Captain America: Civil War Official Sneak Peek – Team Iron Man (2016) – Robert Downey Jr. Movie HD

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An incident leads to the Avengers developing a schism over how to deal with situations, which escalates into an open fight between allies Iron Man and Captain America.


  1. good :D

  2. The Silver Shamrock

    Team Iron Man all the way!

  3. I would suck Black Panthers dick, Mask on. Thats how sexy that suit is!!!

  4. I just noticed Iron-Man’s team has 5 members and Cap’s team has 6 members.
    Does that mean Spider-Man could be the last member of Iron-man’s team?

  5. OMFG

  6. Guys slow the video at 0:13 you Can see Peter parker(Tom Holland)

  7. snipaxthebulldog

    Isn’t it kind of weird that they have a black superhero named Black
    Panther? Isn’t that like having a KKK Man?

  8. Gabriela Lukavei


  9. Looks awful.

  10. yesss indeed i sure look sexy

  11. the trailer tomorrow better have Spider-Man in it.

  12. spider??

  13. United!!We!!Stand!!

  14. that smirk on black widow’s face… damn i wanna sex you

  15. Black Panther’s is black rangers

  16. Come into the void

    captain America dies in this movie. spoiler alert

  17. JJ Jameson left, no need for Spiderman pictures anymore.

  18. TheAvengedMinecraft


  19. Nicolas Vlavianos

    Please no Spider-Man in the next trailer. I don’t have the strength to
    avoid watching, but I really don’t want to see him before the movie.

  20. I hope they don’t show that much of Spidey tomorrow! If they even show him

  21. Lol that’s fucked up, they didn’t even let war machine take his helmet off

  22. The vision(with an infinity stone on his forehead) is with Iron
    man!……Case Closed folks

  23. Team iron man ✌?️

  24. Hope to see the iron spider on the movie

  25. I really wish that there was a rdj tryimg to make us join him tho so far it
    just seams like cap is having a bromance and rjd just really hates the
    winter soldier

  26. #SpiderMan

  27. Go team Captain America

  28. Giorgio “SgtDarkHawk” Mazza

    how come they don’t whoe the face of warmachine

  29. Tomorrow when???????
    Ahhhhhhhhhh I can’t wait!!!!! I’m so excited!!!

  30. Rule Of Three T.A.G

    go team Ironman kick that boy scouts ass.

  31. Lets fight with the like and dislike button 😀 (Who will win?)

  32. Iliass Bouzahzah

    Favorite costume this year was batman; Panther comes in at a CLOSE second
    holy shit that is gorgeous

  33. Collin Adams-Henderson

    JJ jameson is gone. I am here to take his place. Now I want some god damn
    photos of spider-man.

  34. How white.

  35. Mayur Dhanrajani

    OMG SpiderMan looks so cool…

    The Best Spiderman Ever!!!!

  36. #TeamCap all the way

  37. Who here thinks it should be more of a Avengers movie than a Captain
    America movie?

  38. For people who don’t know:

    If you wonder in which team spidey will be,spidey is neutral which means he
    isn’t in iron’s team either in captain’s team and secondly, there will also
    be villains according to movie description & IMDb (they included to
    credits/cast some villains like Baron Zemo and Crossbones). So,it will
    probably be a conflict between iron’s and cap’s teams cause of goverment
    and Zemo n Crossbones will take the opportunity.

  39. Boooooooo!

  40. team black panther

  41. I guess war machine doesn’t play a big part other than getting hurt

  42. well, i love the iron man suit the most, but i also like captain america
    and what he stands for. so, im stuck in the middle. i think i will stay
    neutral on this one, let everyone else kill each other

  43. WERE THE F*** IS SPIDER-MAN ?!?!?!?!?!?!????!!!?


  45. Black Widow looks like she is ready to kick some ass

  46. So I guess I were the only one who got hyped when I saw the Iron man helmet

  47. Meh..

  48. team Iron Man! the best team ever!!!

  49. look at 0:18 it’s Spider-Man omf

  50. *Bawling*

  51. So Iron man is still missing a teammate. Who will it be?

  52. EMRG Productions

    They better show Spider-Man. Or marvel will regret it…

  53. Where is Spider-man?

  54. um.. there is spider web in the last frames of Iron Man in this teaser..

  55. LightningSword13

    Release date?

  56. Please don’t give us Spiderman in the trailer. Please, please save it for
    the movie. It will be so much better.

  57. BMV The Movie Fanatic

    It looked like Black Widow was smiling a bit. Oh well, new trailer
    tomorrow. So hyped.

  58. Bash my head With a Rock

    For the trailer tomorrow I just want a hint of Spider-Man. Like you hear
    him swing in but you don’t see him. Or you hear Stark mention a kid. I
    don’t want to see him in the trailer but hear him swing or be mentioned.

  59. They all sucks. They look like cosplayers. Meh.

  60. the arrogant asshole team

  61. Team Cap is cool but black panther is still one of my favorite superheroes,
    too many choices!

  62. YEEEES

  63. Black panther looks so sick 😀 Cant wait for tommorow !

  64. Team Iron Man but Enchantress can still whoop everyone’s ass

  65. Black Panther’s suit is no joke! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  66. Team iron man all the way

  67. wheres don cheedle? war machine was in the trailer but not Rhode. idk if
    thats how its spelt

  68. notice how black widow is the only one who’s smiling in both of the

  69. 113 team captain dogshit :}

  70. Team Iron Man evermore!!!! :D

  71. TheStealthPrince

    Any side I have a .000003% chance with Black Widow, I’m choosing that side.

  72. #TeamIronMan

  73. great to see spiderman…

  74. im calling it spidey is just a cameo… no screen time…

  75. There’s something about the Marvel Cinematic Universe that I can’t get
    into. For me the films are really corny and way too over the top to the
    point where it feels like i’m watching a movie aimed for kids. Civil War
    looks like it’s more of the same and i’ll have to see for Doctor Strange
    but I don’t expect it to be any different. I’m 10x more pumped for the
    upcoming DC films.


  77. jcastillo6142011

    will the trailer come out at 12 am ?

  78. Is it just me or does Black Widdow look a little too happy.

  79. Where the hay is spidey

  80. Iron man at the end lowkey looking like a power ranger


  82. Team Iron Man this time around for this Civil War!!!!

  83. Team Iron Man ?

  84. I’m so happy they’re keeping Spiderman under wraps; it would’ve been cooler
    if they didn’t announce that he’s in the movie at all!

  85. Samaksh Nandwani

    is the final trailer

  86. why do they do a tralier for a tralier ahhh who care team iron man guys

  87. Matthew Livingston

    Tony Stark – “Black Widow take off your top!” ” Distract team Cap!” (Team
    Captain America gawking at her boob’s) Stark industries bombs rain down
    destroying everyone.

  88. Ok stop asking for Spider-Man because you’re building him up to a standard
    he might not meet & you’ll be disappointed so just forget he’s in the

  89. Where can I find that background music


  91. Natasha this is no time to be smiling. Unless that’s her “things are going
    to shit, but I can’t look nervous about it because I’M A SPY DAMMIT 🙂 “

  92. The 5th Horseman



  94. ‫راشد السالك‬‎

    nah losers. #TeamCap for the win

  95. whos the blackguy after iron man

  96. Please say Spider-Man is in the next trailer and on Iron Man’s side

  97. Eduardo Lucena Soares

    #TeamIronMan in The movie.In The Civil War II comics i am #TeamCaptainMarvel

  98. Eric 2065 Burgos

    1. Q where is spider man


  100. Do not!! Weep not see Spider-Man. Children rats haha

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