Captain America: Civil War Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson Movie HD

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An incident leads to the Avengers developing a schism over how to deal with situations, which escalates into an open fight between allies Iron Man and Captain America.


  1. If you looks closely at 2:27 you will see a glimpse of Spiderman!

  2. I’m kinda pissed they jumped iron man #teamironman

  3. I officially hate bucky. Ironman better DESTORY both of them.

  4. Man……..Bucky and Cap didn’t give Tony a chance to breathe during that
    tag team action……smh…..

  5. “So is I”
    Wait, I may not be from an English speaking country but is it not “So am

  6. that last part is the greatest tag team gangup in movie history! damn,
    damn, damn DAMN! when cap first said ‘put on the suit’ in the 1st avengers,
    i thought was outta his damn mind challengin tony like that and would have
    his ass handed to him…….. boy this trailer said i was sooooooooo

  7. awesome trailer, especially the part where they showed black panther. I
    like the fact that they will are using the captain – bucky friendship to
    fuel the plot if the movie. They should have cameoed Spidey too, but I
    think the producers will save the Spidey cameo for the final trailer.


  9. Victorianne “glimpseflame” Glazeter

    WHAT THE FU**. Iron Man became the villain?? Damn, but I’m still betting on
    Buck and Captain A.. Don’t ruin this one Marvel.

  10. 1:54 is that Peter with a backpack jumping in the car?

  11. I just got a theory for 1:59 where it looks like Buck is saying “Steve is
    dead!” ! What if Bucky is bad and pretending to be good then, he kills cap
    and takes his place because he felt bad for what he had done?


  13. why is black widow on ironmans side? Or is she neutral?

  14. Dammit I wish Cap & Iron didn’t have to fight each other. Maybe a bigger
    villain will come to make them resolve their issues. Hell, united they
    stand. I’ll find out May 6th!

  15. Looks like another boring captain America movie!

  16. As Robert Downey Jr is getting something like £200 million (for the next
    few films) I bet they enjoyed beating the cr*p out of him :-)

  17. I hope stark dies

  18. WHERES SPIDERMAN!!?????!!??!!!?!!!! ???????????

  19. Batman vs Superman
    Captain America Vs Iron Man
    You can tell DC and Marvel are running out of ideas

  20. They gave Iron Man that work at the end.

  21. It’s very interesting how the last Captain America Movie has such an
    influence on this one. Steve now looks at supervisors as dictators and
    decisions by groups as democracy… even after the Ultron incident. This
    trailer does a good job of casting Steve in a bad light. I’m very excited
    for this movie now. Here’s to hoping that the Red Skull is behind this
    whole divide between heroes!

  22. IF SPIDERMAN Not in it Marvel will be nothing without Spider-Man

  23. If you pause dead at 1:35 you will see the one and only SPIDERMAN, cant
    wait to see him in this movie.

  24. Marian Cosmin Ciobanu

    Where is AntMan?

  25. ☡xit Ⅺ - Leader ツ

    Thought the Hulk was in this siding with Iron Man? Or is Iron Man
    completely along in this??

  26. BrendasDumpsterBaby

    So is Ant-Man making an appearance ?

  27. Captain America you piece of shit

  28. wtf no not tony please not

  29. guys i never watched all those movies from marvel (avengers, captain
    america etc) but i want to start them from the beggining so can anybody
    tell me with what to start and then continue so i can understand what is

  30. I keep wondering, why don’t they do a new fuckin Hulk movie? He is my
    favorite avenger.

  31. Why did they spoil War Machine’s death???

  32. OptimistHunter Reel

    Why have Iron Man as the thumbnail lol?

  33. Im still fapping

  34. And why are the avengers going against Capt. And buck

  35. Is Spider-Man in this one?

  36. i always support captain, but after watch the trailer my sympathies with
    tony, bcoz cap take wrong side of criminal bucky who killed so many
    innocent people.

  37. I just can’t get into Captain America as I do with Iron Man. Good trailer
    though but left me wanting more to get excited about.

  38. The only thing that interested me about this trailer was Black panther.

  39. Question: Why would Tony ever fight against Captain within this context?
    Tony, being the same guy who hacked into Shield hours after joining the
    Avengers, the dude who “privatized” world peace and the guy who is proved
    to be an advocate of limiting government decision making. Not to mention,
    the same guy who personally experience “upside down” government on multiple
    occasions. Why would he have any argument against Captain on this one? If
    anything, Captain, the guy who once told Tony “we should follow orders” has
    adopted a philosophy closer to Tony since “Winter Soldier”.

  40. Diego Saint Esteban

    Cap: “Bucky do you remember me?”
    Bucky: “You mother’s name is Sarah”

  41. am I the only one who noticed the general from The Incredible Hulk (2008)??

  42. Why did captain america fight with iron man?

  43. holy shiz!! was black panther of the bucky that looks like the black
    panther? this looks awesome!!!

  44. I’m neutral.Ill enjoy seeing them tear each other apart???

  45. Why the hell captain america is the winner logically ironman win

  46. i came to utube for nothing , and didnt expect to saw this trailer. so tell
    me , is this REAL??

  47. 1. where the hell is ant man!!
    2. who all r there in tonys team??!
    3. in which team is black panther??

