they begin to draw close to some of its more vibrant inhabitants, such as a local bar/café-keeper and a hotel owner.


  1. This looks so incredibly shit

  2. how trailers are suppose to be!!!

  3. i think they just desperately wanted to do another movie together. it seems
    a bit mellow dramatic and then over the top, all in all, boring movie. i
    won’t be seeing this one.

  4. Does anyone know what this film is about? I honestly can’t tell.

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  6. Oh boy, a movie about rich good looking white people having marriage
    issues…can’t wait.

  7. I might actually be the only one excited for this :/

  8. Wtf is this

  9. Why do I feel like I’ve seen this before? Lol weird. I’d prefer a sequel to
    Mr & Mrs. Smith though!

  10. Will watch if Angelina gets topless.

  11. This looks like a movie that will have good acting cinematogrphy, edting
    and all. But the story sounds boring and unoriginal, I dont think it will
    do anything outstanding.

  12. somebody stop jolie from directing movies, she a shit director, this movie
    is going to be pretentious boring mess

  13. Soooo… what the heck was this? I don’t need to see a documentary about
    their real life! lool “like this” if you got my joke.

  14. And not a single word was spoken through the whole trailer.

  15. Mr and Mrs Smith 2: The Retirement Years.

  16. Competing for worst movie ever filmed

  17. Pretentious? Maybe. But at least it’s trying to be an artsy film. this is
    by far one of the best trailers this year. Next to The Revenant, Fury Road
    and Triple 9!

  18. Nikita Belomestnykh

    There is a Russian word for this: Пиздострадание. Google it.

  19. God I’ve been in love with Jolie since I was 8. She’s a goddess

  20. Angelina Jolie seems to have a bunch of poseurs surrounding her who praise
    everything she shits out..she has been reveling in mediocrity for far too
    long, don’t drag Pitt into it

  21. i dont like this i don’t know why

  22. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Pitt, arm pitt

  23. Major flop incoming

  24. whats music from 0:48 anyone?

  25. How in the world is that “romantic”??

  26. Am I the only one that thinks this looks like artsy garbage?

  27. name of the soundtrack?????

  28. is angelina jolie going to be the first ever director to get a good
    performance out of brad pitt? wait and see

  29. Music, anyone?

  30. Does anyone know the music part from 0.48?

  31. What is the second song? I know the first song is Chopin

  32. “NUDITY”! People. We’re finally going to see Anjelina Jolie NAKED!!!

  33. what’s the 2nd song please? I found the first one.

  34. No words were spoken. Still better than Kristen Steward

  35. nozoki ana

  36. Annisa Anggistamaya

    I need the second song

  37. What is the second song? Chopin mix?

  38. Andd…..SNOOZE.

  39. She needs to eat. This girl is pretentious, she has no eating disorder
    folks, this girl wants to maintain a framed facial structure and fears to
    make her features big esp her lips so what she does is limit her food
    intake so anything on her face doesnt blow up.

  40. Angelina Jolie said that her and Brad Pitt joke that this takes place 10
    years after Mr. & Mrs. Smith. That’s what 10 years of marriage will do to

  41. I am getting complete Lana Del Rey vibes from this film, anyone else?

  42. I think that the soundtrack of this movie will be better than the movie

  43. this movie looks like such a waste of time.

  44. sex
    sex film in English

  45. mysterymidnight 478

    see now this is how I like my trailers

  46. The trailer looks okay overall but wow.. the best thing is that awesome
    background music from 0:48 to 1:11.

  47. Anyone know what the music is in this trailer?

  48. capture_ black&white

    not a single word was said and yet this trailer made me feel alot of
    emotions..I need to watch this movie.. .

  49. WHAT is this movie about???

  50. Can’t wait to see it, can’t wait for the soundtrack and I’m so excited!!!!

    THE TRAILER!!! OMFG (that’s not in France but a Island called Gozo near

  52. dude what if they didn’t talk the whole movie?

