Captain America: Civil War Official Super Bowl TV Spot (2016) – Chris Evans Movie HD

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An incident leads to the Avengers developing a schism over how to deal with situations, which escalates into an open fight between allies Iron Man and Captain America.


  1. i love it i just saw it on SUPEROWL ??????

  2. first

  3. Divided we fall.

  4. When tony catches the bullet oh my god this movie is going to be crazy

  5. We saw Ant Man. But where’s Spider Man

  6. #Team Captain America

  7. MegaSpidermanfreak

    the question is.. where is Spider-Man?!?

  8. Why does Black Panther care!? He’s from Africa. Hahaha

  9. WEAK

  10. SPIDERMAN AT 0:32!!!!!!! :D

  11. So why are they fighting again?

  12. the casual cinephile

    Does anyone have an extra pair of pants?
    I seem to have ejaculated all over mine.

  13. They gonna kiss and make up anyways…

  14. i choose #teamcap !!

  15. YESSS. Anyone what the song in the background is ????

  16. Glad to see black Panthar and vision chose the right side. Too bad antman
    was gullible enough to join cap.

  17. #TeamCap

  18. Second 0:10 ????

  19. #TeamIronMan

  20. Iron man’s team has the Vision… so I THINK they win

  21. Still no spider man!!!

  22. We saw antman and black panther, now waiting for Spider-Man…

  23. #TeamStark

  24. #teamcap

  25. give us some Spider-Man pictures

  26. I like how the most powerful of each team are in the back 0:24-0:26.

  27. Wait. When Bucky was about to shoot Tony, his hand turned into a red
    armour. Is this the Bleeding Edge Armour, from the comics?.

  28. I loved every second of the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War.
    It’s interesting that Bucky seems to have such a pivotal role in the movie.
    This feels like a true sequel to Winter Soldier as well as Age of Ultron.
    And this seems a lot more personal and scaled back than the Civil War we
    got in the comics which I like. Not every movie has to have over the top
    earth shattering events. Having said that, the movie still seems to have
    incredible action, beautifully choreographed fights, and an epic scope.As
    for the absence of Spider-Man just wait for the movie guys. They’re saving
    him for the actual film. We might see a quick shot of him in the final
    trailer but for the most part I think Marvel is doing the same thing that
    Disney did with Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Which means
    they’ll be keeping him out of the promotional material for the film. I
    wouldn’t mind seeing Spider-Man in the next trailer but I don’t think they
    should show him. Right now everyone’s whining about not seeing him. But the
    second they show him everyone is going to start whining and complaining
    that they spoiled his appearance in the movie.

  29. No, es una guerra civil como tal faltan más héroes en esa vaina debían
    dejar esa peli para después

  30. No Spiderman? Are they gonna show him in the Trailers any time soon.

  31. I just want to see this new Spider man they said will be shown around the
    end of the movie in the credits. Looking forward to seeing what they will
    show, but aside from that, this movie looks dope! Can’t wait!

  32. So the billionaire duo vs the ww2 veteran squad

  33. Is spiderman even gonna be in this movie??? -_-

  34. I can’t choose wich side I’m on because there both my favourite superheroes

  35. eric louis (bossmangamer)

    does antman look different or is it just me?

  36. Where’s my Spider-Man confirmation?

  37. Amazingly awesome, this is going to be one of the best movies of all time
    to me.

  38. But where’s spidey?

  39. Great deception!!!

  40. Ant Man’s helmet looks mad weird lol

  41. Which side are you on?

  42. Who is the black suite man?

  43. #TeamIronMan

  44. who’s the guy on Iron Man’s team with the all black suit. It’s not War
    Machine (Iron Patriot) but the other guy next to Iron Man

  45. We! Stand! Divided!!

  46. I am #TeamBatmanVSuperman. #TeamJusticeLeague. This wil be shit, like al
    Marvel movies.

  47. spidey at 0:33

  48. Notice how black widow almost seems unsure about being on iron mans side

  49. Garbage. Where is Spiderman???????

  50. Ew that Ant-man suit looks worse then one in Ant-man movie. Where are the
    red strips and why the helmet look so gay? Drown this costume designer

  51. where is spiderman

  52. I fond your lack of Spider Man disturbing…

  53. Isur Edrey Marin Araujo

    at 0:06 is that black panther’s hand or war machine??

  54. why do I get the feeling spiderman will be cut out of this film like MJ was
    in AS2?

  55. OMG where spidey?

  56. Nahh still Batman VS Superman

  57. #teamcap is the smart way to go

  58. we all know the movies gonna end ina draw with no one being killed that
    actually matters…ya?

  59. Scarlett Witch is really the only competition but Vision got one of the
    infinity gems so gg. Team iron man is superr smart

  60. Pass.The last avengers was bad and this one will be too.

  61. Deadpool Wade Wilson

    All jokes aside, I seriously can’t side with Cap when Bucky just plainly
    tried to shoot Tony while he was defenceless with only his watch/armour to
    block him. Look at Tony’s face when he shot..

  62. not even a spider man tease?

  63. Dude Team Cap can’t win!! Team Stark had vision!!! and vision easily pick
    thors hammer???

  64. Is spiderman in the movie or not ?

  65. Steven Zhongyi Ding

    Damn, vision is made of vibranium, black panther owns vibranium, iron
    man/war machine suit could have vibranium in them too. they are pretty much
    indestructible (or vibration absorbable according to howard stark). So the
    question for you cap is “how are you planning on beating them?” Don’t
    really think “together” won’t do the trick this time.


  67. Where’s my god damn Spiderman?!?!?

  68. Alejandro Rodriguez

    I want pictures of Spider-Man! Does this mean he is on Stark’s side?

  69. theXD_channel_XD24

    where’s SPIDER MAN? ?????

  70. and they still have to hide Spider-Man from this…
    what’s the damn big phucking deal with Spider-Man that he gotta be hidden?
    its not his film, its Captain America!

  71. This trailer does not lack Vision

  72. what was the background chanting? I couldn’t make it all out

  73. Iron man’s team is GOING TO 100% win. They have black panther and vision.


    Ant-Man chose the wrong team

  74. If you think Iron man is fighting for whats right you’re a communist.

  75. Spiderman please!!!!

  76. But still no images of spider man

  77. Did I just see bleeding edge? 0:11

  78. #teamspidey

  79. #TeamIronMan

  80. Yooooo Im done with life

  81. #teamcap

  82. #TeamCapt

  83. One Punch Man win

  84. I’ve watched this 6 times already.

  85. get me some pictures of spiderman!

  86. I think its both because they cant stab their own plus their like brothers
    and hulk mite come back and stop them from fighting

  87. #TeamStark !
    let’s see that Iron Spider suit too

  88. Evocationz & UKReaper Gaming

    Remember guys it’s not about winning or losing, this film is about what’s
    right and what’s wrong. Are superheroes villains, vigilantes or heroes?

  89. Ant-mans new suit looks great black panther is awesome I need spider-man

  90. Holy shit

  91. Oh Man! Now I gotta change my pants!??

  92. Abraham Rodríguez


  93. team iron man !!

  94. Iron man has Vision AND my motherfuckING homie Black Panther, shits bout to
    go down son

  95. Bucky you can’t just try to shoot Tony in the face, not cool.

  96. OMG!!!

  97. So avengers 3

  98. Where’s Spider-Man?!

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