  48. First Superman vs Batman and now Captain America vs Iron Man..
    2016 is going to be full of battles.

  49. I don’t get how Iron man can kick Thor’s ass, kick Hulk’s ass and then
    Captain America defeats Iron man wtf?!

  50. Alraceli15595175972 Villalobos. Kareli

    i watched the movie already

  51. Is spider man in this movie?

  52. Which side is Hawkeye on?!?!?!?

  53. Not fair, not fair at all. You can’t do this to Iron Man.


  55. Rahil Shaikh Mohammad

    I don’t see Spidey and panther

  56. Whos side are you on cpas side or iron mans

  57. Where is Dr. Strange?!

  58. What is General Ross… is Red Skull?

  59. is it just me or am i seeing things because black panther has a huge ass
    gap on captain america

  60. in the comics cap dies i he ganna die

  61. war machine die’s 🙁 ??

  62. That shield flip to cap tho, great sequence

  63. cancer, overrated, was excited until I saw this. So cancer.

  64. this trailer just didn’t grab me and superhero movies usually grab me by
    the neck. the reason they are fighting is because of a bloke? give me a
    world crisis to make it more meaningful. disappointing. so disappointing

  65. Merchant Ivory (filmstudent)

    Let me save you the $50.00 you are going to spend on this film…they were
    friends, they fight, then there friends again…now save your money for the
    3rd Avengers Part I

  66. Edison_tinkerer Edison_tinkerer

    i hitthe liie just because the sound track to this trailer,,,made the
    trailer…..imagine it without the music,,,,life would be close to numbness

  67. OK,so Tchalla’s in this one. awesome. does anybody know if Rhodes dies? I
    saw him being held by tony, and he didnt look alive. I haven’t read the
    civil war comics, so I dont know. do the comics tie in to this movie in any

  68. “Buck, do you remember me?”
    “I remember your Mom…”

  69. Ummmm……


  70. The Recharge Projects

    Is hulk in this? I know it’s a weird question but someone help me out if I
    missed something.

  71. The next trailer has Spider-Man in it I’m pretty sure

  72. I think the characters are just too few for civil wars. Or because it’s
    just a trailer. I hope parker will also be there. it’s just unfortunate
    Richard with his fantastic 4, logan and x men will be not there. they had
    important role in comic’s civil war….

  73. Captain America isn’t shit. All ironman has to do is grab his shield when
    he throws it at him and fly up a couple yards in the air (assuming cap can
    super jump). Like wtf will he do after that? Run around? Cap sucks

  74. Team Tony or Team Cap? Well I am #TeamTony

  75. WTF, how can Iron Man get an ass kicking by Captain America? He’s way
    better than this

  76. Who do you think is going to die

  77. This is gonna be epic

  78. At 1:50 I think thats Black Panther?!?

  79. Prediction: cap dies at the end, but is brought back to life during
    infinity war part 1 through the time stone

  80. why wasn’t spiderman in it? or Antman?

  81. Is cival war after winter solider

  82. Wasn’t Ant-man supposed to be in this?

  83. #TeamTheirBothBitches

  84. In the comics SPOILERS

    Didnt ironman win? or Disney going to change it

  85. why there is less hero I was expecting all hero’s to fight

  86. Stop the trailer at 0:27
    Did you see Crossbones behind the soldiers ?

  87. Is vision going to be in this?

  88. Was hoping for hulk to be part of this too, god damnit..Cuz i already
    imagined how Ironman at the end when he was getting his ass kicked was
    gonna say “Got a BIG surprise for u” BOOM… HULK SMASH! But nvm lol

  89. Why captain america vs iron man

  90. If Iron Man kills Captain America like he should be able to do anyway, then
    I can forgive Marvel for spoiling the character with Iron Man 3… and for
    putting him in a Captain America movie.

  91. ok ! i am confused who is the good man and who is the bad man ?

  92. is there any reason they couldn’t include spiderman or the other super
    heroes I just wanna know since Civil War was comic thing

  93. I heard spider-man gonna be in this movie, where is him?

  94. hope capt dies in this one plz

  95. Captain is going to die

  96. CA: “Big man in a suit of armor, take that away. What are you?
    IM : ” Your friend :'(“

  97. How do u defeat Iron Man? Close quarters combat, of course! Silly me.

    That was actually amazing.

  98. For anyone here who is new to the MCU and wants to watch this movie here is
    the List of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films in order of release:

    PHASE 1:
    Iron Man (2008)
    The Incredible HULK (2008)
    Iron Man 2 (2010)
    THOR (2011)
    Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
    The Avengers (2012)

    PHASE 2:
    Iron Man 3 (2013)
    THOR: The Dark World (2013)
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
    Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)
    Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
    Ant-Man (2015)

    Those are ALL, watch them in that order, and get ready for Phase 3 which is
    the FINAL, and Last phase of the MCU.

    PHASE 3:
    Captain America: CIVIL WAR (2016)
    Doctor Strange (2016)
    Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)
    Untitled Spider-Man film (2017)
    THOR: Ragnarok (2017)
    Black Panther (2018)
    Avengers: Infinity War- Part 1 (2018)
    Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)
    Captain Marvel (2019)
    Avengers: Infinity War- Part 2 (2019)
    Inhumans (2019)

  99. ant-man????

  100. Can somebody explain me the plot please?

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