  53. I wanna watch this sooo bad and idg y people r hating on it! :/

  54. can’t wait till the movie comes out, this looks really good!

  55. I mean, I love Chopin and all, but why they went with the song from The
    Notebook is beyond me

  56. brad & angelina after marriage effects


  58. Hi Everybody! The song (0:48) is an alternative version of “Jane Birkin –
    Jane b”…but still can’t find it!

  59. Let me guess the plot: Couple just lost their only child so husband takes
    wife to a place by the sea. She blames him for the death of their kid so
    she just wallows and is depressed. He wants to have another kid but she
    doesn’t want him touching her. They fight and then find closure over the
    death of their child. Or they fight and realize their marriage is over.

  60. Angelina looks like Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard.

  61. when Hollywood tries to be artsy with its trailers

  62. Getting a very Lana Del Rey feel from this

  63. nice!

  64. It´s depressing. The older a couple gets, the more they find out that they
    are NOT the solution for each other, nor can they save each other´s lifes.
    Only Jesus can.

  65. i was going to say it felt like ozon or fassbinder until the cheesy part,
    and then that shot of brad pitt writhing on the bench as the boueyed boat
    bobs against the shore, can you say #not-extemporaneous #externalization
    #filmschool #what?

  66. Anyone else wish this could have been directed by Stanley Kubrick?

  67. Three mediocre movies in a row, and the last two were reedited because they
    were a mess, is not a sign of a good director. What I feel needed to be
    done is she should have directed something for TV first, or at least some
    kind of short film to get her feet wet instead of jumping in head first.
    That just makes her open herself up for this kind of criticism. I mean,
    even David FIncher started out making little commercials and music videos
    before he was trusted with a huge film!! She needed to pay her dues and
    learn the craft first.

    And what is even more mind boggling is she has already been given funding
    for another movie that is in production now! How many more crappy films is
    she going to be allowed to make before she destroys everyone’s love for
    film! lol I mean she is killing us already!! Make her STOP!!!!!

  68. forward to 1:36 thats the best part

  69. I don’t know about the film because I’m already hearing so many bad reviews
    about it, but I wish so much Angelina would try put on a little more
    weight. She is just too too tiny right now.

    All I see is hair, skin & bone man. It scares me.

  70. It is overly dramatic! They’re forcing it too much and its brutal as well.
    They are getting older and having problems in their marriage which they’re
    trying to save. I don’t see anything special, maybe special over dramatic

  71. How did this cost 10 million dollars to make???

  72. It’s seems really good to me. I’m gonna watch it! Maybe it’s about those
    times Angelina went through her hard times like depression or something.
    Anyways I lpove it

  73. Celebrities, they are just people, people who maybe earn more money, got
    talent, stories. But in the deep down, they are just people, they’ll get
    hurt, feel sad.

  74. 1:13 admit it these two know how to act!

  75. Looks extremely sad

  76. God. Again he put her on knees in final.

  77. I loved Mr. and Mrs. Smith,… not sure about this move. It just seems so
    tragic and sad. I love the actors I just wish they had made a movie that
    was more happy.

  78. this is what happens to delusional mental women who think they can do
    whateverthey want and it always goes wrong.

  79. 32% on rotten tomatoes…. I have to say that i am impressed, this movie
    looks good, how this has such bad reviews?? And i have to say that i hate
    Angelina Jolie! But this movie seems to be very interesting and
    promising… I am shock!

  80. Worst. Trailer. Ever.

  81. Lovw the Chopin!

  82. looks like revolutionary road.


  84. liked the music though..

  85. The ad before this video was an ad for this movie oh my god

  86. Looks like a high production SNL skit.

  87. brad bitt , anglina ( true story of them life )

  88. I love watching movies of people moping around

  89. Angelina Jolie please adopt me asap

  90. They look like mannequins… 

  91. I think I’m gonna love the soundtrack

  92. Ultra rich americans. Too decadent for their own good, lost in the
    pointlessness of their own luxury in some classic palace on the southern
    European Riveria… How like their actual lives, then.

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